How To Start A Spartan Mower: Quick And Easy Tips

Spartan mowers are known for their excellent performance and durability, making them popular choices.

Starting a Spartan mower may seem daunting initially, but with the right guide, you'll be ready to set up and use your mower in no time.

Turning on the lawn mower in the garden

In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps to begin operating your Spartan mower safely and efficiently.

Safety Measures Before Starting

Before starting your Spartan mower, taking some safety measures to avoid accidents is important.

First, wear close-fitting clothes and sturdy, non-slip shoes to avoid getting tangled in the components.

Also, consider wearing safety goggles and earmuffs for added protection.

If the lawn is wet, wait for it to dry as mowing on wet grass can be slippery and lead to accidents.

Walk around the lawn and pick up any objects, such as stones, wire, toys, and debris, that the mower blade might kick up. This helps prevent damage to the mower and avoid potential injuries.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the mower's safety features. Many mowers come equipped with features that ensure your protection.

For instance, some models have a blade stop mechanism that is activated when you remove your hands from the controls, while others may have a rear-mounted rope pull that reduces the risk of injury during starting.

Inspecting the Unit

Before starting your Spartan mower, check the mower thoroughly.

Inspect the oil level to see if it is within the recommended range. Make sure your mower has enough fuel for the task ahead.

Checking the dipstick of a lawn mower

Examine the air filter and ensure it is clean and free from debris. And finally, visually inspect the blades for any damage or dullness.

Operating and Starting a Spartan Lawn Mower

We filtered through the Spartan website's owner information manuals and here's the information we gathered on how to start a Spartan lawn mower.

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Take note that the guide below is based on the 2023 Spartan model.

If your model is 2022 and under, there may be a slight difference in procedure, particularly for the diesel-powered models. However, the general operation is the same.

You can check your model's manual on the owner info page.

Starting Procedure

To start your lawn mower, follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Activate the Console

Turn on the Spartan mower by entering your unique personal code using the numeric keypad located on the Spartan console.

Upon successful code entry, the mower's total hours of operation will appear on the display and the dashboard lights will illuminate.

Important: In case of an incorrect code, the display will flash "WRONG CODE." You must provide the accurate code to proceed.

2. Ensure Safe-to-Start

Before igniting the mower, check the Safe-To-Start Indicator; it should be glowing green.

To achieve this:

  • Seat yourself comfortably in the operator’s chair.
  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Shift the control arms to a neutral stance.
  • Make sure the PTO (Power Take Off) is disengaged.

After following the above steps, the Safe-To-Start Indicator will glow green, indicating it's safe to start the mower.

3. Adjust the Choke (For Carbureted Models)

If your Spartan mower model is carbureted, extract the choke plunger completely.

4. Ignite the Engine

Push down simultaneously on both sides of the START/STOP button to ignite the engine. Let go of the switch once the engine is ignited.

5. Manage the Choke

When the engine is active, push the choke plunger back to its initial position.

Tip: In colder weather, you might need to let the engine run briefly before pushing the choke down.

Special Note: The START/STOP button is equipped with two switches. Both are essential for starting, but only one is needed for stopping.

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Shutdown Procedure

Here's a quick guide on how to shut down your mower properly.

1. Position the Mower Safely

Ensure that the Spartan is parked in a safe spot.

2. Adjust Settings for Shutdown

  • Disengage the PTO.
  • Return the control arms to the neutral setting.
  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Diminish the throttle to its minimum level.

3. Turn off the Engine

Once the throttle is minimized, press the START/STOP button. Remain seated until all the moving parts of the mower come to a complete stop. Only then should you get off the mower.

Customizing Your Spartan Mower Key Code

Your mower key code is the most important factor to start your lawn mower.

Changing your key code not only personalizes your mower but also adds an extra layer of security. Key codes can range between 1 to 12 digits.

Using a lawn mower at the garden

Ensure to keep a record of your updated start-up code. Should you misplace or forget it, remember, only a registered Spartan dealership can assist in a reset.

Here's a video instruction on how to change key codes. Watch to see what is the default start-up code.

Steps to Change the Start-Up Code

Follow the instructions below if it's your first time to change the start-up code.

1. Preparation

Make certain the engine is off. Ensure the PTO is in its disengaged or down position.

2. Access Console

Activate the console with your existing start-up code.

3. Initiate Code Change

Simultaneously press buttons 1 and 2. The message "CHNGE CODE" will appear, quickly followed by a blank screen.

4. Enter New Code

Using the numeric keypad, input your chosen key code. For codes exceeding five digits, only the most recent five will be visible on screen.

If you input more than 12 digits, you'll see the message "FULL" on the display.

5. Confirm New Code

Engage (pull up) the PTO switch. If your code is acknowledged, "ENTER CODE AGAIN" will display.

Promptly input your new code once more and disengage (push down) the PTO switch. If you're too slow and the system times out, restart from step 3.

6. Activation

Upon successfully inputting matching codes, the display will read "SAVED CODE", and your new code will be active.

If there's a discrepancy, "NO MATCH" will be displayed, and you'll need to begin anew from step 1.


Some codes might not be compatible with the console. If you encounter the message "BAD CODE" upon engaging the PTO switch, disengage it and restart from step 1.

If you pull the PTO switch without inputting a code, "EMPTY CODE" will appear. Reinitiate the process from step 1.

A period of inactivity (10 seconds without input) will result in a "TIME OUT" message. Should this happen, revert to step 1 and commence the process again.

Always be cautious and diligent when changing your key code to prevent any unwanted issues or the need for a reset.

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Follow Proper Procedures for Safe Operation

Remember to follow safety measures such as wearing protective footwear and making sure the grass is dry before mowing.

Consistently checking and maintaining your mower will help extend its life and keep it functioning properly.

As you become more experienced using your Spartan mower, you may develop a routine that works best for you.

Don't hesitate to refer back to the mower's manual or consult a professional if you encounter any problems or have questions.

We hope you found these instructions helpful, and we wish you many successful mowing sessions with your Spartan mower!

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