Umbrella Tree (Schefflera) Dying – What To Do?

Growing umbrella trees outdoors and even indoors is possible. And just like any other plants, they are susceptible to some diseases. We want to help you find out what to do about dying Schefflera, so we conducted thorough research to bring you answers.

There are numerous reasons why an umbrella tree is dying. Here are some of the most common causes and ways to address them:

Beautiful schefflera on table at armchair in room interior, Umbrella Tree (Schefflera) Dying - What To Do?

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera) Dying - What To Do? Umbrella Tree (Schefflera) Dying - What To Do?
  • Over-watering
    • Cut back on how often you water your tree. If it has developed root rot, dig up the plant and cut away infected roots with clean sheers, then repot it
  • Insufficient sunlight
    • Move your umbrella tree to an area where it gets four to six hours of sunlight
  • Leaf Spot or Mold Infections
    • Prune any infected spots and protect the healthy parts of the tree with a fungicide
  • Pests
    • Wipe off the pests or spray them with a solution of water and dish soap or alcohol

If you want to know how to keep your umbrella tree alive, it's be best to learn what causes it to die first. Please continue reading to understand your dying Schefflera better and find solutions for its diseases and problems.

Beautiful schefflera on table at armchair in room interior, Umbrella Tree (Schefflera) Dying - What To Do?

What Are The Issues Of A Dying Umbrella Tree

Whether you like it or not, it is unavoidable for every plant to have problems and diseases. However, it is a must that you find out what causes those things to be able to address them properly.

Here are the common issues why Scheflleras are dying and their solutions.

schefflera arboricola or dwarf umbrella shrubs or walisongo in bahasa

What Happens In An Umbrella Tree With Consistently Moist Soil?

If your umbrella tree has consistently moist soil, it will cause root rot. This situation reduces the plant's ability to take in nutrients. You'll know this disease exists when the roots are dark, mushy, and with a strong earthy odor.

To solve this, take the umbrella tree out of its container and use disinfected shears to lop off any roots that look sick.

Furthermore, repot the tree in new soil after washing the surviving roots with lukewarm water to reduce stress.

What Will Improper Temperatures Do To Schefflera?

Dwarf umbrella tree green plant background, Schefflera arboricola

If you let your Schefflera exposed to cold and stress from heat damage, they may go into a dormant state. In this case, they will stop growing new leaves. You must remember that Scheffleras prefer a temperature range of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep the plant out of drafty regions and away from air vents to keep the temperature between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, where it will thrive.

If your Scheffleras lack natural light and heat during the winter, it's best to utilize a grow light. You will have no problems as your umbrella tree gets taller since you can adjust this thing.

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What Is The Effect Of Too Much Water On Umbrella Tree?

If you overwater your umbrella tree and make the soil waterlogged, expect your plant to develop root rot. Such a situation will also turn the leaves yellow because they can't get enough oxygen.

To solve this problem, always check the moisture in the soil before you water it. Additionally, we highly suggest removing the yellow leaves to avoid infecting the entire plant.

What Happens If Schefflera Doesn't Get Enough Water?

Inadequate watering causes the soil to dry up, which causes the stems of umbrella plants to bend from the lack of turgidity. It will also cause its leaves to dry too much.

All you have to do when this happens is you should soak the soil to the point that water drains completely through the potholes. For best results, follow this method once a week.

Also, we know that terra cotta pots are porous, which soaks up the liquids quickly. So, if you use such a container, we advise you to water your umbrella tree more frequently.

Additionally, we suggest you use using a moisture meter to check the soil.

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Why Shouldn't Schefflera Receive Excessive Sunlight?

Green leaves texture and background,Natural

If you keep your umbrella tree out in the sun for too long, the scorching rays will turn the leaves brown and stunt the tree's development.

You can quickly provide your umbrella tree with just enough sunlight to grow at its finest. Place it near a window that faces east or north. In this case, your Schefflera will receive bright, indirect sunlight.

On the other hand, position it no more than five feet from a window that faces south. However, you can place it closer as long as there is a sheer curtain.

