With the proper soil, carrots are easy to grow! One way to ensure your carrots grow correctly is by fertilizing the surrounding soil.

Here are some great options for  carrot fertilizers:

1. Lilly Miller

This fertilizer is excellent for carrots and many other types of vegetables. The nutrients provided by this fertilizer can last for up to six weeks.

2. Jobe's Vegetable and Tomato Food

You can use this fertilizer on both established plants and before planting. You should reapply every four weeks or as needed.

3. Jobe's Organics All-Purpose Fertilizer

This fertilizer is ideal for soil that needs more primary nutrients. This all-purpose fertilizer also contains 8% calcium.

4. DOWN to Earth

You can use this brand of fertilizer at any point in the growing process. It is recommended to use Down to Earth fertilizer once per month through the season.

5. Espoma GT4 Garden-Tone

Garden-Tone provides all essential nutrients to plants without using any hazardous ingredients.

6. Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Fertilizer

Old Farmer's Almanac fertilizer lasts in the soil for six to eight weeks. So, you should reapply every few months or as necessary. Keep in mind that this has a higher nitrogen content. Be careful of over-fertilizing your carrots.

7. Burpee Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer

For best results, Burpee recommends reapplying every two months during the growing season.