Why Your Fridge Is The Latest Trending Propagation Station

Did you know your refrigerator can serve as more than just keeping your food chilled?

Thanks to a video from @plants_itsavibe, it can also double as a nursery for your plant cuttings!

This brilliant idea doesn't just transform the aesthetic of your kitchen, it serves as a daily reminder of nature's wonders every time you reach for your morning yogurt or evening snack.

Here's the viral video that's inspiring plant lovers:

@plants_itsavibe Why not? #propagation #propagationstation #plantlover #plantlife #plantsmakepeoplehappy #indoorjungle #homejungle #houseplants #fyp ♬ Players - DJ Saige Remix - Coi Leray

Why Plants on Your Fridge?

It might seem unconventional at first. I mean, plants on your fridge? But the creator brilliantly showcases the benefits.

They noticed the radiant morning sunlight pouring in from the kitchen window and bathing the fridge.

As any plant enthusiast knows, sunlight, especially the soft morning rays, is nourishing for many plant varieties.

What better place to get that optimal glow than the front of your fridge?

Here's How To Make Your Own

Creating magnetic plant propagation tubes to stick on your refrigerator is a creative way to display and propagate your plants!

Here's a DIY guide to make your own magnetic plant propagation tubes.


  1. Glass tubes or vials
  2. Magnets - Should be strong enough to hold the tube and the water/plant weight.
  3. Silicone glue or strong adhesive - To attach the magnet to the tube.
  4. Plants for propagation - Common choices are pothos and philodendrons.
  5. Water - Distilled or tap water

Hand holding single Marble Queen pothos houseplant cutting with long bare roots

Steps To Follow

Follow these simple steps to create your fridge propagation magnets.

1. Prepare the Tubes

Clean the tubes thoroughly. If you're adding decorative stones or pebbles, place a few at the bottom of each tube.

Check out these glass test tubes on Amazon.

2. Attaching the Magnet

Take the silicone glue or strong adhesive and dab a small amount on the magnet. Stick the magnet to the backside of the tube.

Ensure that it's positioned in such a way that the tube will hang vertically when attached to a metallic surface.

Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly based on the manufacturer's instructions. This might vary, but often it's recommended to let it cure for at least 24 hours.

See these mini fridge magnets on Amazon.

3. Plant Propagation

Choose a healthy stem from your chosen plant.

Using a clean, sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears, cut a section of the stem, making sure you have at least one or two nodes on the cutting.

(A node is the little bump or nub from which leaves or roots grow.)

Zoomed in of a close-up plant node

Remove any leaves that might be submerged in the water. Only the stem and nodes should be underwater.

Place the stem cutting into the tube and fill the tube with water, ensuring the node(s) are submerged.

4. Positioning

Once the glue is completely dry, place your new magnetic plant propagation tube on your refrigerator (or any magnetic surface).

Ensure the magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of the tube, water, and plant cutting.

If it seems weak, consider using a second magnet for added support.

5. Proper Care

Make sure to change the water every week to prevent bacterial growth.

Place the tubes in a location where they get indirect light, as direct sunlight can cause algae growth in the water or scorch the leaves.

Once roots are well developed, you can choose to plant the cutting in soil or continue to let it grow in water.

Over time, your cutting should develop roots, and you'll have a beautiful, growing plant right on your refrigerator!

Move Over Bills, Welcome Baby Plants!

Gone are the days when the refrigerator was merely a billboard for unpaid bills and takeout menus.

@user33750012283200 comments, “That’s a lot better than sticking all the bills we need to pay. I’ll hide those in the cabinet and do this instead.” Out of sight, out of mind, right?

But Why Else is this Idea Genius?

One top reason, as @itsjesskiebitch points out, “That’s a great idea! Sometimes I forget about cuttings propagating and they die.”

With them on the fridge, they're in your line of sight every time you reach for a snack or ingredient, ensuring they get the TLC they deserve.

A plant of Blue Star fern (Phlebodium aureum), a fancy houseplant, on top of the fridge in a kitchen.

Another user, Cassie, sheds light on an unexpected perk. "Also I love putting them on top, for some reason I guess the warmth of the fridge benefits them. My plants thrive in my kitchen lol."

The mild warmth from the fridge can indeed create a snug environment, especially for tropical cuttings.

Inspire Your Kitchen Visits

Why not transform every trip to your fridge into a mini-jungle adventure?

As you see those baby roots sprouting and feel the fresh vibes from your propagating plants, you'll be reminded of the beauty of nature and your role in nurturing it.

Propagation tubes as fridge magnets aren't just aesthetic; they're a functional and delightful addition to your daily routine.

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