The Hidden Gem Of San Diego: Grange Garden Café

The TikTok duo, @davidandrosie, known for their San Diego adventures, has struck gold with their recent post about Grange Garden Café in Solana Beach.

With 1.3 million views and over 273K likes, their quick peek at the café has caught the eye of many.

Here, you can sip on your coffee while enjoying the company of cute, friendly bunnies.

And to top it all off, you'll be greeted at the gate by Lucy, the café's furry four-legged ambassador, ready to win your heart.

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Café, Bunnies, And A Whole Lot More

Gray fluffy rabbit

Grange Garden is not your average café. It’s a beautiful fusion of garden design, home décor, and a craft coffee shop wrapped into one glorious package.

Nestled in the gritty Design District of Solana Beach, this unique concept shop entices you with its charm and vintage aesthetics.

Plus, it's a place that embraces the idea of community, supporting other local family-run businesses.

Online Applause: Spotlight On Grange Garden Café

This spot isn't just popular on TikTok, the comments on the post clearly show how much people love the Grange Garden Café.

Some folks were really sad that they couldn't visit the café in person. One person was envious because there wasn't a bunny café near them.

Another couldn't hide their excitement and exclaimed how much they wanted to visit.

And for those who were curious, one couple shared that they've already visited and gave it a perfect 10/10 score.

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A Taste Of The Garden In Every Cup

Grange Garden takes its coffee just as seriously as its lush atmosphere.

They proudly serve Three Hats Coffee Co., which ethically sources their beans and roasts them in small batches to guarantee fresh espresso daily.

Add to that their inventive lattes like "The Gardener", a deliciously soothing blend of lavender, vanilla, and honey.

A Treat For The Tummy And The Soul

Grange Garden Café doesn’t just limit its creativity to beverages.

Every day, they serve fresh-baked Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Nutella and homemade hand pies, meticulously crafted by Tracy, a local artisan pastry chef.

The pies, inspired by Hawaii, use 100% organic local ingredients.

On weekends, patrons can indulge in fresh French pastries, while the Jambon de Paris sandwich served on a Prager Brothers French baguette is not to be missed.

Origin Story: From Pumpkins To Coffee Beans

The café has a delightful history, having evolved from a pumpkin patch in 2021 to a flourishing coffee shop by 2022.

The inspiration behind Grange Garden Coffee Bar was a decadent hot chocolate bar organized for a "Sips with Santa" event.

The success of the event and the community's response were so overwhelming that they were spurred on to provide a wholesome, family-friendly space that was more than just a coffee shop.

The Grange Garden Invitation

Grange Garden invites you to be a part of its journey. Sample their drinks, take in the garden atmosphere, perhaps even pet a bunny.

Their vision is to be more than just a café —they want to offer a unique experience, a community space where you can relax, connect, and of course, enjoy fantastic coffee and treats.

You can check out more about Grange Garden Cafe through their Instagram account here or visit their website here.

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