Airbnb’s Next Big Thing: This Giant Flower Pot House In Idaho Is A Must-See!

Calling all gardening enthusiasts! Would you like to spend a luxurious overnight stay in a giant Airbnb house shaped like a flower pot?

Imagine being surrounded by a vibrant landscape of colorful blooming flowers that will delight your eyes when you step out on the deck.

Think rustic Idaho charm meets whimsical, and it's wondrous as it sounds! This enchanting Airbnb property, dubbed "Hansen's Flower Pot", is currently under construction in Idaho (as of writing).

From the groundbreaking idea to its blooming reality, here's the scoop on this bloomin' marvelous abode!

Watch this video for a sneak peek:

@whitneyhansen10 Ever step back from a project and wonder “how tf did we get here?” 😂😂 I’ve been having lots of those moments with the @Idaho Flower Pot @airbnb project. #airbnb #omgfund #omgfundwinner #womenwhobuild #uniquehotels #uniquestays #idahome #idahoflowerpot ♬ Originalton - POV’s

The Birth of a Blossoming Idea

The seed of this fantastical idea was planted when Whitney Hansen and her husband decided to enter Airbnb’s “OMG! fund” competition.

With a global pool of applicants brimming with unique and out-of-the-box ideas, the Hansens knew they had to bring their A-game. And that they did!

Around the same time, Whitney’s mother expressed her interest in starting a flower farm on her property in Burley.

Like bees to a blossom, the Hansens immediately thought of a giant flower pot as a perfect addition to their soon-to-be flower farm and promptly submitted their application.

Airbnb's "OMG! Fund" – A Sprout of Hope

Teaming up with Viz House Studio, the Hansens drafted design renderings and entered the competition.

And voila! The giant flower pot idea captured the judges' imaginations and won them a sweet pot of $100,000 to transform their fanciful idea into reality.

Here's their winning announcement:

@idahoflowerpot Still in shock that our idea was chosen. We’ve got until August 2023 to build this. It’s going to be tough! 😅 #airbnbfinds #airbnb #omgfund #omgfundwinner #uniquestaysairbnb #idahoairbnb #womenwhobuild ♬ original sound - Idaho Flower Pot

What does this victory mean for the Hansens?

It's more than just a win. For Whitney, it's a beautiful opportunity to co-create with her mother and ensure an additional stream of income for her retirement.

They are putting every cent of the fund into erecting this flower pot abode, to help not just their mother but the tourism in the immediate community where this unique structure will be built.

Curious to see what it would look like inside? Click here to see a sample render from their TikTok page.

A Gem Among A Hundred Sparkles

Whitney's Flower Pot is just one of 100 captivating ideas chosen by Airbnb from an inspiring pool of designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts hailing from more than 20 countries.

Designed to immerse guests in the untapped beauty of Idaho, the Flower Pot House offers more than just a unique stay.

It's a testament to the land that has been in the family for over 40 years, previously owned by Whitney's late grandpa.

The Hansens view this venture as a celebration of their roots and a small yet significant contribution to their community.

Location and Opening

Nestled a few miles outside the town of Burley, towards Oakley, the Hansen's Flower Pot House and the flower farm are set to be constructed in Spring 2023.

Here's what the house currently looks like, but will be ready for booking soon!

@idahoflowerpot Sunsets are extra special from the flower pot. So fun to see all the colors and from the front of the flower pot. 😍 #airbnb #omgfund #omgfundwinner #womenwhobuild #uniquehotels #uniquestays #idahome #idahoflowerpot ♬ original sound - Daniel Barrington

The Hansens hope to swing open the doors to this whimsical dwelling come August, ready to enchant their guests with a unique, botanical-themed experience.

So, flower enthusiasts, travel aficionados, or anyone searching for a unique Airbnb experience, keep your eyes peeled for this blooming attraction on your next Idaho visit!

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