6 Crucial Tips for Wrapping a Plant as a Gift

Giving a plant as a Christmas gift is a unique way to bring nature into someone's home.

However, the task of wrapping a plant requires a special approach. In this guide, we'll share six essential tips to skillfully wrap your plant gift, ensuring it looks as good as it feels to give.

indoor houseplant with lush green leaves is being gift-wrapped in natural burlap and twine

You want to protect its soil, make sure the presentation looks great, and guarantee that the wrapping doesn't get in the way of the plant’s health.

Tip #1: Choose Breathable Materials for Gift Wrapping

Aesthetics aside, the practicality of your wrapping method ensures the plant arrives in prime condition.

Go for materials that let your plant breathe, such as fabric, burlap, or even a paper bag.

Steer clear of plastic or non-porous materials, which could trap moisture and harm the plant. After all, it needs air just as much as water, and the right material makes all the difference. 

Tip #2: Water the Plant a Few Days Before Wrapping

Before wrapping your potted plant gift, make sure it’s well-watered. A couple of days before, check the soil by sticking your finger about an inch deep.

If it feels dry, water the plant slowly at the base until it drains out the bottom. That said, you don't want to give a soggy surprise. So, be sure not to overwater!

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Tip #3: Properly Cover the Base

Protecting the base is key to avoiding soil spilling out and ruining the surprise.

You'll want to choose a large square piece of wrapping paper that's both pretty and sturdy. Then, place the pot in the middle and bring the corners up, bundling them at the top.

You can also use a holiday-decorated canister and slip the plant into it, like this:

snake plant being gift wrapped

Using natural fabrics like burlap is another great way to wrap plants — did you know? It's also a great way to safeguard plants from frost, perfect for the season!

Finish it up with a ribbon or twine to keep everything together and add a dash of personality to your gift.

Tip #4: Avoid Fully Covering the Plant's Top

We know it's tempting to neatly tuck in all the leafy parts of your plant gift. However, it's important not to cover the plant's top fully.

Leaving the top open is crucial for good air circulation, which helps prevent wilting and suffocation.

It also allows sunlight to reach the leaves and lets the beauty of the green leaves or vibrant flowers be seen.

Tip #5: Don't Wrap the Plant Too Tightly

It's the same reason as tip #4: you don't want to wrap your plant too tightly. Be careful around the stems and leaves; they should be hugged by the wrap, not constricted.

Make sure there's space for air to flow. Give the plant a gentle poke to check if it's wrapped correctly. If there's no slight give, it’s wrapped too tightly and needs to be loosened.

Tip# 6: Learn Gift Wrapping Techniques

Each plant type can also benefit from a specific wrapping technique that complements its shape, size, and style.

We've compiled some of the easiest wrapping techniques you can use below:

Burlap Sack and Jute String

Great for small, sturdy plants like succulents and cacti. Place the pot in a burlap sack and tie it with jute string for a charming look.

Paper and Satin Ribbon

We recommend this option for delicate plants like orchids. Wrap the pot gently in softly-colored paper and tie it with a satin ribbon. Then, add a layer of clear cellophane for extra elegance and protection!

Recycled Brown Paper or Fabric Wrap

For ferns and other leafy houseplants, choose an eco-friendly wrapping like recycled brown paper or a reusable fabric wrap. Tie it up with twine or a fabric ribbon to create a natural, earth-friendly look.

Bright, Floral-Printed Paper with Decorative Ribbon

If you're looking to gift your recipient with roses or lilies, choose lively, floral patterns and secure them with a colorful ribbon, adding a bow or a card for an extra flourish.

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Wrapping Plants the Right Way

Wrapping a plant can transform it into a thoughtful, living gift. Remember, presentation is essential, but so is wrapping the plant properly.

So, choose materials that make the plant look great and ensure it arrives in perfect condition!

Besides colorful paper and ribbons, it might help to include a card with care instructions for that particular plant, encouraging the recipient to cherish and nurture their new plant effectively.

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