Rubber Garden Edging [Types, Cost, Tips and Pictures]

Rubber Garden Edging [Types, Cost, Tips and Pictures]Rubber garden edging is a great option when it comes to your garden and flowerbed, ranking high in some categories, and lower in others. It's not as durable as metal, but it will certainly last longer than plastic. Due to its malleable nature, you're more likely to be able to find it in a variety of shapes and designs than metal edging, and it is very flexible, making it easy for you to use in quite a number of different ways and shape it to your individual needs.

Rubber garden edging also comes in the largest variety of edging, with many different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can buy it in brick shapes that you can stack, you buy complete strips that you just lay down in the way you want them to sit, you can even buy rubber bark in different colors.

When you're thinking about the different types of edging and what you should use in your own landscape, there are just a couple of things you're going to need to consider.


Types of Rubber Edging

Once you know more about the different kinds of edging, you are going to be able to make more well-informed decisions about your purchase, which will help you make your landscape the best that it can be! Let's go over some of the different types of rubber garden edging.

Rubber Curb

Curb edging is exactly what it sounds like. Rubber edging that looks like the curb that normally edges a sidewalk.

Just as sidewalk curbs come in many shapes, rubber curb edging does as well. There are makes with curved edges, more "L" shaped options that are supposed to help you avoid hitting them with your lawnmower, and the majority of the different types of rubber curb garden edging have been made out of recycled materials, so you can feel good about your purchase from a green standpoint.

Speaking of green, green is one of the many colors that rubber curb is available in, so you really will be able to find something that fits any color scheme you're trying to work with.  Also available in brick red, brown, black, and a number of other colors, not only will you be able to find the colors you're looking for, but you'll be able to find it in a shape that will compliment your landscape.

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Rubber crumb edging is a wonderful, wonderful alternative for garden edging for several reasons. When it comes to edging that isn't made out of harder materials like wood or stone, you're going to have to worry about damage, especially damage that naturally occurs from lawn care.

Edgers that use string are, ironically, are incredibly effective at damaging edging, which is unfortunate when it comes to rubber. Once the string slices through the surface and penetrates any sealing or treatment the outside has gone through to protect it from the elements, it's usable life goes down.

Rubber crumb edging, because of its thick, uneven surface, is resistant to damage from the edgers that use string. They're a great option if that is the kind of edger you use, and naturally, they're resistant to other kinds of damage as well. If you have any areas that are heavier traffic, whether it be the feet of possibly careless children or drivers with questionable parking skills, this is a great option for you!

You can buy this product online, but for the most part, it only ships from places outside the United States, so if you do order it, pay attention to shipping costs.

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Roman Stone

Roman stone rubber edging is a rubber variety of edging that looks like, well, stone. Whether it be brick or more of a natural-looking kind of rock, you're generally going to be able to find it as a form of roman stone rubber edging.

Roman stone rubber edging is probably going to be your best bet at a decorative rubber edging. Many different kinds of rubber edging serve more of a functional purpose than functional and decorative, so if you're wanting a rubber edging that helps further the aesthetic you're building for your garden, you're going to want to choose a roman stone edging.

Roman stone edging may look like individual bricks or stones made out of rubber, but it's not. This type of edging, despite looking like smaller, lone building materials, actually generally comes in strips, just like the rest of rubber edging. The length of these strips will depend completely on the manufacturer, but the average length is several feet, so make sure you read the instructions it comes with carefully before you buy it. People generally end up not buying enough, rather than buying too much.

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Stomp Edging

Stomp edging is incredibly easy to install, making it very desirable for those that want a border for their lawn, garden, or flowerbed, but don't want to use up a lot of time putting it in. How easy to install is it, you ask? So easy. You drop it where you want it, stomp on it, and you're done.

Stomp edging is the average size of a brick, and it comes in pieces, not strips, like bricks. It has a concave end and a convex end, making it easy to assemble the look you want, and clear as to how you do it. Because of the concave and convex ends, it doesn't matter whether you want a straight line or a number of curves, you'll be able to put your look together using all the same parts, and with the same amount of effort.

Made of recycled rubber and most easily found in the colors brown or black, stomp edging is a quick, convenient, and attractive way to add a border to your landscape.

Flat Roll

One of the best things about rubber edging is the proclivity for it to be named after either what it looks like, or how you install it. Flat roll? It's a flat roll of rubber edging that you can roll out wherever you want it! It comes in a variety of kinds and colors, which makes it easy to find the kind that best fits your garden or flowerbed.

Flat roll edging, unlike the other kinds of landscape edgings we've gone over, is flat. It's not raised, and not particularly decorative, which may seem to be more of a disadvantage. But it actually comes with its own unique set of advantages!

Flat roll edging is one of the few edgings that will actually block and prevent weed growth from underneath it, not just impair a plant's ability to cross from one side of it to the other. This means you can do things like installing it in the gaps under your fence to prevent weeds from crossing into your yard from your neighbor's. You can also cut and place it as a sort of groundcover for your flowerbed if you're wanting to prevent weeds from growing entirely.

Many types of this flat roll edging come with holes in it, kind of like stacked bark, that will let water and air through to the bases of the established plants you have but aren't substantial enough to let anything grow through.

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Decorative Edging

There aren't many options available for decorative rubber edging, and the few that are out there aren't being sold by Amazon, so you're going to have to go to other sources if this is really what you want. That being said, we can recommend one to get you started on your search! Click here to buy the decorative rubber edging in the above picture.

