Best Garden Edging Shears [10 Options Every Gardener Should Know]

Best Garden Edging Shears [10 Options Every Gardner Should Know]Garden shears are a sturdy cutting tool. They are used in the garden for medium-duty cutting jobs, precisely cutting stems and branches that are 3/4 inches to one inch thick. The best garden shears cut cleanly, rather than smashing, and damaging the plant.

Garden shears are stronger and sharper than scissors, and there are generally two kinds of garden shears. They are Anvil shears and Bypass shears.

Types Of Garden Shears

Anvil shears typically have a knife blade and a flat blade, so they work much like a knife on a cutting board. Often these shears will crush woody stems rather than cutting them cleanly. Most gardeners choose these shears for cutting dead woody stems.

Similarly, Bypass shears have a sharp blade on one side; these are different in that they have curved edges, and the flat side is curved acting as a hook to help hold the stem in place.

Choosing which type of shears to use is mostly a matter of preference. A lot of gardens will use bypass shears for live growth, and anvil shears for dried stems. Meanwhile, other gardeners say that they will not use anvil shears under any circumstances.

Once you have made your decision to purchase the best garden shears you can afford, you will want to take care of them with TLC (tender loving care). This will help your shears last for many years.

Which Garden Shears Are The Best?

We have gathered a list of the 10 best-rated garden shears, anvils, and bypass shears and given the list to you below. Keep reading to find out more about each product, and choose the right tool for you.

The Best Anvil Garden Shears

1. Mockins Professional Garden Shears

To see more about the Mockins Professional garden shears, click here to visit the Amazon product page.

Mockins Professional heavy-duty anvil garden shears are a favorite of gardeners. These $10 cutting shears have an 8mm cutting capacity. Six hundred and thirty people have rated them at four and a half stars.

Features include a safety lock to protect fingers when not in use, stainless steel cutting blades that prevent rusting — made with rubber handles that add comfort so your hands can keep busy longer. These shears are specially designed for ease of use for arthritic hands.

These anvil style shears have a wide anvil made of rubber and are a great pair of pruners for dried out dead plants.

2. Gonicc 8" Professional Anvil Garden Shears

To find out more about the Gonicc Professional Anvil Shears, click here to visit the Amazon product page. 

Similarly, to the anvil shears above the Gonicc 8," anvil shears have a steel blade to prevent rusting. These shears have a ratchet system that allows heavy work to be made lighter. These shears are made for use with left or right hands; these garden shears began with versatility in mind.

Hidden in the handle is a blade brush, this allows you to clean the blade after cutting, giving your hard-working shears the tender loving care they deserve.

3. Anvil Pruning Garden Shears

To view more information on the Anvil Pruning Shears, click here, visit the Amazon product page. 

Anvil pruning shears are made from quality stainless steel. The reviews state things like good quality for the price point; these shears work wonders in my rose garden.

The non-slip grips on the handles help protect your hands. The sharp blades keep you from doing a large part of the cutting work.

4. Fiskars Power-Level Anvil Pruning Shears

For more information about the Fiskars Power-Level pruning Shears, click here to visit the Amazon product page. 

The anvil blade on these pruning shears is best used for dry growth, deadheading, and pruning. The power-lever function helps to ease pruning by as much as two times, lighting your workload and reducing hand strain. The sharp blades have a cutting capability of five-eighths of an inch.

5. Gardennite Power Drive Ratchet Shears

To view more about the Power Drive Ratchet Shears, click here to visit the Amazon product page. 

The ratcheting mechanism of these shears boasts five times the cutting power of comparable shears. They are comfortable to hold with an ergonomic handle to make grasping easier.

The blade is hardened carbon steel, coated in Teflon to keep plant matter from sticking, all of which allows you to sharpen blades less.

The Best Bypass Garden Shears

1. Mockins Professional Bypass Garden Shears

To see more information about this product, visit the Amazon product page.

Professional Bypass shears are a favorite of many gardeners. They are perfect for trimming bushes, flowering plants, and herbs. The stainless steel blades make cleaning a breeze.

The handle is ergonomic and rubberized to make them comfortable and easy to use for any gardener. These shears have an 8mm cutting capacity.

2. Gonicc 8" Professional Bypass Shears

To see more information on Gonicc professional bypass shears, visit the Amazon product page.  

Designed with ergonomic handles and a dropped forged body, these shears are designed to be comfortable to use. The handles have a non-slip grip. The shears are made lightweight for you, and heavy-duty for work.

These shears have a sap groove to keep the shears from sticking to plant matter while in use. The cutting capacity is 3/4" in diameter, though it can vary according to the woody stems you are cutting.

3. Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears

To learn more about the Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears, visit the Amazon product page.

These shears may come in useful for these shades! Check'em out!

The Fiskars steel bypass pruning shears are perfect for cutting stems and deadheading flowers. The design includes a lock for safety during storage and transportation. The blade, made from hardened steel, stays sharp even during heavy-duty use.

The coating on the blade lowers friction to ease the cutting smoothness of these shears. The top cutting capacity of these blades is 5/8ths of an inch.

4. Fiskars Professional Bypass Pruning Shears

To learn more about the Fiskars professional bypass pruning shears, visit the Amazon product page. 

Fiskars designed the tension of the blades of these shears to be adjusted to your hand strength. The handle is designed ergonomically, with an angled blade to minimize wrist strain. The cutting capacity is 1 inch in diameter.

The precision-hardened steel blade is coated to keep friction low while cutting and is replaceable. These shears are comfortable for right or left-handed gardeners.

5. Garden Elite Bypass Pruning Shears

To view more information about the Garden  Elite Alpha, Six pruning shears, visit the Amazon product page.

The Garden Elite Bypass pruning shears are made with a Japanese Blade and claim to be the best in the market. The steel is the hardest steel on the market and is coated with Teflon to prevent sap from sticking. These shears are covered to make them rust and corrosion-resistant.

The ergonomic handle is made to fit in your hand comfortably and is coated with non-slip rubber.

What Shears Are Your Favorite?

No matter what garden job you are tackling, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. The right tool takes responsibility from a chore to an enjoyable one.

Have you used any of these gardening shears? What are your favorite jobs to tackle with garden shears? Leave a comment and tell the readers about your favorite pair of gardening shears.

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