Garage To Greenhouse: Man Transforms Garage Into An Indoor Jungle

Are you a plant enthusiast with no more room to accommodate your ever-growing collection of greens in your house?

We found this creative gardening project idea that not only utilizes empty space but also creates a beautiful jungle sanctuary you can access any time in a section of your home.

Artist, scientist, botanist, husband, and father, Tyler Thrasher (@tyler_thrasher on TikTok), recently took his 98.2k followers on a botanical journey, right into his garage!

His video showcases the amazing transformation of his garage into a lush, thriving greenhouse.

Watch the video below and see what his garage looks like:

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Tyler's Greenhouse Garage Experiment

Tyler's venture was born out of necessity and imagination. He realized that his overflowing collection of plants was taking over his living space.

So, instead of fighting this botanical invasion, he embraced it, turning an otherwise dull and unused garage into a vibrant indoor jungle.

In his video, Tyler gives viewers an inside look at his transformed garage.

What once was a dark, unused space is now filled with natural light, thanks to the addition of beautiful windows and double-pane glass garage doors that invite in the southwest-facing sunlight.

This design not only allows for optimum sunlight penetration but also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to the garage-turned-greenhouse.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Moreover, to keep his green plants thriving, Tyler installed a mini-split for temperature control, managing the heat on those sweltering summer days and the chill during the cold winters.

Close up of steam from the air humidifier during heating period, surrounded by houseplants Plant care. Increasing moisture in the apartment

A humidifier is put in place to control the humidity levels, ensuring the plants are growing in the most conducive environment.

As you can see in the video, he has a lot of humidity-loving plants, such as monsteras and philodendrons, so it's quite a necessity to keep them thriving.

The main goal of this experiment? To allow the plants to thrive on their own and compete with each other, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem within his home.

As he put it, "The goal is to let the plants take over. I didn't want to intervene much at all."

Here's a great article if you're wondering what to grow inside your indoor jungle: Top Guides for Indoor Plants

Inspiring Others with His Garage Transformation Idea

Tyler's garage greenhouse quickly captivated the hearts of his followers, sparking a flood of positive comments.

One viewer, @duckswerasocks, wrote, "Best use for a garage I can think of," while another, @user3527457597121, expressed admiration for Tyler's ingenious idea despite the potential costs.

Decorated cactus greenhouse on the table in the living room, cactus collection container

@elainegenx even suggested that the transformed garage would look more beautiful with a pond in the middle.

Tyler's experiment is a testament to the magic of transformation. An underused garage has now become a home to a thriving ecosystem, a unique interior jungle.

So, whether you are a botany enthusiast or simply a fan of transformation stories, this idea is surely something to inspire you.

In fact, you can go beyond the garage and turn an unused room or small nook in your home into a thriving garden space. The only requirement? Windows with a good light source coming in.

Transforming your garage into a greenhouse might just be the next big project for you. Who knows, your experiment could be the next viral hit!

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