Uyan Santos

Uyan Santos is a talented freelance writer with a diverse set of skills in research writing, digital illustration, graphic design, and filmmaking. Her passion for writing and creativity allows her to craft engaging content that captivates readers. When she's not writing, Uyan likes to indulge in her love for movies, reading, and spending time with her pets. With her passion for writing and diverse skill set, Uyan brings a fresh perspective to the world of gardening writing.

Are Poinsettia Roots Invasive?

Christmas Poinsettia, A photoof the blossomed beautiful red poinsettia flowers, Are Poinsettia Roots Invasive

Poinsettias have bright-colored bracts that can be the focal point of your garden. You might be growing a poinsettia plant and are wondering if its roots are invasive. Don’t worry because we have done the research to provide you with…

Are Cold Hardy Bananas Edible?

Blue Java banana is a hardy, cold tolerant banana cultivar known for its sweet aromatic fruit which is said to have an ice cream like consistency and flavor reminiscent of vanilla. - Are Cold Hardy Bananas Edible

Bananas are native to warm, temperate areas. However, there are a couple of banana plant varieties that have either evolved or adapted to colder regions, and you might be wondering if you can consume their fruits. We have done research…

Should Loam Have Rocks In It?

A fertile loam in the hands of a farmer man, Should Loam Have Rocks In It?

A lot of garden plants prefer loam soil because it keeps enough moisture without retaining too much water. You might be wondering what the proper texture of loam soil is or whether it should have rocks, so we have done…

Are Sycamore Trees Drought, Deer, & Wind Resistant?

A sycamore tree in the north York moors national park, Are Sycamore Trees Drought, Deer, & Wind Resistant?

Sycamore trees are widely acknowledged to be resilient against harsh weather and natural predators. Many homeowners also favor these trees as their garden’s focal point because sycamores can grow very quickly and develop a large, sturdy canopy. If you are…

Does Bone Meal Attract Animals?

how to use organic fertilizer for organic farming or gardening hand holding fertilizer close to soil or growing media - non gmo how and what to feed your seedlings - Does Bone Meal Attract Animals

Bone meal is a type of organic fertilizer made up of ground-up animal bones and by-products that can deliver essential nutrients to any soil deficient of it. We have done the research to provide you with everything you need to…

How Do I Make My Fruit Trees Sweeter?

Organic red ripe apples on the orchard tree with green leaves closeup. How Do I Make My Fruit Trees Sweeter

Growing young fruit trees requires care and attention in order to see them bear produce in your expected timeframe. However, it can happen that the fruit you have been waiting to harvest for so long turns out to have a…