Philodendron Selloum Rescue: Watch This Woman Conquer Her Fear And Repot A Massive Plant

If you're a plant lover, you know the excitement of bringing home a new plant.

But what happens when it turns out to be infested with spider mites and snails?

Well, if you're like @channygrayhome, you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

@channygrayhome's recent Tiktok video documenting her repotting of a massive Philodendron selloum has gone viral and for a good reason.

In this article, we'll break down the video and show you how @channygrayhome rescued her Philodendron selloum and conquered her fear to repot her plant successfully.

@channygrayhome starts the video by showing off her new purchase, a huge Philodendron selloum.


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She explains that she got two plants, one for under $70 and the other for under $40.

However, she quickly realizes that the plants are infested with spider mites. Despite the infestation, @channygrayhome is determined to rescue her new plants.

After bringing the plants home, she faces her first challenge, getting them from her car to the shower.

She explains that it's an intimidating experience, but she manages to get the plants inside.

She decides to grab the smaller Philodendron selloum to wash.

Once in the shower, she begins washing the leaves of the plant from top to bottom.

She then sprays the back of the leaves with a Dead AF spray, explaining that it's essential because it's where pests usually live.

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The Repotting

Philodendron selloum in a living room

As she begins repotting the plant, she notices a tiny crawler and a slug.

She then realizes that she needs to continue the repotting outside as the plant may be infested.

She heavily sprays the plant's roots while reassuring viewers that it's entirely safe for the plant and that she's done similar things before.

With the plant now free of pests, @channygrayhome returns to the plant room and continues the repotting.

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She puts the Philodendron selloum back in the same pot while adding the soil mix along with the systemic granules pest control and mixes them well.

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She advises that it's crucial to sift into the top layer of the soil and give it some water.

Success! The video ends with @channygrayhome carrying the plant to the shower to give it another spray for rinsing and let the systemic granules soak in.

Are You Up to Do Your Own Philodendron Selloum Plant Rescue?

@channygrayhome's determination and expertise in rescuing her Philodendron selloum have undoubtedly inspired many plant lovers to take on similar challenges.

If you're facing a Philodendron selloum rescue or any other plant-related challenge, @channygrayhome's video is an excellent resource to help you successfully repot your plant.

Remember to thoroughly inspect your new plants for pests before bringing them home.

Don't be afraid to take the necessary steps to ensure their health and safety!

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