21 Unique Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

Gardeners adore gifts related to the garden. Fortunately for those of us who shop for gardeners, there are zillions of good gift ideas. Buy them tools or seeds. Maybe find an adorable decorative flag or a resin bunny statue to give as a gift. Does your gardener love new clothes? Find them garden-themed T-shirts or sun-protective hats.

A collage of unique gifts for gardeners, 21 Unique Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

But just in case you'd like a little help in the shopping process, we've put together a list of twenty-one different unique gift ideas to buy for your favorite gardener. Let's take a look at what we've found.

1. Claw Gardening Gloves

At first glance, this looks like someone's lost Halloween costume. It's not, though. These cool gloves have claws that work as digging tools.

They're puncture-resistant, ensuring your hands stay protected as you transform your garden. They're available in brown, purple, and green.

2. Outdoor Floral Garden Lights - Solar Powered

This two-pack of lights resembles lily flowers. One is white, and one is purple. Each has seven color-changing options if you want to change things up. They are powered by solar energy, so you don't need to worry about plugging them in or batteries.

The solar charge lasts for about 8 hours. Buy a grouping of these and turn your nighttime garden into something magical!

3. Tree Face Sculpture

Do you ever feel watched in the woods? This tree sculpture gives life to your favorite big trees. It's easy to install into a tree with setup screws included.

Crafted from durable polyresin and hand-painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly paint, this unique outdoor decoration adds personality to your garden while attracting birds for a lively atmosphere.

4. Solar Bee Light For The Garden

This cute, buzzy guy is not just a pretty face. He's active, too. His wings turn, and his eyes light up in the evening. The eyes are powered by solar energy, so no batteries or cords are needed.

The bee affixes to a stake that is 43" tall. The bee itself is 9" in length. Three coats of paint protect the underlying metal from rust and decay.

5. Funny Gardening T-shirt

This shirt is for the funny gardener in your life. It's available in men's, women's, and youth sizes.

Some of the available colors are 100% cotton tees, and others are poly/cotton blend tees. But all of them are soft, comfortable, and hilarious.

6. Solar Garden Frog With Light-Up Eyes

This funny little fellow wants to brighten up a garden near you. His eyes, powered by solar lights, glow at night. This is the type of gift that a gardener would never buy for themselves but would love to receive from a friend. Don't let that gardener down, get them the funny frog!

7. Chia Statue

Mount Rushmore is a national treasure. If you gift this Chia George Washington bust, then you will be too. This statue is available in several other historical American figures, including Abraham Lincoln.

This kit comes with everything you need to sprout a full head of chia hair in as little as two weeks. It's a gift that will get people talking!

8. Inspirational Rocks

This collection of fifty polished pebbles features engraved rocks. Each one has an etching of an inspirational word.

These are great to scatter in the garden beds, or you could fill a special planter with these and set it at the garden entrance. This is a super gift for the gardener that has everything!

9. Outdoor  Watering Can Garden Lights - Solar Powered

This charming piece features a watering can design with a fairy light string, casting warm yellow hues like stars in the night. Perfect for adorning any outdoor space, it's solar-powered for effortless use, automatically illuminating at dusk and lasting 8-10 hours after charging.

Crafted from durable metal and easy to install, it's an enchanting gift for mom, grandma, or any garden lover to enjoy cozy evenings outdoors.

10. Plant Lover's Cozy Blanket

Looking for the perfect gift to warm the heart of a plant lover? Wrap them in the Butonus Plant Gifts Blanket, a premium quality fleece throw designed for those who adore all things green.

This ultra-soft blanket features meaningful words and phrases like "I love plants" and "How lovely is the silence of growing things", ensuring a heartfelt embrace with every snuggle.

11. Zombie Plant Kit

Have you ever heard of a zombie plant? Neither have we. But this kit features a plant that plays dead after you touch it. It's packed in a coffin-like gift box with lots of scary messages.

Even its flowers play a role in the zombie situation—they resemble brains! The kit comes with everything you need to grow zombie plants from seed. This is an excellent gift for your favorite kid gardener.

12. Angel Of The Garden Sculpture

From the popular company Willow Tree comes this hand-carved garden angel sculpture. The stylized angel stands with her hands on a shovel. Her wings are wire, and her body is resin.

The enclosed gift card says, "Bringing forth a garden of love and beauty." Kansas City artist Susan Lordi created the original sculpture. This is a replication.

13. Bookend Vase for Flowers

This unique piece of decor combines the functionality of a bookend with the beauty of a flower vase, adding a touch of artistic flair to any space.

Crafted from transparent acrylic, this vase is designed to seamlessly integrate with your book collection, creating a stunning display that's both practical and visually appealing.

14. Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushroom Kit

Grow delicious gourmet mushrooms in as little as ten days with this mushroom grow kit. Everything you need is included in the package. All you need to do is mist this with water.

The kit consists of a spray bottle and a mushroom discovery book. This is an excellent gift for kids and adults alike.

15. Funny Plant Socks

These socks are more than just cozy foot coverings; they're a delightful expression of personality. Featuring charming plant patterns, they're perfect for plant-loving moms and women who appreciate humor.

Made from a soft and stretchy blend of cotton, acrylic, and spandex, these socks are both comfy and durable.

16. Kitchen Towels For The Vegetable Gardener

Everybody can always use new kitchen towels. This set of six towels features different vegetables with funny slogans. For instance, the one with bell peppers says, "You can ring my bell." If your favorite gardener loves puns, they'll love these dish towels.

These are microfiber, so they work well for dusting as well as for wiping. You can buy the whole set, or you can buy them individually.

17. Succulent Plant Wine Glasses

With hilarious designs like " Crazy Plant Lady" and "Pretty Fly For A Cacti," these glasses are sure to bring a smile to any plant lover's face. Handcrafted with care, they are not just cute but also durable and elegant.

Packaged in crush-resistant packaging and a gift box, they make a delightful gift for any occasion.

18. Patio Eden 12 Pack Wooden Plant Markers

Ready to spice up your garden with a dash of humor? Each marker in this pack of 12 brings laughs with hilarious sayings, perfect for any garden or plant pot.

Crafted from durable wood, these markers work indoors or outdoors, making them a must-have for every green space.

19. Solar Powered SunRay 

A decorative metal sunray features a center orb in a crackled glass. The globe lights up at night from a solar battery. The LED lights can change from red to green to blue for a unique nighttime garden look.

It affixes to a metal stake that's easy to install in the garden. Simply drive the stake into the ground to the depth desired.

20. For The Flower Lover

Maybe the gardener you need to gift prefers an indoor gift. This beautiful and elegant little dish expresses the sentiment, "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you." It's an exquisite 4" x 4"—a perfect gift for the hostess of your annual garden club party.

21. Solar Seashell Wind Chimes For The Garden

Who wouldn't love to receive windchimes that also light up? These seashell-shaped chimes light with solar-powered LED lights. It's waterproof for light rain but should be hung under an overhang or tree canopy for the most extended wear and use.

Combine this gift with one of our other solar-powered finds, and you'll light up your gardener's life.

In Closing

There you have it. Twenty-one unique gifts for the gardener who has everything. If you liked this list, we have some other ones here at GardenTabs.com. Please check them out before you go:

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