To keep Japanese beetles away from your roses, use a combination of natural solutions and commercial pesticides. This approach is most effective in deterring the pests and their eggs. Try using some of the following methods.

Remove the beetles by hand

Vacuum the insects away

Use soapy water

Apply pesticides

Cover up the plants

Remove the beetles by hand


The following solution is not for the squeamish, but if you can stomach it, pluck and remove any visible insects by hand. While you are manually removing beetles from your plants, inspect the leaves, buds, and soil for damage, eggs, and where to apply pesticide.

Vacuum Insects Away


If removing beetles manually is too much to bear, pull out a handy vacuum and suck up any beetles found on or around your roses. Work carefully not to harm your plants.

Use Soapy Water


Spraying soapy water on rose bushes can bring larvae to the surface and deter Japanese beetles. Remove any larvae or adults you see. In fall or spring, birds may help control insect populations.

Apply Pesticides


Apply pesticide early in the morning before the beetles become active. Use Neem oil, Pyrethrin-based insecticide, Milky Spore, or another type of insecticide on flowers, buds, and leaves. Follow manufacturer's instructions and apply regularly until all adults, eggs, and larvae are eliminated.

Cover up the plants


Before things get out of hand, cover up your roses with a fine mesh netting to make it harder for Japanese beetles and similar insects to get to your plants. Be careful not to trap any grubs or adult beetles under the netting first, and apply insecticides.