29 Gorgeous Fence Planter Box Ideas

Fence planters are by far one of the most creative and efficient ways of showcasing stunning blooms and luscious greenery in a garden. Options are endless when it comes to fence planters.

Vertical fence planter box with assorted flower plants,29 Gorgeous Fence Planter Box Ideas

They help save space on the ground for larger plants and walkways by making use of space on the fence that would otherwise be wasted. When used to its full potential, the fence is an extraordinary place to display all kinds of plants.

We've created a list of some amazing pictures of fence planter concepts to inspire you to make the most of your garden by taking advantage of this strategic space.

Check out some of these incredible fence planter box ideas to find some inspiration for you to create your very own!

1. Dense Foliage and Bright Blooms Flowers decoration vertical gardening ideas

This concept consists of planters and plants of varying sizes that are mounted to a rustic wooden fence.

When combined, the result is an awe-inspiring, diverse arrangement that everyone will love. The best part is, this setup is fairly simple to make at home, as it requires very few materials.

Resin Wall Planter

You too can create a look similar to the one above! Get creative with resin wall planters.

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2. Cool HuesTwo white flowerpots with decorative green vegetation and flowers on the fence rods at the glass window in the street

A wonderful way to spruce up any fence is with a beautiful planter box display. Combine textured greenery with cool colored blooms of white and blue to create a calming, serene effect.

A setup like this is perfect for balconies or other small fenced areas. It's amazing how much a well-planned planter can transform a space.

Rail Planter

A typical rail may look a little bland. Add a rail planter full of luscious, vibrant blooms to enhance the aesthetic of your fence.

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3. Buckets Full of Colorcolorful hanging flower pots with white fence

Bunching together brightly colored flowers into equally brightly colored buckets makes for a fun splash of color.

Creating displays such as this is like sunshine in the form of a flower. With a concept like this, the more color the better!

Experiment with a variety of color and texture combinations.

Hanging Flower Plant Pots

Put a rainbow of color along your fence with hanging flower pots such as these ones.

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4. Shade Loving BeautiesMetal flower pots with plants attached to a home fence next to a sidewalk

Don't be discouraged if your fence doesn't get much sunlight. Many plants prefer the shade, which means you can still have a unique fence planter setup that'll make everyone stop to admire it.

These planters are a perfect way to enhance the charm of shaded walkways.

5. Hanging PlantersFence panel with two white hanging flower pots

Believe it or not, fences are one of the best places for hanging planters. Break up the monotony of your fence with some well-placed hanging planters.

The fence acts as a picturesque backdrop. Simply mount hanging plant brackets along the fence, and you'll be well on your way to making your fence look like an awesome extension of your garden!

Hanging Plant Brackets

Options are endless when it comes to hanging plant brackets. Try installing brackets like these butterfly brackets.

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6. Greenery upon GreeneryA natural and well-decorated wall designed by plant, flower and rocky foreground

When it comes to fence planters, don't be afraid to go all out. This concept makes good use of all available space to showcase vibrant greenery.

There are so many options with this design concept. With one like this, you can color block your greenery. Or try creating different patterns with the plants.

Self-watering Vertical Wall Hanging Planters

The self-watering features of these vertical wall hangers make the watering process so much easier.

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7. Varying Containers, Colors, and BloomsColorful flowers and flowerpots variety beautiful balcony

These fence planters can be hung in different places along the fence, which gives you a ton of creative freedom.

This allows you to display your gorgeous blooms however you want! You can also place a multitude of sizes and colors of containers, adding even more diversity and appeal.

Fence Plant Holders

These fence plant holders can hold a variety of sizes of plant containers and vases.

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8. Vertical PatternsOutside vertical wall garden in winter

Vertical gardening is a unique way to grow your plants with differing colors, textures, and shapes.

Save space while creating a true masterpiece with your designs. Additionally, fewer pests find their way into your vertical garden, prolonging its life and health.

Vertical Hanging Planter

Vertical gardening may seem like an advanced technique, but with a planter such as this one, you can easily create a masterpiece at home.

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9. Circular Vertical PlantersDecorative plants on the wall in the park

Circular vertical planters are a sure way to make your fence or wall look unique. The shape of these planters helps elicit awe and wonder in a whole new way.

If you want your fence planter setup to truly stand out, this concept is for you.

Round Hanging Wall Vase Planter

These round wall planters are just like the ones in the photo above. Create your own display today!

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10. Overflowing with Sweet, Small BloomsRed brick wall with wooden pergola with flowerbed

Freestanding wood planters with trellises make for a picturesque and rustic look. Simply plant ivy or other climbing plants and wait for them to take over the fence with beauty!

The contrast between the climbing plants and the voluminous plants below looks remarkable.

Free Standing Wood Planter with Trellis

If you felt inspired by this planter idea, you can create your own just like it.

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11. Colorful Bucket Hangers

Colorful buckets like these are great for hanging plants on a fence. The combination of colors is an incredible way to bring life to your yard.

