How To Use A Fiskars Tree Pruner [Step By Step Guide]

Fiskars tree pruners are excellent for pruning high branches without climbing a ladder. You might have purchased a Fiskars tree pruner and are now wondering how to use it. Don't worry because we have done the research to provide you with everything you need to know when using a Friskas tree pruner.

Fiskars has the Pruner Stik and the chain drive extendable pole saw and pruner, which can be used to cut tree branches. Below are simple step-by-step guides you can follow for using each pruning device.

Fiskars Pruning Stik

  1. Rotate the head of the pruning stick according to the angle of the cut you will make.
  2. For branches lower than 12 feet, raise the device at elbow height. For branches higher than 12 feet, raise the device above your head.
  3. To make cuts lower than 12 feet, pull the orange handle in the middle of the pole. Pull the orange ball at the bottom end of the pole for branches higher than 12 feet.
  4. If you want to keep a grip on the chopped branch, keep pulling the orange handle down as you lower the branch to the ground.
  5. Return the orange handle or ball to release the grip.

Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner

  1. To extend the pole to your desired height, flip the orange lock and press the button to pull out the extension pole. Flip back the lock to keep the extension in place.
  2. Hook the pruning head over to a 1-1/8" thick branch and pull down the handle at the end of the rope to make the cut.

Fiskars pruners can also be used for cutting grass to avoid bending for too long. Continue reading as we discuss the necessary details you will need in order to properly use a Fiskars tree pruner.

Fiskars tree pruner on the grassy lawn of the backyard, How To Use A Fiskars Tree Pruner [Step By Step Guide]

How Do I Use Fiskars Tree Pruners?

Fiskars has two tree pruner devices that can be used to prune branches too high to reach. Both Fiskars pruning devices have more extended versions that can reach an average of 15 feet high.

Both Fiskars tree pruning devices involve pulling down the rope that runs the length of the pole. For the extendable pole saw and pruner, this rope will pull a lever located at the top of the pole. The lever, which is attached to the blade, will be pulled to a close.

The blade of the tools works the same as garden shears. However, even if both tree pruners have a rope feature, each device has different instructions for use. Let's discuss below how you can properly use each Fiskars tree pruner.

How Do I Use A Fiskars Pruning Stik?

The Fiskars Pruning Stik has a rotating pruning head that is intended to be used on small branches. The rotating head allows the gardener to maneuver around the tree branches to cut a specific branch. Below is a step-by-step guide to using a Fiskars Pruning Stik.

Rotate The Head

The default placement of the rotating pruning head would be straight up, allowing the gardener to prune the branches that can be easily reached. If you need to cut at a specific area, rotate this position to any angle you need.

To adjust the head, grab the sides of the pruning head with one hand and push it until you attain your preferred angle. Make sure to grab the sides of the shears so that your hand would not be exposed to the blades.

Raise The Pruning Stik

When standing on the ground, the pruning device can reach an average of 5 to 7 feet in height. When raised, the gardener can reach tree branches with heights of around 10 to 12 feet.

Fiskars Pruning Stik does not have an extension feature. Depending on the length of the pole you brought, you can only add height to it as much as you can raise the device. Once the branch is reached, position the blades as you would when cutting with garden shears.

Make The Cut

Once the pruning blades are placed exactly where you want to make a cut, pull down on either the orange handle or the orange ball.

The orange handle in the middle of the pole is designed for chopping branches where the body of the pole is still close to elbow level. Grab this handle and pull it down to cut.

If you plan to cut branches that require you to reach your arms straight up, you can use the orange ball at the end of the pole. Once you have the pole at the height you need, grab the orange ball and pull it down.

Keep The Grip

When the orange handle or ball is pulled down, this closes the blades at the top of the tool. Once the blades close, they chop through the body of the branch. When the handle or ball is released, the blades open up again, releasing the branch from the grip of the blades.

Keep the handles down to prevent the chopped branches from falling down on you. This keeps the branch between the blades until you release the orange handle.

Return The Handle Or Ball To Release Grip

To open the blades again, proceed to release the handle from the pull and slide it back to the middle of the pole. If you are using the orange ball, return it to the plug at the end of the pole.

How Do I Use A Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw And Pruner?

Fiskars tree pruner on the grassy lawn of the backyard, How To Use A Fiskars Tree Pruner [Step By Step Guide]

The Fiskars extendable pole saw and pruner has shears attached to the top. The blades are connected to a lever that closes the blades when the rope is pulled down. The saw comes as an optional attachment.

Extend The Pole

Standing on the ground, the extendable pole reaches an average of 7.5 feet. You can choose to extend the height up to 16 feet.

Flip the orange lock at the bottom of the pruner head to extend the pole. Once flipped open, press the concave part of the button below. Proceed to pull the pole until you hear the first click.

If this reaches your desired height, lock flip the orange lock back. If not, press the button again before pulling the extension more. You will hear another click, signaling you have reached the highest extent possible.

Hook The Pruner To The Branch

To use the pruner, identify the exact part of the branch you want to cut through. Once located, hook the pruner on the branch. Proceed to cut the branch by grabbing the handle at the rope's end and pulling it down.

The pruner feature can only cut 1 to 1/8" in diameter branches. You would need to use the saw for branches thicker than that.

How Do You Put Saw Blade On A Friskas Tree Pruner?

gardener cuts young branches tree fiskars

Attach the saw to cut branches that are too thick for the pruner. You can do this by inserting the hole at the end of the saw into the protruding rivet attached to the back of the pruner head. Lock it in place with the provided washer screw.

The product comes with a saw attachment angle reference printed on the packaging. You can use this to refer to when you want to place the saw blade at a specific angle.

How Do I Replace The Saw Blade On Fiskars Tree Pruner?

Replacing the saw blade on a Frikas tree pruner requires removing the old blade. Once the old blade is removed, attach the new blade following the same process as attaching the original blade.

Use the same size washer screw used in the previous saw. The original washer screw should have the same size as the protruding rivet attached to the back of the pruner head.

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Are There Any Fiskars Tree Puners Recalled?

On December 9, 2020, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the Fiskars 16-foot Extendable Pole/Pruners due to laceration hazards. The poles where the saw blade and the pruning head were attached proved to be prone to falling apart.

The possibility of the sharp blades falling on the user was the reason for the recall. Below is a list of the Fiskars 16-foot Extendable Saw/Pruner models that were recalled in the United States and Canada.

  • 9463
  • 9440
  • 9441

Anybody who purchased the enumerated products is advised to immediately stop using the products. The recalled pole saw and pruners are expected to be destroyed and disposed of by their users.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission advised that the owners of the recalled product should contact Fiskars Brands to receive instructions on how to dispose of the item to receive a full refund.

To Wrap Up

Fiskars has two tree pruners that can reach branches that are too high to reach. In this article, we discussed the proper way of using each device. Make sure to use the tree pruners properly and with care.

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