13 Best Plant and Gardening Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Gardening, tending to houseplants, and a desiring to fill our personal spaces with lush greenery are more vogue now than ever. No doubt, your girlfriend has similar thoughts in mind pertaining to plants and gardening. Whether it's bringing home a new flower or finding the perfect planter, anything to do with plants is bound to thrill her. Finding a gift related to plants is such a cool idea because growing plants just keep on giving.

We've searched tirelessly to find thirteen, adorable and functional gifts to suit every plant-loving gal. Giving these gifts, you know she will love it, and you will be rewarded with a good feeling too. Let's take a look some winning gift options.

A beautiful Azalea bonsai tree on a square pot, 13 Best Plant and Gardening Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

1. Tickle Me Plant Package

This cute gift package is for your best girlfriend. It contains everything you need to grow a tickle me plant in a cute, purple gift box. It has the pot, the soil, the seeds, and even a card with a list of experiments. These plants are easy to grow, thrive all year round and bloom with sparkly flowers. You can find this here on Amazon.

2. Sloth Planter

Do you know someone who loves sloths? This ridiculously cute planter will blow their mind. They'll be so excited to get this cute charmer for a gift. Pop in an orchid as shown, or find an amazing succulent to adorn it for their next celebration. After giving this ceramic planter, they'll be celebrating you. It's a tidy size at 8" long x 4" wide x 5.5" deep. You can hang it or simply sit it on a desk or bedside table. Click here for this on Amazon.

3. Floral Tote Bag With Garden Tools And Kneeler

This cheery set is the whole gardening package. A sturdy, flower-printed, cotton and polyester tote bag has multiple pockets for carrying the gardener's essential tools. Included are a pair of gardening gloves, a soft kneeler to keep knees comfy, clippers, trowels, and rakes. It's truly everything she could need for a day in the garden. Click here for this on Amazon.

4. Gnome Couple Statue

Everyone needs gnomes in their garden. But it is better to give gnomes than buys gnomes for yourself. This gift is absolutely perfect for your girlfriend, sure to make her smile and maybe even giggle. This resin statue depicts two little lovebird gnomes displaying a wooden plaque with "FOREVER" carved on it. The statue is made of cast resin, which is weatherproof and non-fading.  It's a little over 6" tall. Click here for these gnomes on Amazon.

5. Herb Kit For Herbal Teas

Does your girlfriend love herbal tea? This thoughtful and unique gift gives a nod to that passion. It's a grow-your-own herbs kit with seeds specific to certain herbal teas. Included in the package are potting pads, seeds for four herbal tea plants, planting pots, plant labels, and instructions. This company has a 90% germination rate for their seeds so you can rest assured this will not be a dud. Click here for this on Amazon.

6. Garden Digging Gloves

These gloves might look scary, but they are super practical. Latex-coated gloves equipped with special digging fingertips help your gal claw her way into tough soil. The gloves are waterproof and puncture-resistant. The claw tips are crafted from tough ABS plastic. Gloves come in a handy carrying bag and are available in purple, teal, or orange colors. Click here for these on Amazon.

7. Azalea Bonsai In Beautiful Planter

Bonsai trees are simply beautiful. This ancient technique of pruning larger plants to remain small goes back centuries. Here an azalea, which is part of the rhododendron family, is cultivated to about 6" and delivered in a 6" ceramic planter. This type of bonsai does best outdoors on a balcony or patio rather than indoors. The best part is, it blooms between April and May. Click here for this on Amazon.

8. Miniature Rose Plant Seeds

Why not give a gift of roses that keep blooming? Everyone loves a bouquet of cut roses, but cut roses eventually wilt and die. By giving a live rose plant, you are giving a gift that keeps on blooming. This gift packet contains seeds to grow roses like the ones seen in this image. Click here for this on Amazon.

9. Preserved Rose In Bell Jar

This preserved rose, surrounded by tastefully done greenery, lasts 3 to 5 years. The arrangement sits atop a wooden disc with a glass bell jar cover to protect the display. Different color rose options mean different things. The blue rose pictured symbolizes creativity, imagination, living freely, and being wishful. Roses in lilac, red, and purple are also available with their own impactful meanings. The rose is in a beautiful gift box and comes with a wish card. Click here for this on Amazon.

10. Beautiful Wooden Flower Bud Vase

This gorgeous vase is a perfect statement for your girlfriend, whether your relationship is romantic or simply friends. It is a cool design with a blown glass heart in the center of a stained, wooden frame. A plaque that reads"FOREVER LOVE" is affixed to the front. Use it for freshly cut flowers, herbs, or rooting cuttings of houseplants. This vase speaks to a never ending love of plants and gardening. Click here to see this on Amazon.

11. Just Add Ice Orchid

We are willing to bet that your girlfriend loves orchids as much as we do. It's a perfect gift for any plant lover. With advanced packing technology, the florists behind Just Add Ice can send live, 5" diameter potted orchids to your gal's doorstep. So if you need to send a real plant long distance, this is a great idea. It will arrive in bloom and with some simple care and the right humid setting should continue blooming for years to come. Click here for this on Amazon.

12. Confetti Polka Dot Plant

A pink and green polka dot plant, or Hypoestes phyllostachya, in a bright pink pot is sure to put a smile on your plant-loving girlfriend's face. It does arrive smaller the image might portray, but can even present a wonderful surprise, pick-me-up when somebody is having a down day. This plant can go indoors or outdoors as long as it has bright sunlight. Click here for this on Amazon.

13. Gardenia Bonsai

Is there anything that smells as delicious as a gardenia? We think not, and here is the fragrant flower in beautiful bonsai form. This four-year-old bonsai will be between 6" to 8" tall and arrive in an 8" planter. The evergreen leaves stay green year-round, and she'll enjoy watching blooms emerge between May and July. Click here for this on Amazon.

We hope you have found the perfect gift is on this list. Whether you're going for cute like the sloth planter or sophisticated like a live orchid, there are great choices here. If you enjoyed this list, please check out a couple of others here at GardenTabs.com like:

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