15-Second Bush Removal Hack Goes Viral in Must-See Video

Tired of spending hours trying to remove a stubborn bush from your yard? 

It can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but fear not!

A TikTok user has shared a game-changing technique using a simple tool that is sure to make your task easier and faster.

@medinalandscapingky, a landscaping channel with 18k followers, posted a video that has gone viral with 92.6k views.

In the video, a landscaping pro demonstrates a simple tool and technique to quickly remove an entire bush with just a few quick shovels.

The video left viewers impressed that he was able to uproot the entire bush in less than 15 seconds. Watch it here:

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In the video, the creator confidently stands in front of a huge bush and tells his companion who was recording the video to start counting.

He then starts shoveling the dirt around the base of the bush and was able to pull out the entire bush in only 14 seconds!

That's right, 14 seconds to remove a bush!

Viewers were impressed, with some of the comments wondering what kind of shovel was used in the video.

@tttttytttttty asked, "What kind of shovel is it?"

@medinalandscapingky answered, "That's straight blade Wolverine shovel. The company who makes them are Wolverine Hand Tools."

Take note however, that not all bushes can be removed with a shovel.

You need to consider factors such as the kind of bush you have, type of soil in the area, and how big the bush is.

For instance, if you have an Evergreen bush, the removal process may be different. Read how to do so here: How To Remove Evergreen Bushes [Quickly & Easily]

But if you have a bush of manageable size that you want to remove, you can definitely give this technique a try.

And if you want tips on how to trim bushes, you can read more here: How To Trim Holly Bushes With Hedge Trimmer [Step By Step Guide]

Happy gardening!

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