Where To Buy Compost [Top 40 Online Stores]

Compost soil on wheel barrow with fork type shovel placed on top, Where To Buy Compost [Top 40 online stores]When it comes to things that can be bought online, compost might not immediately come to mind. Often made of horse or cow manure, decomposing fruits and vegetables, and other traditionally "useless" organic matter, it's something that can be made on your own, or purchased from your local farmers. Click here to learn how to make your own compost!

That being said, not everybody has the time to go looking for someone who sells manure, and there's a decent chance that you might not have a way to transport the amount that you would like. You could still make your own, but you would still have to buy a proper container to make the compost in, and enough time would have to pass for the components you added to it to break down.

The ability to price compare and get the best product available is one of the most amazing gifts that the internet has given us. Between the customer ratings that the consumers can leave, and the ability to see your final cost before you make a purchase, the internet is a fantastic way to make sure what you're getting is not only the best deal but exactly what you need.

This is a particularly nice ability to have when it comes to compost. You'll be able to see beforehand exactly what was used to make it (as there are many different kinds), where specifically it should be used, and what the previous consumers thought of the product. When it comes to your plants, you want to give them the best!

1. Amazon

Amazon website product page

Amazon is often the first online store that comes to mind when it comes to internet commerce giants. With their customer rating system based on a five-star vote of satisfaction, many items with free shipping, and incredibly convenient price comparison, Amazon is a great place to find compost for your landscape. Sort the results by average customer review to find the product that has delivered the highest level of satisfaction. Click here to view their available products.

2. Walmart

Walmart website product page

Walmart is very well known for having good products and lower than average prices, so if you're on a budget, check out Walmart's current inventory to see if they have what you need! Click here to check out their products.

3. Grow Organic

Grow Organic website products page

With over two hundred and seventy search results for the query "compost," you are almost guaranteed to be able to find what you are looking for on Grow Organic's website. The prices and available ratings are visible on the search page, which means you don't have to click on multiple products to get an idea of what you're dealing with.

The company also provides useful "How-To" videos, and the website comes with its resource center. If worst comes to worst, they prominently display their phone number at the top of the web page, making them easy to contact for any questions you need to have answered. Click here to view their available products.

4. BlueBird Composting

BlueBird Composting website product page

BlueBird Composting was established under the idea that there was an urgent need for a greener and eco-friendly way to produce the products that get used in our gardens and the agricultural industry. With the help of multiple college degrees, the owner of the company has made his mission to, in his words, heal the earth, and to do it through environmentally stable means. Click here to view their available products!

5. Lowes

Lowes website product page

Lowes is a popular, established business that has built itself a name in home appliances and gardening implements. From lumber to mailboxes, they've got it all, and luckily for us, that includes compost! They have several different options available, and they are all at fantastic prices, perfect for anyone working with a smaller area and a more modest budget. If what you're feeding your plants is a concern, have no fear, as they have multiple organic options.

6. IFA

IFA website product page

IFA is a combination store and blog, which works out perfectly for you if you have compost related questions. Complete with a mission statement to go along with a plethora of products, IFA is organized, professional, and trustworthy. They have an extensive catalog full of different kinds of compost for different soils, and will even occasionally have special sales on their various products. Click here to view their available composts.

7. Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden website product page

While they may not have the variety of products that several other stores offer, Jamali Garden makes up for it in great design, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. They have their phone number listed at the very top of their website, making them easy to contact if you are having any problems with your order. Click here to view their available products.

8. eBay

eBay website product page

eBay is an excellent website for finding things sold by other people, as opposed to other businesses. If you are looking to support people instead of prominent corporations, eBay might be the way for you to go! It's easy to contact the seller if you are having any problems with your order, and since you're dealing with the seller directly, you aren't going to have to work through people to get answers.

A possible downside of eBay is that the available products are continually changing, so you might get on one day, and not see a product you had seen earlier in the week. Click here to view the available products.

9. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page

Home Depot has pretty much everything you could need when it comes to your home and your garden. With over ninety-four results that come up when you search compost on their website, you are almost guaranteed to find something that works for you and your garden.

If you decide to purchase something for your garden, there is an easily accessible order tracking button near the top right of the screen, making it an overall convenient and pleasant shopping experience. https://www.homedepot.com/s/compost?NCNI-5

10. Grower's House

Grower's House website product page

Have you ever heard of compost tea? It is most certainly not meant for human consumption, so don't let the title fool you. By soaking this compost tea in water, you help transfer the nutrients in the compost to the liquid, and then you water your plants with it.

