13 Awesome Above-Ground Planter Boxes

Collage of above-ground planter boxes with growing vegetables on a planter box on the backgroundIf you are limited on space or gardening knowledge but you still want the satisfaction of watching plants, flowers, and vegetables grow from scratch, then you may opt for a smaller-scale endeavor by using an above-ground planter box.

Essentially, a planter box allows you to have a garden in a small space or as decoration on a patio or in a smaller backyard.

Below we have a selection of 13 awesome above-ground planter boxes that could transform your home, but before we get started, let’s talk more about a few pros and cons of planter boxes.


Above-ground planter boxes are great for new gardeners because their smaller stature allows you to grow a garden just about anywhere without needing a backyard or much planting space.

These planters are also ideal for individuals who want to enjoy the flowers or vegetables grown in a garden but don't have the time to maintain them.

Because your plants will be so densely planted, there will be less room for weeds to grow. Plus, a garden box is much easier for managing pest control, as you can easily cover the bed with a protective cover or frame to prevent unwanted predators.

As far as gardening goes, above-ground boxes can also provide a healthier environment for plants. One reason for this is that an elevated box will allow for easier drainage.

On top of that, you also have full control of the soil, so instead of hoping for the best with the dirt in your backyard, you can add your own mix that will give your plants a healthy head start. Many professionals recommend a mix of 60% topsoil, 30% compost, and 10% potting soil.


While the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few negatives regarding above ground planters that you will want to watch out for.

One issue is the cost. As opposed to a typical garden where you will only need to find soil in your yard, an above-ground planter will require you to purchase the planter itself, plus the soil, and potentially a drip irrigation system.

Also, because your above-ground box may not get as much help from nature as your standard garden, you may also need to water the soil a bit more often to reduce dryness. However, any garden will require some maintenance.

Now that you have officially decided to go with a planter box, let’s look at the three main categories of construction: wooden, metal, and plastic. Check out some of the options below and pick the best option for your space.

Wooden Above Ground Planter Boxes

Many gardeners choose to go with wooden boxes because they offer a classic look and a sturdy container for your plants. However, wood will not last forever, so you may need to replace some parts or even rebuild the entire box in the future.

Below are some great wooden boxes to consider.

Greenhouse Cover + Wooden Raised Garden Bed

This strong and sturdy wooden planter box offers an elevated design that will keep it away from pets and pests. It is made from natural cedar, so you will not have to worry about chemicals impacting the soil.

The box is very easy to assemble with a detailed manual, so even the most inexperienced craftsman can put it together quickly. What really sets it apart is the greenhouse cover that provides extra protection and creates a microclimate for easier growing.

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Raised Garden Planter Box

This two-level above ground planter box offers a different style that would look great on a back patio. The top provides a spacious gardening bed while the bottom offers a shelf where you can store your gardening supplies or add some potted plants.

This box is very sturdy, so it can hold heavier plants. The box has a hole at the bottom for easier drainage, which means it won't need constant attention. This is a great stand for people with bad backs because at 30 inches tall, you won’t have to bend over to work.

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Wooden Free Standing Raised Plant Bed

This gorgeous planter box provides a robust planting area combined with an elegant trellis that gives your plants plenty of room to stretch and thrive. In addition to providing room for climbing plants, the trellis can also be used to hang smaller plants.

The planter is ideal for more restricting patios, as it looks great placed next to the wall. It is also weather-resistant, so it will withstand the test of time. This planter also has a drainage hole, it is easy to install, and it is made of solid wood.

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Yaheetech Raised Garden Bed Kit

The raised garden box offers a more classical boxed look, but it also has eye-catching workmanship that will make your space pop. This planter has it all. It is sun and rain resistant, it is safe from termites, and it gives off a wonderful wood fragrance in addition to the sweet scents of the flowers you plant inside.

The kit provides many different pieces so you can assemble the planters in a variety of different presentations. Although there is much you can do with this kit, it is easy to assemble as the pieces simply snap in place.

