8 Types Of Mums: Your Guide To Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, commonly known as mums, are the quintessential fall flowers.

With their vibrant colors, diverse forms, and resilient nature, they make a delightful addition to any garden.

Chrysanthemums in Autumn

If you want to learn more about the different types of mums, check out this comprehensive list we have prepared of the different types of mums.

Discover new varieties and enrich your garden this season!

A Comprehensive Guide to the Types of Mums (Chrysanthemums)

Planting chrysanthemums, or mums, in your garden or home can bring a myriad of benefits.

While many plants start to fade in the autumn, mums burst into bloom, providing gardens with vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and even whites.

Mums are also known for their hardiness. Once established, they require minimal care and can thrive in a variety of soil types.

Depending on the variety, such as the hardy garden mums, these plants can return year after year.

With proper care and winter protection, gardeners in many regions can enjoy their mums for multiple seasons.

There are plenty of reasons to add this wonderful flower into your garden. And if you're wondering which type to plant, here's a list of varieties to get you acquainted with this resilient beauty.

1. Hardy Garden Mums

Hardy Garden Mums are the resilient flowers of the chrysanthemum family.

True to their name, these mums are perennials that can confront colder temperatures and return with fervor year after year.

Hardy Garden Mums

Plant them during spring, allowing their roots a fighting chance to firmly establish before the cold sets in.

Often, these are also referred to as Korean chrysanthemums, owing to the origin of many hardy varieties that were meticulously developed from Korean species.

2. Florist Mums

Moving indoors, the Florist’s Mums grace many homes with their lush blooms.

Typically cultivated for indoor settings, their intricate beauty is unparalleled, but they might falter in harsh winter conditions.

Florist Mums

If you've received one as a centerpiece or a thoughtful gift, ensure they're placed in indirect sunlight.

Their roots don't like being waterlogged, so water only when the topsoil feels arid.

3. Pompon Mums

Next, we have the delightful Pompon Mums. Imagine a flower bed filled with petite, round flowers resembling charming little pompoms—this is the essence of the Pompon mum.

white pompons Chrysanthemum in the graden

Their small stature makes them a prime choice for borders and container gardening.

Their unmistakable appearance, characterized by tight clusters, often makes them a sought-after star in floral arrangements.

4. Spider Mums

A visual treat, the Spider Mums, draw immediate attention in any garden.

Their petals, long and tubular, elegantly drape, mimicking spider legs—hence the name.

Gorgeous red spider mums blooming in the hot summer sun

When cultivating these, keep an eye out for spent flowers. Deadheading can encourage a fresh set of blooms.

Their spider-like silhouette carries cultural nuances in some parts of the world, symbolizing both longevity and robust health.

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5. Anemone Mums

Anemone Mums bring an intriguing contrast to the garden.

With their raised center of tubular florets encircled by flatter ray florets, the depth and dimension they offer are truly captivating.

Beautiful purple Anemone mum flowers at full bloom

While they're an eye-catcher, they also demand attention in care, thriving best under full sun.

A dose of fertilizer during their bloom time accentuates their already vivid colors.

6. Quill Mum

If you've ever come across a flower that seemed adorned with quills, you've likely encountered the Quill Mum.

Its petals, slender and tubular with slightly flared tips, bear a striking resemblance to quills.

Bright white tendrils of a Quill mums

Interestingly, despite their radiant display, they appreciate a brief respite from the intense afternoon sun.

7. Button Mums

Tiny but mighty, the Button Mums present themselves as delightful miniatures in the mum world.

Their blooms, round and button-like, offer a versatile use—from garden beds to DIY floral crafts.

Bright yellow leaves of a Button mums flower


Their manageable size, combined with their longevity, makes them a favorite among floral enthusiasts.

8. Spoon Mums

Lastly, the Spoon Mums make a grand entrance with their peculiar petals, each appearing as if they've been crafted with a spoon's curve.

Their unique silhouette ensures they're the topic of many a garden conversation.

Pink Spoon Mum Japanese Chrysanthemum flowers

As with most mums, a well-draining soil bed will keep them thriving, and consistent moisture, especially during drier days, ensures they're always at their best.

A Versatile Perennial Plant

The world of mums is as varied as it is vibrant. From the resilient hardy garden varieties to the unique spoon mums, there's a chrysanthemum for every garden.

Mums are adaptable. They can be cultivated in garden beds, borders, containers, and even indoors. Their flexibility allows for a variety of gardening applications.

Their longstanding history, combined with their undeniable beauty, ensures they'll remain a cherished flower for generations to come.

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