Plant herbs, fruits, or vegetables in a few buckets to make a unique fence planter combination.

12. Long Colorful Basket Planters

These frilly, colorful basket planters drape perfectly over the top of a fence. You can fit a lot of plants into these long planters!

Consider changing out your fence planters with the changing seasons. Pastel planters such as these ones are perfect for use during the spring months.

13. Repurposed Gutter Planter

Gutters can be easily mounted to your fence to make nifty planters. They're perfect for plants that don't need deep roots.

If you've recently replaced your gutters on your house, consider saving the old ones for repurposing into a unique fence planter!

14. Recycled Tire Planters

Old tires make excellent fence planters. The inside of the tire keeps the plants and soil nicely cradled and secure.

This concept is also great for the environment because it cuts down on waste! Try painting the planter tires for an extra level of creativity and allure.

15. Colorful Fence-top Planter Buckets

This concept is unique because it provides the same view of the plants on both sides of the fence.

Share the love and bright color with your neighbors! You could place these fence-top planters however close or far apart you desire to create the perfect that fits your style and vision.

16. Pallet Plant Wall with Planter

This is another awesome concept for ivy and other vertically growing plants. The planters at the bottom give you a lot of creative liberty to create a unique plant combination!

With this setup, your garden is sure to stand out. It's simple, yet stunning.

17. Wooden Fence Planter Box

This concept provides ample room for plants along the fence with a slightly greater emphasis on the bottom planters.

It doubles as a privacy fence, too. With a planter box like this, you can enjoy both the versatility of a planter box and the practicality of a privacy fence.

18. Rustic Elongated Trough-style Planters

The elongated, elevated trough-style planters at the bottom of this fence truly make this garden come alive in an entirely new way. The sheet metal siding is a rustic accent that adds a ton of aesthetic value.

The horizontal slats on the fence are also perfect for other hanging plants or climbing plants. This style of planter also provides structure and privacy to your space.

19. Staggered Wooden Fence Planters

The staggered positioning of the planters in this concept gives you the flexibility to put larger plants in each planter.

Additionally, the aesthetic is extremely unique. The best part is, this planter setup is a fairly easy DIY project, which means it's also cost-effective!

20. Long Narrow Wooden Slat Planter

These planters are great for taller, less dense plants. With tall, grassy plants, these planters function as a great privacy barrier.

The narrowness of the planters allows them to virtually fit into any space. They can also be assembled fairly easily at home!

21. Privacy Pallet Fence Planter

This fence planter is ideal for the DIYer that wants a privacy barrier that's aesthetically pleasing. The light-colored wood of this setup goes exceptionally well with lush greenery. There is also ample room at the bottom for taller plants!

22. White Pallet Fence Planter

The white background color of this pallet planter really makes the plants pop. The color, shape, and size of this setup make your plants the true focal point.

The latticework of the trellis portion of this planter is perfect for climbing plants if you choose.

23. Modern Vertical Wall Planter

This wall planter has a uniquely modern design with a sleek planter box underneath. It's both gorgeous and functional.

The use of natural wood has an exceptional aesthetic appeal. The slats can also hold small wooden shelves that are perfect for placing even more plants and overflowing containers.

24. Fence Planter for Succulents

This dainty fence planter is the ideal setup to show off your many succulents. Placing multiple rows of plants close together further emphasizes smaller plants as the focal point of the display.

This type of planter is an easy DIY project that you could enjoy in your spare time.

25. Galvanized Metal Hanging Fence Planter

Galvanized metal is one of the best aesthetic choices for planters. Paired with a darker background, they help enhance the colors of the plants being showcased.

This is another setup that's great for the succulent lover or herb grower! It's easy to move these planters around when you want to change up the layout of your wall planters.

26. Shallow Wooden Box Planter

These shallow wooden box planters are ideal for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Coupled with a cool-colored fence, these planters look trendy and modern yet rustic at the same time.

You can also label each planter for the unique added aesthetic.

27. Upcycled Window Planter

This is one of the most unique concepts for a fence or wall planter. Upcycle an old wooden frame window into a stunning planter box.

Virtually any color of the flower will look amazing with this setup. Don't be afraid to transform your garden with a concept that's outside the norm — you won't regret it!

28. Large Overflowing Hanging Planters

Large overflowing hanging planters like these are sure to catch everyone's eye and be the focal point of your yard or garden. Sometimes bigger is better!

Place a hanging planter every couple of feet to create the most dramatic effect. Fill the planters with dense, trailing plant varieties to fill up the most space. If you have an eyesore of a fence, this planter option is perfect for you.

29. Decorative and Compact Fence Planter

This fence planter is the perfect way to display small dainty plants. This particular planter holds several potted plants, one hanging plant, and a longer planter on top.

The thought process behind this design is to minimize the planter's footprint while maximizing the aesthetic, and it does so exceedingly well.

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