23 Rooftop Garden Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

Rooftop gardens lie at the intersection of modernity and natural wonder. Incorporating plant life on the roof of a building is an amazing way to bring natural beauty into an industrial concrete jungle. 

Roofing garden in the loop Downtown, Chicago, 23 Rooftop Garden Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

The benefits of a rooftop garden virtually go without saying. They're visually stunning, and they can be such a unique place to relax and socialize. However, creating a rooftop garden of your own can be challenging. From a design standpoint, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where to begin.

But you're in luck because we've created a list of 23 amazing rooftop garden ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Check out these incredible photos for some inspiration to start your very own rooftop garden. Without further ado, let's get into it!

1. Conversational Garden Space

Beautiful blooming rooftop garden in city setting

Who says you can't integrate a social space into a garden? The central theme of this rooftop garden is conversation. Chairs and tables are spaced throughout the lush and diverse rooftop garden. This is a space anyone could spend hours in.

2. Potted Plant Paradise

Urban roof terrace with plants.

Due to space constraints, potted plants are the choice for rooftop gardeners. This particular rooftop garden features several pots of the same variety lining the side of the roof. The visual effect is beautifully satisfying. 

3. Walkthrough Park 

Urban office building relaxation garden

Incredibly, this expansive rooftop garden resembles a gorgeous contemporary park that you might find down below. In fact, if you were traversing this green wonderland, you might think you were in a normal park!

4. The Sky Is The Limit

The Garden at 120, a public roof garden in the city of London, UK

When creating a rooftop garden, don't be afraid to go vertical. After all, the sky is the limit! Incorporate some kind of trellis system to allow plants to climb skyward. The lush greenery of the climbing plants coupled with the metal trellis creates a futuristic aesthetic. 

5. Cozy Sitting Space

Rooftop patio garden in Germany

Space is limited in this rooftop garden, but that doesn't mean comfort has to be also. Various potted plants line one side of the roof, and larger hedges line the opposite side. A single cozy bench lines the adjacent side of the roof, creating an awe-inspiring sitting space. Who wouldn't want to sit here and take in the natural wonder?

6. Grassy Sunbathing Area

Rooftop Garden in The Loop, Downtown Chicago

Grass on a rooftop defies nature, which is why this setup is so mesmerizing. The corners of this rooftop garden feature an assortment of plant life, but the middle of the rooftop is reserved for sunbathing and relaxing. Imagine laying out and soaking up the sun in this amazing rooftop landscape. 

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7. Patch Of Grass And A Swing

Roof terrace with hammock on a sunny day in Shanghai

This amazing rooftop space is made perfect by the small patch of grass and the hammock. The grass adds a touch of color and natural texture.

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8. Abundant Shrubbery

Roof garden in the middle of the city

This rooftop garden boats a contemporary geometric design that's nothing short of awe-inspiring. The abundant greenery complements the light gray of the rooftop perfectly. 

9. Massive Rooftop Garden Wonderland

Monaco building roof garden overlooking the majestic ocean

This enormous rooftop garden is truly a marvel. The entire surface of the roof is covered in bright green grass, and numerous trees adorn the space. 

10. Trees, Trees, And More Trees

Colorful apartments with roof gardens, balconies and patios

The majestic look of trees is highlighted perfectly in this rooftop garden. Trees of various colors are interspersed throughout this vibrant garden. From an aesthetic standpoint, the color and texture of the trees atop the colorful building is a great combination.

11. Lounge Space

Beautiful blooming rooftop garden in the middle of the city setting

Who wouldn't love to sit in this garden under the sun all day? The casual lounge chairs, bench, and table are placed against a backdrop of lush greenery. 

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12. Rooftop Park With Walkways

Roof Garden on the top of an apartment building, How Do You Protect a Terrace, Patio or Roof Garden From Rain?

This rooftop garden is exceptionally unique due to the flagstone walkway and bridge. It also features two wooden pergolas that provide the perfect amount of shade and aesthetic diversity. 

