How Much Does A Riding Lawn Mower Cost?

How Much Does a Riding Lawn Mower Cost?Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires routine mowing, in addition to fertilizing, soil aeration, adequate watering, and sun. If you have a yard that is a minimum of half of an acre or more, it may be to your benefit to invest in a riding lawnmower. This may leave you wondering how much a riding lawn mower cost? We have looked into this to find you the best answer to your question.

The price of a riding lawnmower is not an inexpensive venture, as most models of lawnmowers are priced between $1,000 to $5,000. Owners of a riding lawnmower should also be prepared to spend additional money on maintenance, weatherproof covers to protect against the elements, replacement parts, and attachments.

Investing in a riding lawnmower is an excellent choice for a homeowner because they offer a lot of versatility, from cutting grass to plowing snow using different attachments. You will also need to keep your mower's blades sharp, consider winterizing options, and get accustomed to the demands of your machine to work at an optimal level. Are you feeling stumped about riding lawn mowers? Don't. If you keep reading, we will explore different mowers, options to care for your lawn, and, most importantly, the expected price tag.

Get to Know Your Mower

There are so many trusted brands of lawnmowers out there, from John Deere to Troy-Bilt. Where to begin? For starters, there are some common types of riding lawnmowers you are likely to encounter. Compared to a push mower, you'll be more satisfied by the precision and handling of a riding mower to care for a larger yard quickly.

Zero-Turn Mower

Choose this mower if you have a lawn that is medium, large, and mostly flat, but you need to maneuver around obstacles easily. A zero-point lawnmower has a turning radius that allows the mower to maintain greater control and make accurate turns easily. If you mow with this machine, you should be able to fully pivot 180 degrees, reducing the need to trim afterward and cut closely.

If you are looking to purchase a zero-turn mower, you will encounter a mower that is entry-level, mid-grade, semi-professional, or commercial.

The cutting width for an entry-level zero-turn mower falls between 30 to 54 inches, and it has an average horsepower between 10.5 and 24.5. A mid-grade mower would have a cutting deck measuring between 34 to 60 inches and between 16 to 25 horsepower. A semi-pro level mower is a good start with a cutting deck between 42 to 66 inches and horsepower between 23.5 to 27.5. If you are looking at a commercial level machine, the cutting deck measures between 34 to 72 inches and 21.5  to 31 horsepower.

Prepare to spend a minimum of $2,399.99 for a Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower and as much as $11, 999.99 for a Swisher Big Mow Zero Turn Mower. The sweet spot for a zero turn mower is spending $4,000 to $5,000 for a machine.

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Lawn Tractor

Choose this machine when you need to mow a large lawn and could use some attachments in tow. Lawn tractors are excellent for pulling accessories like carts, rear baggers, and help with seeding a yard. If you are on a modest budget and have a yard that is 1 acre in size or smaller, a lawn tractor is priced on average, between $1,300 to $2,000.

Garden Tractor

If you are looking for a mower with more horsepower and need to use an attachment for tilling or aerating the soil, look no further. Heavy-duty tasks are easier to tackle with a garden tractor. Plus, if your lawn has slopes or uneven places, you will want this type of mower. Get ready to spend a little bit more for a garden tractor, as machines are an average price of $4,000 to $11,000.

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Rear Engine Mower

Short on storage space? Consider a rear engine mower for smaller yards that are medium to large, and to tackle sizable jobs. The average price for rear engine lawn mowers is between $1,300 to $3,000.

Ride and Work in Comfort

Once you decided on the right type of mower for your lawn care needs, you need to think about additional features. It may come in handy to install an adjustable seat, pad the steering wheel, or grab a floor mat. Yes, riding mowers are a lot more comfortable and often speedier at cutting grass than walking or push-style lawnmowers, but there is always room for improvement. Investing in quality gear is another cost to maintain your lawn effectively and get professional landscaping results.

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How Much Does it Cost to Cut One Acre of Grass?

On average, the current rate for cutting grass and rendering landscaping services is between $40 to $60 per session. Depending on your lawn and geographical location, the cost of cutting 1 acre of grass may cost $175. The cost incurred to cut one acre of grass may be more than average market rate if the lawn is overrun with weeds and debris, due to the type of grass present, obstacles, the landscape layout, or if it is the first time ordering services.

How Big of a Mower Do I Need for One Acre?

If you have a lawn that is one acre, don't fall into the trap of believing that only a zero-turn point mower will suffice. A tractor style riding mower is capable of tackling yards that are 1 acre in size, as well as a rear-engine mower. Before you open up your wallet to shell out for a mower, first understand how often your lawn needs cutting, what other tasks you will use your mower for, and how much horsepower you need.

On average, many mowers have a deck that measures 42 inches but opt for a mower that has a deck between 46 to 60 inches to tackle a 1-acre lawn.

Does Home Depot Rent Riding Lawn Mowers?

No, at this time, Home Depot does not rent riding lawnmowers. Home Depot does allow customers to rent push lawnmowers and other tools to perform landscaping and care for a yard.

Why do the Prices Vary for Riding Lawn Mowers?

The cost of a riding lawnmower typically as low as $1,000, but the price tag rises based on the style of the lawnmower, horsepower, and other capabilities. A riding lawn mower is a lot more comfortable than pushing a traditional mower, cuts lawns in half the time because of the broader coverage, and is pretty fun to drive. Regarding riding lawn mowers, a customer gets the quality that they pay for, so it doesn't pay to be cheap. A riding mower is a powerful piece of machinery and an investment in the care and maintenance of your lawn.

If you are looking to score a deal on a riding mower, check out retailers during off-season months of late August, September, and October.

Is It Worth the Cost of Hiring Someone to Cut My Lawn?

How Much Does a Riding Lawn Mower Cost?

If you don't have the space to store a riding lawnmower or you don't feel up to the task of cutting your grass, consider hiring lawn care services. Some professionals are willing to come with their equipment to cut your grass for a nominal fee. Albeit, mowing your lawn does have its health benefits, it's not always possible to take care of your grass.

The average rate for having someone cut your grass is $40 to $60. Prices in some regions may be as low as $25 for smaller yards, but larger yards of 1 acre or more may cost upwards of $200 or more. Retaining someone to cut your lawn on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis may help lower the cost.

Unleash the Beauty of Your Lawn with a Riding Mower

Push mowers are tried-and-true, but there's nothing like the satisfaction of cutting a lawn with a riding mower. If you have mobility issues were walking behind a heavy push mower is nearly impossible, or you have a large yard that would be too time-consuming to cut with a smaller device, consider a riding mower. The attachments for riding mowers make caring for a yard, seeding, aerating the soil, and cutting large swathes of grass fast and easy.

Yes, the initial price for a riding mower may make some customers hesitate, but it's worth the cost of executing professional results for your property. If you need to tackle snow, move dirt, tow items, or enjoy getting outdoors to take care of some chores, a riding mower is a better ally than a push mower. Smaller lots where the grass coverage is less than one acre can still benefit from having a riding mower. A smaller garden tractor or lawn tractor is sufficient to handle the job of cutting grass and heavy-duty yard work, compared to shelling out for a behemoth zero-turn point tractor.

It is better to cut yards that are over one acre in size with a zero-turn point tractor. Since the cutting blade is usually wider for a zero-turn point tractor, as well as available attachments, you can complete yard tasks in a fraction of the time.

Give yourself the edge you need to mow your lawn to perfection and achieve half the time when executing yard work. Consider the benefits of a riding mower, compared to hiring someone for professional lawn care services.

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