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8 Shrubs That Have Red Leaves All Year

Deciduous shrub that's also commonly known as royal purple smoke bush
8 shrubs with year-round red leaves add a vibrant touch to your garden. Low-maintenance and up to 18ft tall, they thrive in well-drained soil with partial to full sun.

Best Fruit Trees To Grow In Texas

The persimmon fruit trees in autumn
Discover the top fruit trees to grow in Texas! From juicy peaches to hardy persimmons, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on the unique and delicious flavors of these homegrown fruits.

Large Indoor Plants For Low Light

Big dracaena fragrans at home
Elevate your indoor space with low-light, low-maintenance large plants. Discover stunning design ideas and care tips for your home or office with these beautiful plants.

Fastest Growing Pine Trees For Landscaping

Norfolk island pine in the abbey gardens
Revamp your landscape with lightning-fast pine trees! Explore the fastest-growing varieties that thrive in various climates and add year-round beauty and value to your outdoor space

Ground Cover Plants For Clay Soil

Creeping phlox planted in front of family house wall
Struggling with clay soil? These ground cover plants have got you covered. Choose from drought-tolerant bearberry, shade-loving hostas, and more.

Can You Cut The Taproot Of A Plant?

very rootbound root ball houseplant orange
You can cut the taproot of a plant, and it will regrow its roots. The new root growth will not be as strong as the original taproot but will be stronger if the taproot was previously root-bound.

Can Yucca Plants Grow In Pots?

Gorgeous Yucca plant blooming nicely on the garden
Yucca plants are low-maintenance, with sword-shaped leaves and beautiful white flowers. Wondering if you can grow them in a pot? We've researched the best ways and will reveal the answer in this post.