Now, you might wonder when you would have an occasion to use compost tea instead of merely using the compost itself. For indoor plants, this can be a lifesaver if you don't want to go through the process of repotting everything you own. Click here to view their inventory.

11. Harris Seeds

Harris Seeds website product page

Whether you're looking for bags of compost, compost pellets, or compost tea, Harris Seeds has what you are looking for.  From compost to the plants you might want to place in it, their website is set up for ease of access and customer service. They have their call center hours listed at the bottom of the site so you know when you call with questions, as well as a listed phone number, email address, and physical address for your convenience.

Click here to view their available products.

12. NorthCoast Horticulture Society

NorthCoast Horticulture Society website product page

Founded in the year 2001, NorthCoast Horticulture Society claims a focus on service, solutions, and selection. Not only do they have a decent variety of different products, but they also have a storefront set up on Amazon. What does this mean for you? If you find something of theirs that you want to purchase, you can go to Amazon and buy it there instead of setting up an account on their main website.

Check out their available products by clicking here.

13. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm website product page

White Leaf Flower Farm may not have many options, but their compost is top-notch. It's a mixture of organic materials and minerals and dramatically cuts down on the number of fertilizer applications you are going to have to make. Click here to learn the difference between compost and fertilizer!

Click here to view this product.

14. True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market website product page

True Leaf Market has several different compost options. They also sell worms! Why is that worth mentioning? Worms will help move around the compost, keep the soil loose, and help break down the organic components of the compost, making it easier for your plants to utilize them. Click here to view their products.

15. Bonanza

Bonanza website product page

Bonanza has quite the number of sheep manure-based compost options, as well as a few different compost teas. Many of the products on Bonanza's website have free shipping, which is a great perk. There are several areas on any of the web pages where you can find help if you have questions, and the contact option is on the bottom of the page as well, giving you several options for seeking help when you need it. Click here to view their products.

16. Life and Home

Life and Home website home page

Life and home's website is incredibly easy to navigate, and simple in design, making it easy to find what you're looking for, and easy to compare prices. This enables you to make the best possible purchase for your garden AND your wallet! They have several different kinds of compost and fertilizer, which means you will be able to find whatever you need, and maybe even a few new products to try! Click here to view their available products.

17. Discount99

Discount99 website product page

Discount99 has quite a large number of different products, especially when it comes to composting. Not only do they have many different kinds of composts available for you to purchase, but they have composting equipment as well, in case you are interested in making your own compost. Click here to view their available products.

18. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware website product page

Ace Hardware is more generally known for its tools and, you guessed it, hardware. However, they also have quite a decent gardening section, especially when it comes to their online store. They have a sale section on their website, as well as a tab for different advice and tips you might need for their products. Between that, and a customer service tab at the top of the screen, it will be easy for you to get help and have your questions answered when you need it. Click here to view their available products.

19. Garden's Alive

Garden's Alive website product page

Garden's Alive doesn't only ship compost; they'll ship you worms for your compost too! Worms will help break up the organic matter in the compost, making it easier for your plants to utilize the nutrients.

Click here to view their available products.

20. Gurney's

Gurney's website product page

Gurney's has their site set up in an extremely user-friendly way which allows you to see any sales or exclusive deals that are going on right when you open up the site. They are also set up to offer exclusive deals for anyone who shops using their online site, as opposed to going to one of their physical stores.

They offer just a few options when it comes to compost, but what they lack in variety, they make up for with convenient webpage design, and nine options for customer service, making them easy to work with.

Click here to view their available products.

21. Eartheasy

Eartheasy website product page

The owner of this business has a neat little story that has its foundations in seeking out a simpler life: one that is green, eco-friendly, and sustainable. They have a history of not taking the easy road and building ground roots businesses that provide new jobs, using castoff materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

If you want to make sure you make your purchases from an earth-friendly company who has put in all the hard work, you can't go wrong with Earth Easy. Click here to view their available products.

22. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website product page

Hayneedle has several different things about their website that set it apart from the others. For example, when you search the term compost, you are presented with many different options by which to sort your results. The two obvious ones are by brand and by product. You can sort the compost results not only by the different companies that manufactured them, but by the kinds of results themselves, like composting, or composting equipment, etc. Click here to view their available products.

23. Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm website product page

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm sells, you guessed it, worm based compost. They also sell the worms themselves, which means you can check out this website if you're interested in making your own compost as well! They not only sell the compost and the worms but any equipment you would need as well, making it the perfect online store for all your composting needs. Click here to view the available products.

24. Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company website product page

Gardener's Supply Center has pretty much everything you could need for a garden. They list any promotions you would need to know about at the very top of their page to help you save money, and provide you with any codes you would need to enter at the checkout phase. They care about their customers! https://www.gardeners.com/search?q=compost&simplesearch=submit#q=compost

25. Chelsea Garden Center

Chelsea Garden Center website product page

Chelsea Garden Center doesn't only sell gardening products; they sell plants as well! They opened in 1984, and have two open locations. With a simple focus on soil, plants, and containers, they may not be fancy, but they're worth your notice.

Click here to view their products.

26. A.M. Leonard

A.M. Leonard website product page

A.M. Leonard sticks out by having a $10 discount on your order as soon as you sign up to receive their emails. They also have a tab full of different tips that their customers may need, from help controlling pests to the best product suggestions for the common tools you are going to need in your garden.

Click here to view their available products.

27. East Coast Hardware

East Coast Hardware website product page

What East Coast Hardware's webpage lacks in creativity, it makes up in simplicity and ease of access. They have several different kinds of compost, as well as many products that you can purchase if you are wanting to venture into the world of making your own compost!

Click here to view their available products.

28. Arbico Organics

Arbico Organics website product page

Arbico has everything you need to find a compost that you will be happy with. They have worm castings, compost tea, and the actual compost itself, giving you several different products to choose from so you and your garden can be happy.

Click here to view their available products.

29. Max Warehouse

Max Warehouse website product page

Max Warehouse has almost anything you could need for your home and garden. Bathrooms, heating and air conditioning, or compost, they've got it all. You can sort your search results by a price or brand, making it easy to find precisely what you're looking for.

Click here to view their available products.

30. True Value

True Value website product page

True Value has a nice little bonus to their site. If you have your product shipped to their store to be picked up, you don't have to pay for shipping. You can, of course, have the item shipped to your home, but it will cost you a bit extra.

Click here to view their products.

31. Electrical World

Electrical World website product page

You might not expect a website called Electrical World to carry gardening supplies, but they do! Advertising fast delivery and easy returns, if you end up having a problem with one of their products, you don't have to worry about a hassle when you decide to send it back!

Click here to view their available products.

32. Zen Hydro

Zen Hydro website product page

ZenHydro makes it easy for you to save money, with many different options on their website for sales, clearances, and flash deals. Whether it's compost, you're looking for or some other things for your hydroponic needs, this is a great store to check out.

Click here to view their products.

33. Alsip Home and Nursery

Alsip Home and Nursery website product page

Established in 1969, Alsip Home and Nursery has a history of quality products that you can trust. They even have an app that you can use!

Click here for their available products.

34. Fishnure

Fishnure website product page

Fishnure is unique in that they only offer fish manure as compost, which is undoubtedly an unorthodox method of advertising. Their website is very streamlined, easy to use, and has a blog attached to help answer your questions.

Click here to view their products.

35. Ideal True Value

Ideal True Value website product page

Ideal True Value keeps a total expense count in the top corner of their website, so you don't have to click into your cart to find out how much money you're about to be spending. Their website is easy to navigate, and they have multiple kinds of fertilizer to choose from.

Click here to view their products.

36. SHC Supply

SHC Supply website product page

SHC Supply has one of the most simplistic, no-hassle designs we've seen. You look at the product, and if you decide you want it, enter the number of items you want, and order. There are no frills here, and it makes for a layout that is easy to understand.

Click here to view their products.

37. Hydrobuilder

Hydrobuilder website product page

Hydrobuilder is a website that has pretty much anything you would need for an indoor or outdoor garden. They also, as the name insinuates, are set up to support hydroponics!

Click here to view their current inventory.

38. Etsy

Etsy website product page

Etsy is essentially a support website for many different, individual stores. These stores are independently run by different people all over the world, which means that their available inventory will fluctuate over time. Check frequently to see if they have what you want! This is an excellent option for those of you who would rather put your money toward supporting individual people, as opposed to corporations.

Click here to view the available products.

39. Wakefield Biochar

Wakefield Biochar website product page

Wakefield Biochar has many different kinds of composts, with specific focuses on things like increasing the overall health of the soil, helping increase plant growth, helping to make your plants disease resistant, as well as drought-resistant.

Click here to view the available products.

40. GroGen

GroGen website product page

GrowGen sells many different kinds of compost, including, but not limited to, bags of compost, compost teas, and compost tea bags. They have almost anything you could need for your composting needs, whether you're interested in making your own composted, or just purchasing some to use.

Click here to view their inventory.

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