What Happens If Schefflera Receives Inadequate Sunlight?

Umbrella trees require to receive four to six hours of sunlight every day. And if you can't provide enough of this, expect the stems to be weaker and that it will produce smaller and fewer leaves.

To solve this, consider supplemental lighting if you have darker rooms. Additionally, giving your plant up to two hours of direct sunlight daily throughout the summer is best. However, you should observe and rotate the umbrella tree to avoid uneven growth on one side.

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Why Is Re-potting Schefflera Important?

You can tell when a Schefflera needs a new pot if you notice that it already has a stunted development and if the roots are circling the soil or poking through the drainage holes.

Carefully remove the plant base from the container and dampen the soil. You also need to be gentle while untangling the roots of your umbrella tree. Once you finish taking care of it, transfer it to a container an inch bigger than the previous one. Do this every two to three years.

What Happens If Umbrella Tree Lacks Of Nutrients?

The leaves is green, smooth & shiny. A unique that all leaf out from a single branch, and spread out like a finger.

Insufficient nutrients prevent your umbrella trees from producing chlorophyll. This situation will result in having yellow veins and pale green leaves. It will also put a stop to the growth of your Schefflera.

When watering your umbrella trees from spring through fall, use a diluted balanced fertilizer solution once every three weeks.

Furthermore, you should not feed your Schefflera with fertilizer for eight weeks following repotting to give it enough time to adapt.

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What Will Pest Infestations Do To Umbrella Tree?

Several pests feast on your umbrella tree. When the humidity and watering are inconsistent, scales and mealybugs find an opportunity to suck the sap from your plant's leaves and stems. This situation will exhaust the energy of your umbrella tree, which causes them to die.

To best prevent these stubborn pests, grab a paper towel and wipe them off. After that, scan the entire plant and cut off any leaves that sustained severe damage.

Moreover, if you notice that the damage is extensive, create a solution of water and dish soap. Spray it onto the infected areas. You can also opt to use a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol.

What Are The Diseases That Cause Umbrella Tree To Die?

Houseplant Umbrella Tree or called as shefflera or heptapleurum

Leaf spot or discoloration and sooty mold or patches are fungal illnesses that can quickly grow on the foliage due to substandard conditions and chronic pest damage. These diseases will soon worsen and kill your umbrella tree if you don't prevent them immediately.

To start reviving your umbrella trees from these infections, you should try to get rid of the infested areas as soon as possible. You can get a moist towel and remove the sooty mold. However, you must be careful so that mold spores will not fall off the ground.

After that, treating the remaining leaves with an organic fungicide would be best.

Why Is Humidity Important For Umbrella Trees?

Beautiful schefflera plant on window sill in home decor

Schefflera thrives in humidity around 75%, so you must always observe the humidity levels around the area. Getting anything lower than that might lead to root rot, pest infestations, and foliage diseases.

To keep your plant's humidity levels high during the cold season, you should move it away from any vents that can change the air's humidity and water the leaves twice a week.

Get a humidifier and a hygrometer to keep tabs on the humidity level.

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What Soil Mix To Use For Scheffleras?

Umbrella trees require a rich, well-draining soil mix as they use in their tropical habitat. Avoid ordinary commercial potting soil since it is inadequate.

Create a potting mix using the following:

  • One part compost
  • Two parts peat moss
  • One part perlite

It is an excellent mix since it can hold the water just how the Schefflera requires.

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How Often To Prune Umbrella Trees?

If you can't provide your umbrella tree with enough sunlight, pruning it sometimes can help.

If you think anything is getting too long or too bushy, trim it back. Umbrella trees respond well to trimming and will flourish with your proper care. If you prune them as required, expect a bushier and fuller Schefflera. 

In Conclusion

Beautiful schefflera on table at armchair in room interior

If you are going to ask us, reviving a dying umbrella tree is a thing pretty easy to do. If your plant is encountering either of the abovementioned issues, follow the solutions we have provided and expect a Schefflera that is alive and kicking again.

We hope this post answers all of your questions. If you still have additional concerns, please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you! Thank you!

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