Wondering what to plant in your window box? Flowers in window boxes can add curb appeal and beautify your home on a small budget and with little effort.

English Ivy

English ivy is an evergreen, climbing vine that will trail beautifully over your window box. It prefers shade to partial shade and is drought tolerant. Well-drained soil is recommended.

Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potato vine is sensational for container gardening. It is a fast-growing perennial that can reach up to 10 feet long. It easily tumbles over containers, climbs up a trellis, and can even be used as a ground cover.

Creeping Myrtle

Creeping myrtle is a fast-growing perennial that is normally used as a ground cover. Nevertheless, it is used in a window box because of its trailing effect. It has star-like blue flowers that bloom in the spring.


Clematis is one of the most admired flowering vines around. Its trailing effect makes it perfect for a window box. They can spread anywhere from eight to 12 feet, so give them plenty of room to grow.


Fuchsia is a tropical plant that comes in a variety of shades. They are easy to grow with a few tips. Make sure to give them a sheltered spot away from harsh sun and wind. They do well with moderate sunshine and well-drained soil.

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a vigorous perennial that can be invasive. Because of this, they are ideal for window boxes to keep them contained. Creeping Jenny is a great filler plant and pairs well with taller, hardy plants.

Silver Falls Dichondra

Silver foliage on silver stems. No wonder it is named silver falls! It's an evergreen perennial that many people love because of how easy it is to grow. It can be grown as a ground cover or a trailing plant.

Lotus Vine

Lotus vine, also known as parrot's beak, is an excellent summer annual for containers. In shocking oranges and reds, it stands out amongst leafy tumbling plants. It is a favorite in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-12 due to its tropical nature.


Everyone loves Petunias! These beloved annuals come in many vibrant colors like pink, purple, blue, white, yellow, and red. They are extremely popular in window boxes, trailing anywhere from two to three feet and blooming from spring until frost.


Calibrachoas resemble mini Petunias with their small bell-like flowers. They are most commonly called million bells. Calibrachoas has stellar trailing habits, making them a desired choice for window boxes.

Purple Heart

Purple heart looks great all year in mild climates. Their succulent stems spread about 10 inches tall, creating a spilling effect. To create a dazzling effect, pair them with pink flowers!


Mandevilla is a lush, tropical plant full of pink flowers. They are often thought of as annuals because of their cold sensitivity. However, you can bring them inside during the winter to live.


Nasturtiums are cheerful flowers you will want to have around in your garden. Their edible flowers are enjoyable and safe for kids to consume. Their vines spill nicely over window boxes or containers, making them a popular choice amongst gardeners.

Trailing Lobelia

Trailing lobelia is easy to grow with little care. They thrive in full sun or part shade in well-drained soil. Evenly water them without letting them dry out. These mostly blue, tiny flowers are tender perennials but are most often grown as annuals.


Violas are easy to spot with their trademarked colorful appearance. It has been said that each little flower has a face! These annuals, or short-lived perennials, do well in cooler climates and bloom well into late fall.


Alyssum is another cool-season flower. Its tiny, cross-shaped flowers spread magnificently in containers and window boxes. Alyssum can be an invasive perennial given the right conditioners.

Creeping Zinnia

Coming in hot is the creeping zinnia! These pretty, daisy-like flowers are true annuals and die off after the blooming season. It's a low-maintenance plant, making it one of our favorites.