Bubblegum Petunia: Care Tips, Shopping Links, and Pictures

Bubblegum Petunia: Care Tips, Shopping Links & PicturesWondering about Bubblegum Petunias, or Supertunias as they're sometimes referred to? We have the complete guide here for you.
As one of the most popular flowers on the market, Petunias offer an explosion of color and interest. They come in both mounded and trailing habits of growth. These diverse options give you options of where to plant them: flower beds, containers, or hanging baskets. Petunias range in color, size, shape, and texture.
Bubblegum Petunias are very robust and grow in a mounded, cascading habit. They have medium-sized, trumpet-shaped blooms that are like their name suggests, bubblegum pink with dark purplish-pink veins. Their foliage is elliptical in shape and is a beautiful green hue. If maintained well, their bright blooms will last until the first frost. One plant may spread as wide as 2 feet, filling your garden beautifully.

Botanical Background of Bubblegum Petunia

The Petunia plant has been a popular flower choice for many years now. Its low maintenance characteristics and long blooming season aid its popularity. Petunias have come a long way since its discovery in the early 19th century. Though it started out as a simple and rather dull plant, botanists have bred the Petunia to create many wonderful different varieties.

Petunia is a genus that's comprised of up to 40 different species and belongs to the Solanaceae family. Other plants within this family include tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes, and chile peppers. How diverse!

The Bubblegum Petunia is a perfect example of how far these plants have come. It's a hybrid Petunia, characterized by its abundant blooms and long blooming season. Its Latin name is Petunia hybrid and is identified as "Ustuni6001," but more commonly and marketed as Supertunia Vista Bubblegum. Over the years, Bubblegum Petunia has earned many awards. This variety of Petunia is simply marvelous.

How to Grow Bubblegum Petunia

Where It Grows

Bubblegum Petunias look amazing in a variety of locations like in mass plantings in your garden beds, hanging baskets, and containers. Their colors and habit of growth give you limitless options for their plantings.

It works as either a filler or a spiller in the thriller, filler, spiller container combination. Its mounding habit contributes to its excellent filler ability while its trailing habit contributes to its spiller ability.


Bubblegum Petunias can reach a height between 12 and 24 inches, spread between 24 and 36 inches, and can trail up to 36 inches in length. With all these measurements, it's no surprise that it's a favorite amongst gardeners.

They grow vigorously, so you'll be able to enjoy their blooms rather quickly. Feel free to shape and prune them as you see fit.

Optimal Growing Zones and Conditions

The optimal growing zones for Bubblegum Petunias are USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 11, but they will grow as perennials in zones 10 through 11. In the warmer zones, blooms will last longer.

You'll get to enjoy the blooms of this Petunia from the spring months and through the fall months. They are both heat and drought tolerant, helping them be able to withstand the harshness of summer heat. Also, they don't require any deadheading due to their self-cleaning ability.

Type of Soil Needed

Bubblegum Petunias' soil needs are rather simple: they only require an average soil that's well-draining. Though they'll grow in virtually any average soil, soil that has a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 will serve it best.

Light, Water, and Fertilization Requirements

Partial sun to full sun is best for petunia's performance. It's optimal for this plant to receive up to 6 hours of full sun, so plant your Petunias accordingly.

Water your Petunias daily during the hot summer months. Their water needs are low maintenance and average, not requiring an abundance of attention. As always, if your Petunias are in containers or hanging baskets, they'll need to be watered more frequently.

A slow-release formula will best help Bubblegum Petunias. Fertilize them every 2 weeks for the best performance. These Petunias are heavy feeders, so don't slack in the fertilizer department!

Step by Step Growing Guide

  • Decide where you would like to plant your Bubblegum Petunias: garden bed, container, or hanging basket
  • Plant your Petunia seedling (or larger) in average, well-draining soil and where it will receive the necessary light for optimal performance
  • Water your plants and start applying a slow-release fertilizer
  • Enjoy your Bubblegum Petunias and their bright blooms for months and months!

Bubblegum Petunia Inspiration

Check out the following pictures to gather some inspiration for planting your own Bubblegum Petunias!

Unique Containers

Get creative with your outdoor plant containers: repurposing an old bike such as this one brings an extra element of intrigue into this display of plants and flowers.

Abundance of Blooms

Bubblegum Petunias sure don't lack in the "wow" department. Line your walkways and plant them in hanging baskets to create a stunning display around your home.

A Collection of Blooms

With a yard such as this one, create a striking display by planting voluminous Petunias together. The Bubblegum Petunias look marvelous when paired with other colors.

Bubblegum Pink Hues

You can really see the beauty of these Petunias up close. Their bright pink petals are complemented by the vibrant green hues of the foliage.

Poolside Colors

The vigorous, mounding habit of the Bubblegum Petunia makes it an excellent plant for filling containers and making a statement. Placing the containers next to your pool will look wonderful.

Make an Inviting Entryway

If you have stone pillars marking your entrance, place a container full of Bubblegum Petunias atop it to invite guests up to your home. As the Petunia plant grows, its blooms will begin to tumble down the side of the container.

Mix in Colors

Combine your Bubblegum Petunias with soft white Petunias to create a beautiful color combination. The colors compliment each other well. Fill a large space with these flowers.

Garden Edgers

Check out how beautifully these Bubblegum Petunias catch the eye against their green counterparts. Your eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful pop of color against the lush green foliage surrounding them. These Petunias serve as the perfect edge.

Thriller Filler Spiller Combo

In the magical thriller, filler, spiller container combination, Bubblegum Petunias can serve as either the filler or the spiller. Take advantage of these attributes to design an unforgettable container display.

Repurposed Washtub Container

Do you have any unique antiques that could serve as a flower container? Check out how this old washtub has been repurposed to serve as a beautiful flower container. Using something like this gives it a new life and adds character to your beautiful flowers.

Fill your Patio or Deck with Color

If you have a stretching patio or deck, fill it with the beautiful colors of Bubblegum Petunias. They'll stand out and make the area appear softer and more inviting.

Intricate Beauty

The sun after a fresh rain accentuates the beauty of your Bubblegum Petunias. You'll smell their faint, fresh aroma and be reminded of their loveliness.

Country Garden

Incorporate the sweet Bubblegum Petunia into your country garden. Check out how this whole scene tells a story; use your flowers in a unique way such as this.

Outdoor Table Centerpiece

Bubblegum Petunias serve as an excellent outdoor table centerpiece. Their abundant blooms are striking. No need to cut flowers to design an eye-catching piece.

Hanging Basket with Profuse Blooms

Enjoy the profuse blooms of your Bubblegum Petunia. Planting this Petunia variety in a hanging basket will accentuate its features and give you an unforgettable flower experience. Their blooms will cascade down the basket and create an incredible display.

Where to Buy Bubblegum Petunia

After reading all about Bubblegum Petunias and seeing incredible inspirational photos, we know you're probably wondering where you can get your own. We've added a product link below so you can start growing your very own Bubblegum Petunias.

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

With this shipment, you'll receive 4 live plants. Whenever the order comes in, your Petunias will measure between 5 and 10 inches in height.

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