How To Fill Gaps Under Gravel Board?

Gravel boards with uneven gaps ruin the appearance of your fence. It can be annoying if you are facing this issue and do not know how to go about it. In this post, we have done the research to guide you on how to fill gaps under your fence's gravel board!

You can use any one of these solutions to fill the gap under your gravel board:

  • Fill the gravel board with rock filler or curb filler
  • Fill the gravel board with dirt
  • Extend the bottom of the gravel board with more material
  • Level off the ground underneath uneven gravel board

Should the gap be too tough to fix through these remedies, your last resort is to completely replace the gravel board.

Now that you know how to fix the gap under your gravel board, you may be wondering about the step-by-step process of doing it. You will also need to decide which solution is best for you. Read on for a more in-depth guide on how to do just that!

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How To Fill Gap Under Gravel Board

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There are certain procedures that you must follow to ensure you fill the gap under your gravel board correctly. However, you can still use creativity in finding a solution. Every situation is different, so it is possible to make tweaks here and there to get the best results.

Most of the methods we suggested in this article involve some sort of filling. Here are the things you have to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Decide on what filling you will use and if it is appropriate for your gravel board
  2. Prepare the needed materials
  3. Measure the gap and finalize how much material you will be needing
  4. Follow the filling instructions of your preferred filler to fill the gap

You must use blend seamlessly with the look of the gravel board. The filler must also be strong enough to protect the rest of the fence from moisture and insects that will lead to decay. 

Using the same gravel board material to fill up the gap is a great way to keep the aesthetics of your fence consistent. An opposite is a viable option as well. You can fill the gap with the same material as the ground your fence sits on.

For example, if the fence is on concrete, fill the gap with concrete. If it is on soil, then pack in some soil to close up the gap. However, filling the gap with soil might not be the best option if you have pets, especially dogs. Dogs can dig around the soil and uncover the gap you have covered.

Replacing The Gravel Board

If you deem it fit, you can also replace the gravel board. Removing the old uneven gravel board gives more access to the ground for leveling You can install better, stronger, and more even gravel boards that go into the ground seamlessly.

This option will of course turn out to be more expensive. Because of this, we do not recommend a complete overhaul of your fence's gravel board as much as possible. Unless, of course, it has serious damage.

Do Gravel Boards Touch The Ground?

Close up of a new timber fence installation featuring wooded gravel boards and rough textured timber panels

Fences, especially wood fences, should not directly touch the ground. This is because the wood will absorb all the moisture and dirt coming from the soil or concrete underneath it. A gravel board sits right underneath your fence to remedy this.

Gravel boards touch the ground so your fence does not have to. They can be made out of treated wood or concrete. Some wooden boards are made out of composite, while others are reinforced with steel. 

A standard gravel board is between 4 inches to 6 inches tall, depending on the height of your fence. Since the gravel board touches the ground, you can keep out creatures or plants that could pass through gaps at the bottom. 

Gravel boards are a perfect way to protect your fences. They are made of strong enough material that can handle most of the elements that could otherwise damage your fence quickly. They can also add extra structural support as a foundation to your fence.

Normally, gravel boards are used to protect wooden fences. However, other materials like vinyl could benefit from a gravel board as well. Concrete and steel fences do not typically need or use gravel boards, as they do not rot the same way as wood does.

How Long Does Gravel Board Last?

Close board fence erected around a garden for privacy with wooden fencing panels, concrete posts and kickboards for added durability.

Gravel boards are meant to last a long time. This can make installing them a little pricey since they are an additional cost to your already existing fence. However, since they do protect your fence, they can be a good investment and save you money for fence repairs in the future.

When installed right, your gravel board will last up to 8 years before needing any major repairs. Since a gravel board protects the fence, it will rot and be damaged before your fence does. 

The material of a gravel board might affect its longevity, but this is usually chalked up to the kind of environment it is in and what forces it is subjected to. Gaps in your gravel board could also be a result of damage over time, hence the need to fill them.

How Can I Make My Gravel Board Look Nice?

A brand new garden fence in the UK in Sept.

Since gravel boards are made out of a different material from your fence, it could lead to design clashes. You can match your gravel board to the fence so you do not have to worry so much about it looking bad. Regardless, it is helpful to know some ways to make the gravel board look nice!

One great way to start is to make sure the gravel board is not damaged. Since we have gone over some ways you can fill gaps under your gravel board, this could already be enough to make it look way nicer.

There are, however, other ways you can make the gravel board look nicer. Depending on the material, you can match up the gravel board to your fence. You can also choose to clean or paint the gravel board.

Cleaning gravel boards can be as basic as using water and soap. Concrete gravel boards in particular can look brand new with some scrubbing, or even pressure washing. Just take care not to damage it in the process.

As for painting your gravel board, you can choose to make it the same color as your fence. Though, some choose to paint it a different color or just leave it with its original material altogether.

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Though you can do away with a gravel board, having one adds an extra design element to your fence. That, and the fact that it protects your fence, as we have mentioned earlier.

Aligning Gravel Board With The Ground

You may notice that uneven ground can lead to stepping on your fences. This means that the fence boards are unaligned with each other because they are following the slope in the ground. 

Gravel boards are a great way to close the gap under uneven fence panels that have stepping. With a gravel board, your fence can give off the illusion that it is aligned. This provides a more streamlined and put-together look for your fence.

Gravel Board Ideas

Not sure what your gravel board should look like? Here are some examples! Though gravel boards may look like a simple addition, you can take away some inspiration from these photos:

This fence uses a wood gravel board that is almost the same color. The gravel board blends well into the fence, so it looks sturdier. Though, you hardly notice it.

For this fence, the gravel board is made of concrete and painted white to match the fence posts.

Here is one way a gravel board can work on an uneven slope. The gravel board helps keep the fence panels aligned with each other as bits of it are gradually buried in the ground up the slope.

Lastly, check out how this fence is built! Since it is on a steep slope, you can see how there is stepping going on. The gravel board underneath gives the slant a nice clean look.

Wrapping Things Up

As we mentioned in this post, you can fill up the gap under a gravel board with rock filler, concrete, or dirt. You can also level the ground it is on or make some replacements to your gravel board!

Additionally, you can opt to change up the way your gravel board looks as well. Keep in mind your needs and the type of material you are working with. While these can be a DIY job, call up a professional if it is too much for you to handle on your own.

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