From Amazon Greenhouse Kit to Dream Greenhouse: This Video Will Show You How

Are you dreaming of having your greenhouse but don't know where to start? 

Look no further than @growwithellie's TikTok video. With over 261,000 views and 18,600 likes, this video takes the gardening world by storm! 

The creator showcases how a simple Amazon greenhouse kit can turn into your dream greenhouse in no time.

@growwithellie Amazon Greenhouse kit turns into Dream Greenhouse 💚🥰🪴 I've always wanted a Greenhouse for the garden. #greenhousekit #amazongreenhouse #diygreenhousebuild #planttok #gardentok #dreamgreenhouse ♬ Love Of My Life - Metrow Ar

@growwithellie starts by walking toward two large boxes in her backyard.

She excitedly explains that she recently purchased the Veikous Greenhouse Kit on Amazon, which measures 8x14.

If you want your own, check it out:

See this greenhouse on Amazon.

At first, she admits to feeling intimidated by the kit and the instruction manual, but her determination to complete the project in one day keeps her going. 

Following the manual, she starts organizing all the aluminum-looking pieces by number, taking her an hour and a half to complete.

Garden greenhouse full of plants

When she thought she was done, there was another bundle of parts to put where they belong!

Still, she perseveres and even compares the process to building a giant Lego house - which keeps her entertained and feel satisfied at the same time.

After an hour and a half of work, she starts building the base of the greenhouse with white blocks shaped like a rectangle as a guide.

With the help of a screwdriver drill, she attaches the aluminum metal frame and polycarbonate panels to create the walls and roof of the greenhouse.

The finished product is a beautiful and functional greenhouse that any gardener would be proud to have in their backyard!

And the best part? The creator says she did it all in one day, just in time for the rain and wind that were coming the next day.

Would You Build This Greenhouse?

The video has sparked a lot of interest and questions from viewers, with comments asking how the greenhouse is anchored down and how much it cost (hint: it's not cheap!). 

But one thing is for sure - this DIY project is a great way to spend a day in the sun and create something beautiful for your garden.

So if you're feeling inspired to build your dream greenhouse, @growwithellie’s video might just be your go-to guide!

We’d love to hear about your DIY greenhouse project. Let us know in the comments below!

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