The World’s Most Impressive Flower Garden? Dubai’s Miracle Garden Is A Must-See

The Dubai Miracle Gardens is a flower garden located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the world's largest flower gardens and is home to over 150 million flowers arranged in various shapes and designs.

The garden was opened on Valentine's Day in 2013 and covers an area of over 780,000 square feet. It features a wide variety of flowers, including petunias, marigolds, geraniums, and many others, which are arranged in the shape of hearts, stars, animals, and many other unique objects.

One of the most captivating pieces is their Emirates A380 replica, made of all flowers. You can tell how massive it is in the aerial photo:

Aerial shot of a life size Emirates Airbus A380 made from flowers in the Miracle Garden, Dubai

The floral structures change out every season, much like these swans below:

Dubai Miracle Garden in a sunny day

But there's one rule guests here should follow: do not pick the flowers. No matter how tempting, no one should take a flower from this garden home.

These flowers are arranged like how they are to maximize the place's beauty, so these arrangements will be affected if even just one is taken.

Hanging Flower Arrangements, Dubai Miracle Garden, United Arab Emirates

Any horse lovers?

Beautiful Flourish Landscape of Miracle Garden with over 45 million flowers on a sunny day, Flower Garden in Dubai, UAE

Have you ever seen a tree crafted out of flowers like this one?

Dubai miracle gardens flower tree

The creativity is incredible. 

Background view of the palm trees of flowers and flower meadow in the garden miracle garden in Dubai

There are a lot of picturesque views too. Such a feast of flowers will satisfy both the kid and the adult in you.

Dubai miracle garden in a sunny day, United Arab Emirates

Endless blooms make up the skirts of these dancers. 

Dubair miracle garden; dancer in all flowers

Giant teddy bear cuddles, anyone?

Adorable bear cub flower sculpture standing tall with a playful expression, crafted with intricate details and lifelike texture.

Feel the love as you walk under these heart-shaped arches constructed out of flowers.

Artistic arrangement of large delicate pink and white flowers shaped into a heart

Immerse yourself in all the blooms in this flower village.

Amazing colorful houses of flowers in the Miracle Garden park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Vibrance is everywhere in this garden.

Colorful and bright umbrellas installations at Dubai Miracle Garden.

This piece reminds us a bit of Moana.

A big flowery face figure at Miracle Garden Dubai.

Blooms on blooms!

Flower structures in Dubai Miracle Garden

The visuals are totally out of this world. Guests and travelers who went to this garden agree. A handful of people visit this garden daily, and it's easy to see why. 

@changkyunswifee takes you through a quick whimsical view of the gardens, and said it's even prettier in person! 

@changkyunswifee wish I could stay here forever #miraclegarden #miraclegardendubai #dubai ♬ original sound - willy

What's more, nothing but great reviews about the Dubai Miracle Garden exist. Watch this TikTok user, @juliannastrid, be in awe of its attractions:

@juliannastrid a dubai must✨💖 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #dubai #dubaithings #dubaithingstodo #dubaimiraclegarden #dubaitravel ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay


She nails describing this place— it is conquered with flowers! Even through pictures and videos, I agree that it looks unreal. Another video by @joyah further proves this when she went to Dubai's miracle garden:

@joyjah I paid 55AED (US$15) for a ticket to the Miracle Garden in Dubai which was so beautiful! I felt like a princess. 👑💕 #miraclegardendubai #solotravel ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show


This garden solidifies its beauty video by video. It's so visually pleasing that I know people come to celebrate here. May it be for a holiday trip, a birthday celebration, or a date, this garden is perfect!

And guess what, someone even proposed here! Here's a TikTok video of @saf__ari saying the most important "yes" of her life here:

@saf__ari I repeated “are u joking?” several times and said yes of course #engagement #propose #dubai #love #miraclegarden #beautifulproposals ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) - Ruth B. & sped up + slowed


Indeed, the Dubai Miracle Garden is perfect for proposals! Any part of it is ideal for this kind of memorable event. But the spot @saf__ari's fiance chose for their moment is excellent too. Asking for a hand of a special someone in marriage at the center of a heart-shaped arc full of flowers with the view in the back is the absolute perfect choice.

Let us know if you've ever heard of this amazing garden!

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