What Kind Of Hydraulic Fluid Does A Kubota Tractor Use?

Tractors employ hydraulics for their braking and steering systems, much like other heavy vehicles do. Would you want to know what type of hydraulic fluid a Kubota tractor uses? Well, you're on the right page! We've done research on this topic and found these results.

Synthetic hydraulic oil works much better with Kubota tractors. Your Kubota tractor can employ any of the hydraulics listed below:

  • Kubota UDT
  • Kubota Super UDT2
  • Kubota Excavator Hydraulic Oils
  • Midlands Lubricants
    • Universal Tractor Oil 
    • 10w/30 Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO)
    • 15w/30 SUTO
    • Bio Hydraulic Oil International Standard Organization (ISO) 32
    • Hydraulic Oil ISO 32
    • Hydraulic Oil ISO 68
    • Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Grade (VG) 46

We'll go into great detail about each of these hydraulic fluids in this article. We'll also walk you through the process of using them in your Kubota tractor. Continue reading for more details.

What Kind Of Hydraulic Fluid Does A Kubota Tractor Use?

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It's crucial to keep your Kubota tractor operational if you are a farmer or usually need this kind of equipment in your area. However, only the right fluid can keep the tractor in working order for any purpose. To succeed with it, you need appropriate hydraulic fluid for your Kubota tractor.

This tractor has a hydraulic system that uses hydraulic fluid as its energy transfer medium. However, hydraulic fluid's function goes beyond merely transferring power. 

Although the primary role of hydraulic fluid is to transport hydraulic energy, it is also beneficial for four auxiliary processes, including heat transfer, contaminant removal, sealing, and lubrication.

Kubota tractors are significantly better suited to synthetic hydraulic oil. Synthetic-based hydraulic oil was developed in order to make up for the drawbacks of mineral hydraulic oil. They function better than mineral hydraulic fluids since they are formed of basic oils that are created chemically. 

Additionally, they have exceptional oxidation stability, strong biodegradability, and demonstrated performance at high temperatures. As synthetic fluids, they are more expensive, potentially toxic, and incompatible with some seal materials.

Although there are many different kinds of hydraulic fluid on the market, there is no one can beat the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Kubota engines and these are:

Kubota UDT

This is one of the ideal lubricants for your Kubota tractor from Kubota Corporation Ltd. It is an all-weather hydraulic fluid with multiple uses. For Kubota hydraulic, transmission, final drive, gearbox, and wet braking systems. 

It increases the efficiency of glide- and synchro-shift transmissions. Even at high operating temperatures, provides exceptional performance protection. Interchangeable completely with other Kubota hydraulic fluids. 

Kubota Super UDT2

Same as Kubota UDT origin and usage or purposes. This kind of hydraulic fluid enhances transmission protection and operation at both high and low temperatures of the Kubota tractors.

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It smoother the start-up, drive control, and power take-off (PTO) connection on wet clutches. Due to the characteristics of this fluid, the transmissions and hydraulic systems of Kubota tractors are safeguarded by excellent corrosion resistance and filterability.

As a result, there is less power loss and increased transmission effectiveness. Most significantly, it complies with Kubota's strict specifications, which are difficult for other types of hydraulic fluid to match.

Kubota Excavator Hydraulic Oils

Kubota U55-4 Mini Excavator Diggers with steel tracks in Kempen.

This is a much more specific kind of hydraulic fluid that was created to fulfill the demanding needs of Kubota's excavators. Whereas temperatures may fluctuate greatly, the high viscosity of this fluid ensures consistent functioning throughout the whole system.

Machine parts remain corrosion-free and clean due to their superior corrosion resistance. Its outstanding anti-foaming qualities prevent the cavitation of pumps and loss of hydraulic pressure.

Also, it improves oxidation resistance that prevents sludge, and extends the fluid's useful life. Compatible with different hydraulic oil brands, thus switching to Kubota's hydraulic oil doesn't require changing the entire system. These all give excavators high-performance protection.

Midlands Lubricants

You can use any hydraulic fluid that is comparable to Kubota's genuine products. Midlands Lubricants' Agri brand oil may work as the right hydraulic fluid substitute suited for use in systems that use Kubota tractor hydraulic oil and some of these are:

Universal Tractor Oil

Mechanic filling red hydraulic oil in service shop

The Midlands Lubricants Ltd has high-quality universal oil products ideal as hydraulic fluid for your Kubota tractors and these are Universal Tractor Oil and SUTO.

