21 Box Garden Ideas [Inspiration Picture Post]

Are you ready to think inside the box? We're talking about box gardens, of course! These trendy raised bed beauties are the bee's knees when it comes to showcasing your green thumb, whether you're tight on space or just looking to add some pizzazz to your porch or backyard.

With 21 fabulous box garden ideas coming your way, you'll be itching to try everything from adorable keepsake boxes (hello, cuteness overload! ) to full-blown backyard veggie extravaganzas!

And the best part? These contained wonders make it a breeze to keep pesky weeds at bay and maintain your little green paradise.

Now, when it comes to smaller keepsake boxes, you'll want to line 'em with black plastic (poke a few holes in it first!) and toss in some irrigation rocks before adding soil.

And for those majestic cedar raised bed boxes? Just plant directly in them, since they're both rot and insect resistant. Talk about low maintenance!

Spring's just waiting to burst into action, so there's no time like the present to start planning your box garden masterpiece. But before you grab your trowel, check out this must-watch video and then keep on reading for even more raised bed garden inspiration:

Closed up view of a red planter box on a rooftop box garden, 21 Box Garden Ideas [Inspiration Picture Post]


Beautiful Box Garden With Bulbs

Do you have an antique crate hanging around? Consider filling it with spring bulbs. You can even force your bulbs indoors and have spring flowers in a beautiful container at any time of year.

Consider topping off your soil with a lovely layer of sphagnum moss for finishing.

Assortment of plants and flowers in a blue painted wooden box

A Tiny Crate With Tiny Succulents

Have a small wooden crate that's begging for plants? Consider planting a handful of tiny succulents. Mix them up, so you have varying shades of green in those lovely grey-green tones.

Wooden planter with succulents in home garden

Raise Your Beds To Window Height

This raised bed is a different take on a window box. It cleverly raises the height of the garden beds to the height of this window, allowing those trapped inside to see a bright sprig of green on the boxwood outdoors.

Decorative grasses have been cut back for the winter but come summer, and this box will be a gorgeous blend of anchoring shrubs and wispy yellow-green grass stalks.

Wooden garden bed in front of a new building

Fill A Box Garden With Impatiens

A harbinger of spring and summer, lovely impatiens are an easy plant to grow in your box garden. Keep in some shade, water regularly, and prune back dead flowers, and these hardy little plants will provide bright blooms for many days.

Wooden box with beautiful pink and red flowers

Fill A Ladder Box With Blooms

A multi-tiered box planter is a gorgeous way to bring color to your front porch. Plant with annuals, herbs, really any combination of blooms and colors you wish.

Remember to water regularly if they are under a covered porch and out of the rain for garden boxes are unable to draw moisture from surrounding soil.

White planter boxes with flowers on the street near cafe

A Stair-stepped Box Garden Retaining Wall

Incorporate your raised bed box garden into your landscape design. A sloped yard calls for smart thinking, and this garden of tiered raised beds is a great solution.

Raised beds step down the yard, giving an otherwise difficult planting space new life for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Vegetable planter boxes in home garden

Turn Your Backyard Into A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Raised bed vegetable gardens may take some initial work, but once in place, you've got a lovely environment for growing things with few weeds and a way to protect your gardens from mischievous bunnies.

It's also very easy to work your way around and through your gardens with the borders of gravel pathways.

Urban community garden with raised beds full of vegetables

The Right Height Raised Bed Garden

If you are an older gardener, you might consider raising your vegetable beds a few more inches. This allows for less bending or even being able to work from a motorized chair if the paths are wide enough between.

And look at the things you can grow. Corn, cabbage, carrots, really anything your heart (or stomach) desires. This gardener sure makes use of every square inch!

Raised wooden garden beds with healthy vegetables growing

Raised Bed Seedling Gardens

You can create a raised bed nursery for your younger plants. These gridded raised bed boxes are excellent for starting seeds and giving your plants a lovely start before moving them to their mature garden spot.

Raised beds with vegetables in an organic garden

A Corner Of The Yard For Your Box Garden

If you have a multi-purpose yard with active outdoor activities, it doesn't mean you can't have your vegetables, too. Tuck your gorgeous box garden against the fence wall and out of the way of the slip-n-slide.

Raised beds in vegetable garden by the side of the house

Woven Box Garden Raised Beds

Want to take your raised bed boxes to the next level? Incorporate basket weaving techniques into your fence building, and you will have a raised bed garden worthy of every photograph.

People will be torn between looking at your luscious plants and their containment system.

Raised beds in a garden full of plants and vegetables

Portable Box Gardens

If you need more flexibility in the placement and height of your box gardens, consider keeping some handy squares available. Then as plants grow, you can quickly build up the wall height to keep pests out.

Raised beds full of vegetables in school garden

An Old Filing Drawer Full Of Succulents

Have a unique antique with no other purpose? Consider giving it a new life as a box garden. Here, an old filing drawer is given new life as a succulent garden.

Rack with several small succulent plants

Table Leg Raised Box Gardens In Bright Colors

Raise your gardens to table height, and the days of bending over to care for your plants are gone. Paint them in lush, bright colors, and everyone will smile.

Planter boxes in urban garden on the rooftop

Use The Box For Your Garden's Helping Hand

Maybe you love the box, but not for planting. Consider taking an old crate and flipping it up to add some character and height to a concrete planter.

Perennial autum plants in old washbowl on a wooden box

A Box Garden Full Of Herbs

A deck box garden is a perfect place to plant your favorite culinary herbs. Slip out of your kitchen or dining room door to snip off what you need for supper on the patio. There's nothing that says love like food from the garden.

Patio garden with table, chairs, lamps and wooden planter box

A Creche As A Box Garden

No rule says all box gardens must be square or rectangle-shaped. These lovely creche-inspired gardens will soon be tumbling over with squash. The perfect easy DIY raised garden!

Green vegetable plants growing in wooden pot container

Box Garden Strawberries

You can intersperse raised box gardens in between your regular beds for an interesting mix of regular bed and raised bed gardening. Here a sweet patch of strawberries is raised above the surrounding vegetables.

Garden path and planter in a vegetable garden

Bring A Box Garden As Your Hostess Gift

Fill a decorative box with a few of your favorite plants and bring it to the next party you're invited too. It's a perfect hostess gift for outdoors or in.

Decorative plants in a wooden crate on a house entrance

Side Holes In Box Garden For Cascading Plants

If you add a few side holes into your raised box garden, you can plant plants that will beautifully cascade down the sides. What a gorgeous idea.

Compost worm bin and grow box garden planter made out of old drawers

Put A Birdhouse On Your Box Garden

You love not only your plants but your feathered friends. They're there to eat the pests off of your flowers, so why not encourage them by giving them a little home of their own in your garden.

Close-up of four raised bed flower and vegetable gardens in a public park

Every box garden is a unique and beautiful eco-system onto itself. Have a wonderful time designing yours. If you'd like some other inspiration from Gardentabs.com, please click here:

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