13. Contemporary Grassy Rooftop

an urban residential complex with modern, dark-bricked buildings featuring a mix of flat and A-frame glass roofs, complemented by green rooftop gardens and a wooden deck terrace

Each tier of this sleek and modern rooftop is edged with lush green grass. A few potted plants adorn the space, accompanied by some seating. If you're a minimalist, a similar setup might just be for you.

14. Diverse Plant Life

A rooftop garden with dozens of plants around it planted in box planters. A center table with chairs at the center of the rooftop with orchids as the centerpiece

This rooftop garden has all kinds of plant life, from short colorful flowers to tall spindly plants. A table and chairs sit at the center of the rooftop, and the vegetation lines the perimeter. The result is a cozy conversation space that doesn't lack in natural vibrance. 

15. Colorful Medley

a cozy, homey rooftop garden adorned with a variety of plants in pots and containers, including lush green shrubs and taller flowering plants

Numerous potted plants adorn this cute little rooftop. The plant life works in conjunction with the colorful decorations, making a quaint and homey space. The colorful watering cans even contribute to to the look.

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16. Decorative Arbor

The image depicts a rooftop terrace with a dining set and pergola, surrounded by greenery and overlooking an urban skyline

The focal point of this rooftop garden is the rustic arbor at the center. A few well-placed potted plants line the rooftop's perimeter, but the vines crawling over the arbor remain the dominant plant life in the scene.

17. Picturesque And Cozy Rooftop

an image shows an A-frame garden structure with a green roof, set amidst flowering plants and a stone wall backdrop

This rooftop garden couldn't be any more quaint and cozy. Grass covers the roof, and a neat conversation nook sits underneath the miniature roof. Part of the exterior wall even serves a vertical planter. Tuck in succulents or other lively plants.

18. Rooftop Garden With Skyline View

The image shows an upscale rooftop terrace with lounge seating and dining area, overlooking a cityscape at dusk

This rooftop hangout space is perfectly accented with shrubs for the perfect balance of architectural wonder and natural vibrance. A large sectional couch and table are fabulous for conversation while the outdoor dining set is great for hosting gatherings and parties. As you enjoy these spaces, you can't help but to enjoy your rooftop garden.

19. Conventional Garden On A Roof

rooftop garden with raised flower beds housing a variety of plants, a dining area, and lights for nighttime illumination, set against a mural backdrop

This rooftop garden truly is a garden in the conventional sense. The garden has been built up off the rooftop into a large raised flower bed. A myriad of different plants calls this garden home. The garden even has several lights to light up the garden at night.

20. Canopy Of Green

captures a lush, secluded rooftop garden with greenery climbing along wires above and around the walls, centering on a dining table that offers an immersive natural experience

Enjoy a private garden under your canopy of green. This garden is filled with greenery and plant life on all its walls. The wires that run across the open-air roof give plants the ability to grow and climb. Once the plants cling to these wires, you'll have a fully enclosed wonder garden. The dining table in the center gives you and your guests the perfect spot to enjoy the surrounding plants.

21. Raised Planters

a rooftop garden filled with an array of raised planters, utilizing the available space to cultivate a diverse mix of plants

Always take advantage of the space you have, being mindful of all the ways you can use it. This rooftop garden is chock-full of raised planters. Grow all kinds of plants in these planters, just let your creativity and vision take hold of the space. Flowers, veggies, and fruits will thrive in a spot like this. 

22. Natural Growth

a rooftop garden with a rich tapestry of plants creating a colorful, textured oasis, complete with a wooden deck for lounge chairs to enjoy the space

Turn your rooftop garden into an organic, naturally growing paradise. Pick out plants that bring a lot of rich color and texture to the space. Install a nice wooden deck to place lounge chairs or other furniture so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate your rooftop garden. 

23. Multi-Level Paradise

a multi-tiered rooftop garden rich with potted plants, statues, and fountains, creating a layered aesthetic

The multiple levels of space full of garden landscapes contribute to the overall aesthetic of this rooftop. Potted plants, garden statues, fountains, and other structures are all incorporated into the design.  

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Let us know in the comment section below how you design your rooftop garden! Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other rooftop gardening guides:

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