How Fast Does A Money Tree Grow?

A money tree is such a cool house plant, especially if you'd love to have another indoor tree for your collection. But how fast do money trees grow? We've gathered information from experts to answer this question for you.

Money trees (Pachira aquatica) grow quickly as young trees. They can have 24" of growth in a single year! In the wild, they grow as tall as 60-feet, but indoors they usually top out at about 6-feet tall.

Let's take a closer look at the money tree and answer the questions you have about its ease of growth, dormancy, and how best to care for it.

A Guiana Chestnut Malvaceae money tree plant in black pot, How Fast Does A Money Tree Grow?

The Marvelous Money Tree - How It Grows

The money tree plant (or Pachira aquatica) is native to the swamps of Central and South America. In the wild, it can grow up to 60-feet tall. It's very popular in the continental US as a houseplant and known for its uniquely braided trunk. Legend has it that the money tree will bring wealth and good fortune to its owner, so the trunks were braided to lock in the good fortune. 

This plant is very popular as a house plant. Feng shui practitioners believe that the money tree creates "chi," positive energy that brings luck when placed in homes. It's also commonly decorated with different ornaments to improve its feng shui energy.

Braided Stalks

The stalks of the money tree that are braided together are not one trunk. In fact, it is different saplings whose trunks have been braided together to create a more impressive looking plant. Typically five saplings are braided together to create the distinctive look of the money tree. Pre-braided plants are readily available for purchase.

Here, a five-stalk money tree is delivered in a brilliant, lucky red ceramic pot. The bright leaves have an oval shape. If you ever notice the leaves getting smaller as it grows, that simply means your money tree needs a bit more sunlight. Click here for this plant on Amazon.

Rapid Growth

In an apartment or home, you can coax the money tree to grow to about 6-feet tall and maybe even, in some cases, as tall as 8-feet. Your money tree will grow more quickly during its early years. Young saplings are said to grow as much as 24" in a year. It will slow down after that but still grow quickly. It has the nickname "beginner's bonsai" for a reason.

Money trees are also popular as bonsai plants and can be kept small, yet in mature plants, by using bonsai potting practices to grow them. This small, four-year-old bonsai will arrive between 10" to 14" tall in a 6" container and will perform best indoors. Click here for this on Amazon.

Is Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) Easy To Grow?

You can't ignore your money tree, but if you're providing it with the right environment, it is a relatively carefree houseplant. Money trees need to be watered once or twice every couple of weeks. Simply check the soil and if it's dry, then top your plant off with fresh water. Let it dry out again before rewatering it.

Your money tree also enjoys indirect sunlight. It can even handle fluorescent lights, which makes it a good plant for an office environment. In direct sunlight, you do risk scorching the leaves, so be sure and rotate it for even light.

Money trees like a steady temperature range within the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit, which is why it's such an ideal houseplant. It does enjoy a bit of humidity, so give this pretty plant a misting now and again to keep it happy. You can even use a pebble tray under its pot to increase natural humidity in the air around your plant.

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How Long Does A Money Tree Live?

If cared for properly, pruned yearly, and given a proper chance, your money tree can live a couple of decades. But like most house plants, they may lose their attractiveness over the years. You can keep your money tree looking good and living for a long time by regular pruning and the proper environment. This attentive care will encourage healthy growth and longevity for your money tree. 

A good pair of pruning shears are an essential tool for every indoor gardener. Clipping off any diseased leaves will help your plants live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy plants don't expend injury trying to heal themselves. Click here for this pair of shears on Amazon.

Can You Speed Up The Growth Of Your Money Tree?

You can definitely encourage your money tree to achieve maximum yearly growth. As saplings, these trees can grow as much as 24" in a given year, but they slow down as they get older. To encourage the best growth, keep these tips in mind.


Give your money tree adequate filtered sunlight. Put it near a window but not against it and avoid moving the tree outside. Direct sunlight will damage your tree's leaves and cause it to expend its energy on healing rather than growing. Also, though it can survive in low light, it won't thrive. So if you want it to grow quickly, don't put it in low light.


Water your tree regularly, and if you want to ensure it gets mineral-free water, buy filtered water for it. Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings (but not for long) because money trees are susceptible to root rot if kept too damp.


Fertilize your money tree at the start of the growing season (not when it's dormant) and make sure it has room to grow. If necessary, re-pot it and refresh the soil.

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Is Money Tree Dormant In Winter?

Money trees do have a dormant season. Like so many other plants, they go dormant during the colder winter months of each year. Unlike deciduous trees, they won't lose their leaves. But they will slow down their growth and won't grow new leaves or branches. So if your money tree seems listless, don't worry. It just means he's down for his long winter's nap, and he'll wake up in the spring. With a good shot of fertilizer (during spring), you'll have your money tree growing again in no time at all!

What's better than one money tree? Two money trees! This double set has beautiful five twist braid trunks and a lovely crown of leaves. Repot them into beautiful ceramic pots ("12 Awesome Planters & Pots for Palm Trees") and give them a place of honor in your home. Click here for these beautiful potted trees on Amazon.

In Summary

Your unique money tree, even if you bought a small one, should grow quickly. It will be another fantastic plant for your growing house plant collection. Pair it with other popular trees like the fiddle leaf fig tree or some palms to create a tropical feeling indoors. It will really stand out with its unique braided trunk and interesting look.

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