The company also provides an extensive selection of semi-synthetic, fully synthetic, and multigrade mineral tractor hydraulic oil that are freshly blended to order from virgin base stock. These universal fluids have cutting-edge ingredients that decrease the need for further lubrication and all at the cheapest possible price.

10w/30 SUTO

This kind is a high-end, efficient fluid that satisfies all lubrication needs for farm tractors. It is a multi-grade oil with a range of viscosities that may be used in a number of engines, including turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines. 

Also, it can be used in all farm machinery gearboxes, wet brake systems, transmissions, and hydraulic tractors. This is intended to meet the strictest performance standards and offers exceptional protection even under the worst operating circumstances.

15w/30 SUTO

It is developed to meet strict performance specifications and offers exceptional protection. It also provides the simplicity of a single lubrication strategy that offers maximum performance and reduces the necessity for storing a variety of lubricants, reducing the danger of inappropriate use in the field.

Bio Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

It is especially ideal for use in applications requiring specific environmental care, such as those in which there is a risk of loss or spillage to the environment, and is especially advised for use in agriculture and forestry.

Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

It is made from mineral base oils with high viscosity index solvent refinement and additives to offer outstanding defense against oxidation, corrosion, wear, and foaming. Additionally, a large variety of mobile or stationary devices with hydraulic applications can utilize it.

Hydraulic Oil ISO 68

Similar to other hydraulic fluids, but with an enhanced viscosity index, which prevents the oil from thinning out at high temperatures and prolongs its life.

Hydraulic Oil VG 46

It offers consumers high-quality hydraulic oil to use with hydraulic rams, pumps, and other equipment. Having polymeric viscosity index improver additives that provide these oils with the ability to retain an efficient lubrication viscosity at high temperatures and remain thicker for longer under pressure.

How Do You Put Hydraulic Fluid In A Kubota Tractor?

Kubota tractors. - What Kind Of Hydraulic Fluid Does A Kubota Tractor Use

Changing the hydraulic fluid in your Kubota tractor properly involves the steps listed below:

1. Drain The Old Hydraulic Fluid

To drain the old hydraulic fluid you'll need an oil filter wrench and an old drain pan. There are four drain plugs. Position your pan under your tractor. Then, remove the drain plug. You may use a folded piece of cardboard to make sure the fluid goes into the pan and not on your floor. 

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Adjust the pan as needed as the stream turns into a dribble. When it comes down to a drip replace the drain plug and tighten it up. Repeat the process for the other side or plugs.

2. Replace The Hydraulic Oil Filter

According to the operator's manual for most Kubota, the hydraulic oil filter is replaced every 400 hours. On the other hand, some Kubota models also stipulated that it should be changed after the first 50 hours, then every 400 hours. So be sure to check your manual to see what the recommended interval is.

To replace the hydraulic oil filter you'll need an oil filter wrench and an old pan. You'll also need a new hydraulic oil filter of the type specified in your tractor manual. 

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First, clean off any dirt from the oil filter and filter mount area. Then, using an oil filter wrench loosen the filter or if not try other tools. But make sure that the wall pan is still under the filter. Spread a thin film of new hydraulic fluid on the gasket of the filter. Then, thread the new filter on and tighten it.

3. Replace The Transmission Oil Filter

To replace the transmission oil filter you'll need an oil filter wrench, an oil pan, and of course a new oil filter. Before removing the filter, clean any debris off the top of the filter and filter mount. 

To remove the oil filter, place your oil pan underneath it and then use the oil filter wrench. Remove the old filter by hand once it has become loose. Remove any remaining dirt from the filter mount, then coat the rubber seal of the new filter with a little new transmission oil. By hand, tighten the new filter until it touches the mount service.

4. Add The New Hydraulic Fluid

The number of gallons depends on your model of tractor and the type of transmission. So refer to your manual for the correct amount. Remove the fill cap and using a funnel begin pouring in the hydraulic fluid. Then, check the dipstick to see how close it is to full. Start the engine and let it circulate while checking for leaks. 

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After checking for leaks, turn off the engine then check the dipstick again to see if you need to add any more hydraulic fluid and put the cap back on.

To give clear visualization of the process, a video on YouTube is shown below.


Closeup of Kubota tractor parked in the street of Limassol in Cyprus island

You must supply the proper hydrostatic fluid for the Kubota tractor to operate more effectively. With the help of this post, I'm hoping you'll find anything suitable for your equipment despite the market's abundance. When in doubt, always select a premium fluid with a viscosity that is suitable for your use.

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