Where To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

Where to sharpen lawn mower blades?Keeping sharp blades on your lawnmower is a simple way to get a clean cut on your lawn. Do you have a problem with your mower ripping up chunks of your sod? Having a sharper blade is an excellent way to fix that problem! So let's say you're interested in having that done, how would you go about it?

Every area will have a local lawnmower mechanic who can sharpen the blade, but you can also sharpen your lawnmower blades at home! There are several options, but the easiest one generally only involves some simple tools that many people already have, and are very easy to find.

When it comes to lawn care, it's easy to remember the big things, like mowing your lawn, maybe even aerating it once in a while. But when it comes to the small things, like sharpening your lawnmower blade, they can fly under the radar while we're on autopilot. Let's go into detail on how you can get your lawnmower blade taken care of!

Where to sharpen lawnmower blade?

You have two options when it comes to mower blade sharpening. You can do it yourself, or you can take it into a business, generally some mechanic's shop or repairman. While there aren't any big, name-brand businesses that generally sharpen the blades on lawnmowers, we can help you know how to find one for yourself locally.


There generally aren't businesses that operate entirely around the commodity of sharpening the blades on your lawnmower, so you're going to have to be a little creative in your internet searches to find somewhere that offers that service.

A blade on a lawnmower is just that, a blade. Look for local places that sharpen saws and knives, as those will turn up way more options than a search for sites that will sharpen the edge on a lawnmower. Places that service power tools or their engines will often work with lawnmowers as well.

Do It Yourself

This is something you can do yourself! If you decide to go this route however, there are a couple of things you're going to need for sharpening the lawn mower. You can find the rest of the instructions here.

  • A grinder, belt sander, or a kit to sharpen the blade
  • A sharpie to mark the bottom and
  • A block of wood or something similar to brace the edge against - or a professional bench grinder
  • A wrench to loosen the blade
  • Steel wool
  • A secure, sturdy clamp.
  • WD40
  • Protective goggles
  • A face mask
  • Work gloves
  • A bucket of water

Here's a good video that shows you how to sharpen those blades. Remember, safety first! Pay special attention to that spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting!

Product Suggestions

Some of those products will be pretty easy to find, like gloves, steel wool, and WD40. But whether they're easier to find, or harder to locate, we can make it easier for you.

Bench Grinder

Whether it's for sharpening or cleaning up old tools, this bench grinder comes with a great price and high ratings. With an attached light to make sure you can see what you're doing, you can be sure that you're doing right by your lawnmower.

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Drill Attachment

These drill attachments will fit the vast majority of electric drills, making it easy and convenient to sharpen your lawnmower blades, giving them an edge that won't tear so severely at your lawn, helping prevent yellowed, torn edges.

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Manual Sharpener

This manual sharpener guarantees perfect control over the process of giving your mower's blade the ideal edge. There are several different sharpening edges, making it useful for sharpening quite a number of various tools, and perfect for lawn mower blades.

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Desk Clamp

Regardless of the kind of product you're using to sharpen the blade, you're going to need it to be entirely secure and stable, so you don't end up with an errant lawnmower blade flying across the room. This clamp will give you perfect control over the sharpening process, ensuring you with the best edge for your lawn.

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How often should mower blades be sharpened?

Lawnmowers will all get different amounts of use. During the summer, the average homeowner's mower probably gets used once a week. Still, if you mow lawns for your profession, there's a good chance that you're mowing multiple lawns a day, which means your mower gets much higher mileage than your suburban neighbors' lawnmowers do.

This means we need to come up with a standard that accounts for the time mowed, not time that has passed in general. For example, "every couple months" wouldn't work, because everyone mows for different amounts of time. This means that we have to come up with an average that accounts for that. Milage would work, but nobody wants to figure out how much ground they cover when they mow.

Instead, let's use total time spent mowing! Everyone generally has at least an average idea of how much time it takes them to mow the lawn, and how often the lawn is mowed, making it decently simple to track. Generally speaking, the blades on your mower should be sharpened for every 25 hours spent mowing. So figure out how long it takes you to mow your yard and go from there!

Do Lawn Mower Blades Come Sharpened?

When purchasing a new lawnmower, or just a replacement blade, knowing whether or not you are going to need to have it sharpened once you get it is important. Not only because it's an additional expense, but depending on the route you end up deciding to go to get it sharpened, you may have more tools you need to purchase.

All in all, it's just better to be informed, but have no fear, we researched for you!

On Mower

New mowers will almost always come with blades that have already been sharpened, which means that you can fill it up with gas and go. Remember, no lawnmower blade should be anywhere near sharp enough to cut you, so don't use that as your standard. Go for more of a dullish butter knife kind of feel.

In spite of the term "cut the grass," your mower doesn't cut your grass, it just has enough of an edge and an angle to tear it when it spins at a high velocity, so keep that in mind before you decide your brand new mower's blade isn't sharp enough!

Blade Only

If you're buying the replacement blade from a reputable source, or a verified store on Amazon, you're probably going to find that it comes sharpened and ready to go. However, if you're not sure and you want it to come sharpened, there are a couple of things you can do to check.

When it comes to online stores, all the good ones will have a way for verified customers to leave ratings and comments on the product they purchased. For example, on Amazon, you can search through the ratings left, and the questions answered. You can check those to see whether or not the people who bought them were satisfied with the edge that came on the blade, which will help you to make a decision.

Replacement Blade

For example, this replacement blade will fit many lawnmowers sold at local stores, like Walmart and Home Depot. When looking for a replacement, make sure you look at the model number, and the shape of the attachment it needs to fit. This lawnmower blade was made for an MTD model with a six-sided star-shaped peg.

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How Much Does It Cost to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

When you're looking to get your lawnmower blades sharpened, where to do it is just one of the essential questions that need to be asked. How much those services cost is generally the deciding factor when it comes to making the final decision, and it's important to know what you're paying for, especially when it comes to lawn care and power tool maintenance.

When Done Professionally

While the prices will vary from location to location, hopefully, you can get an idea from the average rates we've been able to find.

The average price for getting a blade sharpened turns out to be just over $7, which is easily affordable if you're worried about getting the best cut for your lawn! For less than the price of a Big Mac meal, you can give your yard the best chance of looking green and fresh every time you clip it.

At the End of the Day...

Finding a place to sharpen your lawnmower blade is more than possible. Still, if, for some reason, you're unable to find a location near you, you now have the knowledge and resources you need to either buy a replacement or locate the necessary tools to sharpen it on your own.

Regardless of how you do it, your grass will thank you, and you will end up with a beautiful lawn, worthy of all the effort put into its upkeep. Maintain a healthy lawn by avoiding a dull lawnmower blade!

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