Tree Ring

If you could find a rubber edging that would be even easier to install than flat roll, it would be the tree ring edging. It's perfect for trees (shocking), bushes, and other established plants where you don't want weeds growing up around them.

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Pros and Cons of Rubber Edging

If you compare rubber, stone, metal, and plastic edgings, rubber is probably somewhere near the middle.


  • Fairly cost-effective
  • Made out of recycled materials
  • Effective at keeping weeds down
  • Variety of types and colors
  • Fairly resistant to cold and heat.


  • Can be marred by common yard tools
  • Will eventually crack or erode
  • It can be hard to find a specific kind online
  • Damage on most kinds of edging is pretty noticeable and hard to hide

How Much Does Rubber Edging Cost?

That depends completely on what kind you get, and how much of it you order. For example, you can find a pretty durable tree ring for around $30, but you can also order a massive amount of stomp edging for several hundred dollars.

You'll have to decide which kind you like, how much it is, and how much of it you need before you'll have a good estimate of how much money you're going to end up spending.

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How Do You Install Rubber Edging?

Since there are several different kinds, there's no one specific way that they're all installed. But rest assured, it's all easy, regardless of the type, and this video will give you an idea of the general amount of effort you'll have to put in.

1. Contrast

Can you see how the grass on the other side of the fence is brown and dying? On the off chance that it's a weed or something growing there that are killing the grass, the flat roll edging will stop it from entering your lawn, and killing your grass. It's perfect for putting in the gap underneath fences, or in any other area where you're trying to stop weeds from growing.

2. Stone Age

This roman stone edging is one of the most realistic looking stone borders or edgings you're going to be able to find if you're looking for something that looks like brick but isn't. It comes in strips, so when you purchase it, you're not going to be purchasing each rubber brick on its own.

This specific edging has a color that very well compliments and shows off the colors on both sides, not drawing away from it, while adding a very firm barrier between the two, shaking up the textures a bit.

3. Stand Tall

Decorative borders can do a lot for your yard, showcasing the plants behind them, while also providing a little something to look at themselves. While decorative rubber borders or edgings aren't incredibly common, you can't deny the charm that exists in this specific flowerbed.

While you can see that this specific edging isn't incredibly smooth, like its stone counterpart would be, it's rougher surface will give it more protection from the sun, wind, and lawn or garden tools that might scratch, cut, or crack it, which is something you need to consider with rubber edging.

4. Curbs

This specific picture illustrates one of the perks of curb edging. Because of the curve on the lawn side of the edging, you're able to cut the grass with the lawnmower, and the mower doesn't scratch up or cut the edging.

This is a desirable quality for rubber garden borders to have because if you aren't able to cut all the grass around the edge, you're more than likely going to crop down that last little bit of grass with an edger, which has a high chance of damaging your border.

If that's something you know will be a worry for you, and you know that at least part of your rubber edging will be on the side of some grass, consider curb edging! It will certainly make lawn maintenance less stressful, and much easier.

5. Elegance

This curb edging features a longer slope, which adds a certain elegance to the flowerbed as it gently draws your eye up towards the white rocks and flowers. The rougher surface gives it a nice, somewhat organic feel, while not detracting from the appearance of stone that it's impersonating.

6. Circular Imprint

There are a number of reasons to place a tree ring around your tree. It will kill the weeds and grass underneath it, which means they won't be drinking up the water meant for the tree, it will help prevent the erosion of the ground at the trunk that could occur if you are habitually watering it in the same places, and it can help cover up any misshapen ground that may still be there from when you planted the tree.

7. Laying Rubber Garden Edging

The woman in this picture appears to be laying down flat roll edging to create a barrier between the grass and her flowerbed. This will help prevent the grass from invading the flowerbed, and taking up precious space and water that should be going to the flowers.

It will also pave the way for the woman to later use a more decorative version of edging, as the grass will be dead and she will have a clear outline of where to perfectly place a more aesthetically pleasing edging of her choice.

8. Rise and Fall

This picture is a great example of one of the few kinds of decorative edgings that are actually available for purchase on Amazon. If you're looking for a different, more intricate kind, you're going to have to try other different websites and stores, which can be inconvenient.

That being said, there is a beauty that can be found in simplicity, and you don't always need to go looking for something more complicated or initially aesthetically pleasing, in order to make your landscape attractive.

This specific decorative edging isn't anything special, but the light color provides a nice contrast to the greens on one side and a good blend into the browns on the other side.

9. Versatility

Rubber roll edging doesn't have to just be used to establish a barrier, it can also be used to kill what's already underneath it. No, it isn't toxic, but it does completely block the sun from feeding your plants. Without the sun, the plants will die, leaving you with a strip of ground that you can repurpose.

For example, let's say you want to plant some flowers along the side of your fence, but you're afraid that if you just try to dig the grass up, it will grow back in inconvenient places, at inconvenient times. You can place flat roll edging down, kill then grass, and then plant in that area!

10. Natural Stone

Do you prefer a more natural stone look, without all the hustle and bustle of carrying around a large number of heavy rocks, stacking them to the best of your ability, and either hoping they stay there, or trying to cement them together?

Well, if that incredibly specific description fits you, then there is a product that fits exactly the style and amount of effort you're looking for.

While not the easiest of the available options to find, rubber decorative edging can give you some unique choices that will really make your landscape shine.

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