The High-Stakes Repot: A Plant Parent’s Epic Journey Through Repotting Chaos!

Have you ever been so invested in a plant that it feels like your life depends on it?

Well, that's exactly how @ohtheplacesyoullgrow feels about her variegated Alocasia Frydek.

In a recent Tiktok video, she walks us through her "most high stakes repot" yet, and it's a journey full of excitement, drama, and a little bit of chaos.

@ohtheplacesyoullgrow The school charges $1 for every minute we’re late 🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠. I swear when you do plant chores, time is not real. Okay but can we talk about how INSANE these roots grew in @modernaqua SOLUM aquarium substrate?????? I think this kicks fluval out the water 🤯 Everything I used to grow this Frydek from its tiny corm state into its now permanent home in LECA with ZERO root loss is Iinked on my bye- 0h. 🤌🤌🤌 I’ll never stop sharing updates on this Frydek because I’m Golum and this is My Precious. Which plant is YOUR PRECIOUS? 💍 . . . . #plantsoftiktok #planttok #plantparenthood #plantparent #plantmom #rareplants #variegatedfrydek #alocasia #repotting #plantcare ♬ I Know You - Faye Webster

@ohtheplacesyoullgrow introduces us to her beloved Frydek, which has been rooting in SOLUM stratum for months.

She explains that she's found a magical 15-minute window to repot the plant while her daughter is at school and her baby is sleeping. Talk about timing!

Things start off smoothly as she places the plant on a holographic potting mat, but disaster strikes when she clumsily spills the stratum on the floor.

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But don't worry! She spends the next 10 minutes picking them up one by one from the carpet.

As she removes the plant from the plastic pot, we get a glimpse of the insane roots growing in the substrate.

@ohtheplacesyoullgrow is amazed by how well the roots have grown and is excited to move the plant to LECA.

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She proceeds to wash the roots clean, getting them ready for their new home.

variegated Alocasia frydek

But it's not all smooth sailing from there!

@ohtheplacesyoullgrow realizes that the plastic pot is too small for LECA, and she has to search through her library of pots to find the perfect match.

She tries a couple of different-looking pots until she finds a slender transparent water cup that is deep enough and perfect for LECA.

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To prepare the makeshift pot, she drills the bottom to make some drainage holes.

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As she positions the plant roots and adds more LECA, she sprinkles some mycorrhizae inoculant to prompt successful transplanting.

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Since, just like any soil, LECA has no nutrients, she then adds her nutrient solution while making sure it hits only below the roots.

And voilà - she's finished one of her high-stakes reports!

As @ohtheplacesyoullgrow was getting started on her next one, her husband interrupted - "did you forget to pick up our daughter from school?"

The video ends with a hilarious meme scream, highlighting the humorous side of plant parenthood and the juggling act that comes with it.

Despite the chaos and challenges, @ohtheplacesyoullgrow's love for her plants shines through.

Have You Ever Been So Focused With Repotting You Forget Other Things?

Throughout the video, @ohtheplacesyoullgrow's passion for plants is evident.

She's not just repotting a plant, she's nurturing it and doing everything she can to ensure its success.

Her dedication to her plants is inspiring, and it's clear that she's not alone in her love for them.

In the comments section of the video, plant enthusiasts from all over the world are chiming in, sharing their own stories and asking for advice.

@ohtheplacesyoullgrow is happy to oblige, offering tips on everything from rooting corms to repotting plants for beginners.

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Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable to those just starting out on their plant parenthood journey.

So, if you're a plant lover looking for inspiration, or just someone who enjoys a good Tiktok video, @ohtheplacesyoullgrow's repotting video could be your go-to guide!

It's a journey full of excitement, drama, and a little bit of chaos, but most importantly, it's a journey that celebrates the love and dedication of plant parents everywhere.

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