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Yaheetech 3 Tier Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Yaheetech offers another great above-ground planter with a 3 tier option that allows you to plant different items in each section. This box is made of non-toxic fir wood, and it is built to last with wooden boards almost an inch thick.

This is a great unit that can be used indoors or outdoors, as it is safe for the environment and makes a great scene-stealing piece. It is easy to set up, and with the open design, the sky's the limit for what you can plant and display.

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Metal Above Ground Planter Boxes

You also have the option of choosing a metal above-ground planter box. Metal or steel boxes are not only unbelievably sturdy and resistant to weather, but they also offer a new and rustic look to your garden area.

The downside is that the metal can be very heavy and tough to assemble for people not used to building with the material. Still, it is a worthwhile investment. Below are a few options.

Foyuee Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

This first planter box offers a bold look with galvanized metal that will definitely make an impression on your patio or small backyard. At a foot high and 36 inches wide, it offers more than enough planting space for plants or vegetables.

This box has an open bottom that sits on the garden bed for easier drainage and better protection against pests. The extra-deep design makes it ideal for long-rooted plants, and it has an eco-friendly coating that will keep outside plants safe.

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Galvanized Hexagon Planter

Homeowners looking to make a big impression with their above-ground garden can impress with this hexagon-shaped planter that offers 40 inches of planting space. The corrugated galvanized metal can withstand the elements, and it is more stable than many plastic or wooden beds.

This planter has a one year warranty, and it comes with the tools and hardware necessary for assembly.

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Plastic & Resin Above-Ground Planter Boxes

The final main option for your mini-garden is a planter made out of plastic. This material creates a more durable space, it’s easy to clean, and is generally cost-effective. The only real downside with getting a plastic planter box is that it might not look as elegant or professional as the wood or metal varieties.

Here are a few plastic boxes to consider.

Mindful Grasshopper Raised Garden Bed

Those looking for a truly unique look to their above-ground planter box should consider this robust model that is made of strong plastic and 100% weather-resistant products.

This box system is incredibly easy to assemble, and it makes a great impression both inside and outdoors. The height makes gardening easier on the back, and this model also has a lifetime guarantee.

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Grow Cubes

The grow cubes from Deco2Pro offer a unique above-ground planning system that keeps plants manageable and saves water all at once. Ideal for plants and vegetables that thrive in water, this system creates plenty of growth opportunities along with more space for roots to stretch and thrive.

This package includes 12 pots.

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T4U Elevated Plastic Bed Kit

This three-pack of above-ground planter boxes will elevate the look of your backyard patio with strong construction made with environmentally friendly plastic. The decorative exterior provides a nice look while the interior offers 20 x 20 planting space and a self-watering disk so your plants can drink easier and thrive.

The planters have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Outland Living Raised Garden Bed

This is the ideal above ground planting solution for homeowners and businesses with limited space. This set separates itself from the rest by having a drip-down system that has water that falls from the top level to the bottom to ensure that all plants are adequately watered.

The set is ideal for any type of planting, from flowers to herbs and vegetables, and at just four feet wide, it fits in any space.

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VIVOHOME Elevated Plastic Raised Garden Bed

Another option for gardeners with limited space is this 2 tier planter from VIVO HOME that is built with reinforced plastic that is perfectly suited to hold soil and water without deteriorating. The planter can be used inside and outside, and it is basically self-sufficient with a built-in self-watering disk that leads to the health of plant roots.

This is a timeless style that will fit in with almost any environment with space for many different plants and vegetables.

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Keter Urban Garden Bed

This final above-ground planter box from Keter provides not only a pleasing appearance but also a smart solution for occasional gardeners. The garden bed, which is made of strong resin, offers 33 inches of weather-proof planting space and a bottom shelf perfect for storing tools or potted plants.

This bed comes with a variety of unique features, including a manual drainage tap, a seed sprouting tray, and a water gauge that will tell the user when more water is needed. Finally, it features a watering system that keeps the soil at optimum moisture levels.

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