How Much Does A New Lawn Cost?

How Much Does a New Lawn Cost?Replacing your lawn may seem like a pricey and rather daunting task. Whether you’re looking for some water-saving options, you need to replace your lawn due to prior damage, or just want to change your lawn look to something a bit different, there are many different options and price points to consider. But don’t worry about doing all that digging yourself, we’ve done it for you here.

On average, whether you choose to Do-It-Yourself or hire a professional to help you, replacing your lawn is a pricey investment. According to online sources, the national average for a lawn replacement project is about 930 dollars. Between the cost of the product and cost of labor, your project could be anywhere from $397 to $1,466.

If you’re going to invest that kind of money into your lawn, you’d probably like to know what you’re looking at and the breakdown of that final price tag. Don’t stress, we’ve taken care of that process for you, just keep reading.

Determine Your Budget

The national average cost of installing a new lawn is $932 according to some sites, but there are many options that are much cheaper (reseeding or overseeding), and there are options that can cost much more (installing sod mats). Your biggest problem when deciding which option you would rather go with is determining what your budget is, deciding what your aesthetic is, and figuring out how long you’re willing to wait to see your results.

All of these things help you narrow down exactly what you want and can afford. Seeding is cheaper and has more options, but it takes longer to see the final product. Installing sod is quick and beautiful, but you have limited choices and it’s more expensive. Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, its time to look into the exacts and get quotes for your project!

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How Much Does it Cost to Seed a New Lawn?

A man's hand planting new grass seed to bare spot on yard

There are quite a few different options for your lawn project, but reseeding or overseeding is by far your cheapest option. According to Angie's List, if you hire a professional you’re going to be looking at prices within the $225- $300 range. That number includes both the product and labor, however it does not include the price of water which you’ll be needing to keep your grass alive and healthy.

If you plan on doing the work yourself, your final price point is going to be about $90-$175 dollars for the seed itself. Since you’ll be doing the work yourself, you don’t have to worry about labor costs, but you do have to worry about the 4-5 hours it’ll take to start and finish the job. 

How Much Soes Hydroseeding Cost?

Hydroseeding is another great option for renewing your lawn. It combines the labor of seeding, mulching, fertilizing and watering all in one and it is relatively time-efficient. However, if you’re looking at hiring a professional, your average pricing is going to be around $1000. Hydroseeding costs 0.06- 0.20 cents per square foot plus labor, so depending on the size of your yard it could be more or less than that average.

If you choose to DIY the hydroseeding, your local hardware store more than likely carries several different kits, and depending on the size of your yard could cost you about $20- $80 dollars for the project. This process is more efficient than the regular seeding process though, so you’ll definitely save some time on it.

What are Some Topsoil Installation Costs?

Topsoil Installation, New rolled lawn ready for installation

If you’re looking to completely start from scratch with your lawn, you’ll have to invest in some topsoil. Depending on if you purchase your topsoil from a wholesaler, a soil dump, or in bags from your local hardware store, your pricing will vary. According to CostHelper, Topsoil installation could vary from $20-$30 dollars per cubic yard for the soil and about 50-200 dollars for the delivery fee. That isn’t even including the labor, which pricing depends on the company. With some delivery companies it is included, others it is extra. Or you could just do it yourself for free. 

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How Much Does Laying Sod Cost?

A man with red gloves laying sod for new lawn

Installing or laying sod is a quick and immediate way to freshen up your lawn, but it’s also the most expensive way to revamp your lawn. Laying sod averages at about $2,000 dollars. You can lay the sod yourself to have it be cheaper, but hiring a professional is much more advised for preparing the ground and laying the sod mats perfectly level and even. Professionals will charge about $45- $75 dollars an hour. Laying sod also doesn’t have as many options in types of grass as reseeding your lawn does.

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Is it Better to Lay Sod or Seed?

One of your hardest choices in this project will be deciding exactly what you want to do- do you want to lay sod or seed? Both have their pros and their cons. In order to properly choose, you need to take these into account.

 Seed (pros):

  • It’s the cheaper option.
  • Your labor will be much cheaper.
  • More choices in grass types.

Seed (Cons):

  • You have a limited planting window.
  • The initial maintenance is lengthy and monotonous.
  • It takes much longer for your grass to grow.

Sod (Pros):

  • You’ll see instant results.
  • You’ll have to deal with fewer weeds.
  • Your lawn will establish itself quickly.

Sod (Cons):

  • It’s more expensive.
  • It’s recommended to hire a professional.
  • You have less choices in grass types.
  • You have a very short transplanting and working window.

Build a Beautiful Lawn to Enjoy

Choosing how you want to replace or redo your lawn may seem like a daunting task, as there are so many options and price points. However, when you have the right knowledge on your side, it can make it much easier to make the right choices. 

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