Master the Art of Designing a Plant Room with Expert Tips from a Viral TikTok Video

Ever been caught in a never-ending cycle of TikTok scrolling? In your case, the culprit was not another trendy dance routine or a food challenge but an inspiring video about designing a picture-perfect plant room.

If the idea of a splash of green in your indoors tickles your fancy, then you're in luck. You're about to enter a world full of inspiration!

The brilliant mind behind this viral video is none other than @channygrayhome, an esteemed plant enthusiast who boasts a strong following of 58.8k on TikTok.

Her video, a masterclass in indoor garden creation, raked in over 29.1k views, nearly 2k likes, 76 shares, and 17 engaging comments.


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Now, let's take a look closer into the gems of wisdom shared in the video:

First on the agenda: hanging plants. If you think it's all about perfectly straight lines, prepare for a surprise!

Our TikTok guide introduces us to the 'stair-step hanging' method.

Rather than having them all in one straight line at the same level, @channygrayhome suggests staggering them to create a more visually interesting display.

This simple trick instantly transforms a plain wall into a dynamic, artistic showcase for your favorite plants.

Next in line is pot selection. Think of pots as the stylish outfit your plants wear. @channygrayhome recommends sticking to neutral tones with one pop of color.

She prefers terracotta or blush as her accent color, but you can choose any color that speaks to you.

Keeping your pots neutral keeps the focus on your plants, and the pop of color adds just the right amount of visual interest.

When it comes to the plants themselves, consistency is key. The advice is to stick with dark green variegated plants.

Our TikToker warns against plants that don't blend with the room's vibe, like a lone purple plant that looks out of place.

If you do want to add some variety, she recommends choosing plants with a certain color of variegation. Her variegation color of choice is pink.

While adding a plant with a different color or pattern can be tempting, sticking with a consistent color scheme will make your space feel more cohesive.

But the wisdom doesn't end there. She suggests using curtain rods and uniform shower hooks for a more stylized and visually consistent look.

Plus, using curtain rods is a great way to add some height to your plants and make them more of a focal point in the room.

Add her fondness for rugs, textured poofs for plant placement, and selective use of gold as the primary metal color, and voila! You have a room that's aesthetically pleasing and exudes tranquility.

A fellow TikTok user couldn't help but exclaim, "I was just saying I want a plant room, and then TikTok shows me this video. Gorgeous!!! GOALS!" We couldn’t agree more.

If you aspire to create a plant room that's more than just a collection of plants, this video by @channygrayhome is your go-to guide.

It's about designing a space that mirrors your personality, syncs with your home decor, and, ultimately, serves as your personal oasis.

So, what are you waiting for? Your indoor jungle adventure awaits.

We'd love to hear about how you design your plant room! Drop us a comment below.

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