What Type Of Grease Is Best For Mower Spindles?

The best lawnmower spindle grease shields spindles from abrasion, rust, and dampness, thereby prolonging their service. How can you choose the ideal lubricant for your mower when there are so many products to consider?

We examined a wide range of lawnmowers and reviewed user feedback from several sources. Please keep reading to see what we found below!

The best lawn mower grease is lithium-based and sodium-based, which works well with lawn mower spindles—these grease feature more robust essential components than other variants.

If you use them properly, these formulas can work over a long period because they do not decay as quickly as other greases.

The spindles are responsible for rotating the blades. Therefore, they need proper lubrication to sustain their efficiency. Choosing the best lubricant for your spindles is a significant element of machine maintenance. With that said, let's dive right in!

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What Grease Is Best For Mower Spindles?

Using the proper grease for spindles is crucial because it provides a layer of protection between the metal surfaces of the spindle and the lawn mower blades. The shielding protects the razors and keeps them sharp.

Lithium-based and sodium-based greases are identified to work well with mower spindles. These lubricating greases have a thickener, base oil, and additives.

These components are robust to support the cyclic movement of the spindle during mowing operation.

They perform well even in high temperatures, are water resistant, and in other harsh environmental conditions, the mower operates on. The grease components don't decay quickly or break down even in water.

Additionally, these types of grease increase productivity due to lesser downtime of the lawn mower. This makes mowing easier and prolongs the lifespan of the machine.

Lubricant of grease (Lithium normal NLGI 3). Yellow appearance in the blue drum. The high viscosity of grease which used in industrial (machine, equipment) and automotive (wheel bearing).

What Grease Brands Work Best For Mower Spindles?

Here are the recommended mower spindle lubricants we have for mower spindles:

Original Equipment Grease by John Deere

It is a durable, heavily loaded lubricant that can withstand diverse weather conditions, including high temperatures and pressure.

When applied to the spindle of a lawn mower, it will keep it running and performing as efficiently as possible for an extended period.

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Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease by Super Lube

The Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease inhibits corrosion and rust on delicate components. Heavy-duty bearing applications, chilly and hot temperatures, dampness, moist and corrosive conditions, and medium-speed operations are all excellent.

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White Lithium Grease by Lucas Oil

This type of grease is one of the best mower greases available. It contains anti-additives that offer a higher level of protection.

Additionally, it shields the spindle from temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Also, you can use this grease on other engines and lawn mower wheels.

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Extreme Grease from Quicksilver

Quicksilver Extreme Grease, a new grease, outperforms the lubricating oils it replaces in terms of corrosion and rust resistance. Furthermore, it provides superior wear prevention in high temperature and high load conditions.

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Marine-Grade Grease by WD-40 Specialist

A WD-40 is a multi-purpose lubricant that comes with a straw. Depending on your spraying technique, you can use a straw to spray the lubrication. This product uses recyclable cans to make the environment cleaner. It is an excellent lubricant at high temperatures.

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What Should You Consider When Choosing A Lubricant For Mower Spindles?

Mechanic with dirty hand from grease to use.

Finding the appropriate oil for your lawn mower spindle may be difficult due to the abundance of products on the market making excessive claims.

Consider these factors when selecting the best lubricant for your machinery:


Make sure the brand you choose is reputable and well-known. Choose a manufacturer of high-quality, user-friendly machinery. This factor will guarantee the best results when you add grease to your mower's spindles.

Product Type

Some types of grease are more suitable for different types of equipment than others. For example, a lubricant with additives that can withstand extreme temperatures is best for outdoor machinery.

Corrosion Resistant

The ideal lubricant should contain anti-corrosion properties to keep the machinery from rusting. It must also be resistant to water and oxidation to avoid corrosion.

Thermal Reactivity

Thermal Reactivity The lubricant should increase heat resistance to prevent corrosion because high temperatures can wear down machine parts and cause failure. The long-term behavior of the grease is affected by mechanical stability.


The grease is suitable for almost any lubrication-required application. Aside from the spindle, it must benefit other mowing components to improve overall performance and lengthen the lifespan of the lawn mower.

How Do You Grease A Lawnmower Spindle?

Only a grease gun and a jar of grease are needed to lubricate the spindle shaft. Most mower spindles feature a grease fitting, which simplifies this process.

Just gather your equipment and follow these guidelines to grease your lawnmower's spindle:

1. Gather The Necessary Tools

To start the process, you prepare gloves, a cotton pad, a wrench, a screw set, the necessary greasing cartridge, and a greased pistol. The location of a lawnmower's spindles is on the deck.

Remove the mower deck to access the spindles.

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2. Complete Your Prep

To begin, turn off the engine and unplug the spark plug wire to avoid an accident while working on or near moving parts. Also, apply the parking brakes. A stationary mower is the only way to work safely and comfortably.

3. Disconnect The Mower Deck

Keep the blades from hitting the ground, and lift the blade retention handle. Drag down the adjustment level's lever to drop it before detaching the mower deck. Lastly, pull the belt off the engine pulley and the belt keepers.

4. Remove The Suspension Arms

You can use suspension arms to secure the center of the deck to the frame. To separate the washers and pins from the frame's two sides, remove them.

5. Apply Grease To The Spindles

Locate each one's plastic coverings and take them off using a screwdriver or wrench. Next, fill the barrel of the grease gun. To remove the gun barrel from the head, turn it counterclockwise.

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6. Reinstall Your Removed Parts

Reconnect the sections you had previously separated from the mower once the spindles have been well-greased. Examine the mower once more. As a result, you must ensure that the bearing in your mower is properly oiled.

How Can You Tell A Mower's Spindles Have A Problem?

On lawnmowers, spindles assist in transferring power from the engine to the blade. Even the high-strength materials used to build a spindle can fail when exposed to outside forces.

Let's examine the warning signs of a damaged or dysfunctional mower deck spindle.

A Grumbling Lawnmower

Worker guy shake pour grass from lawn mower bag into wheelbarrow. Garden meadow lawn cutting. Summer works in garden. Static shot.

When a spindle begins to malfunction, it typically emits a new, strange noise. Due to collapsing bearings, the spindle may come into contact with the housing.

This problem will cause an audible sound to occur. The sound of metal colliding with metal is foreboding.

Irregular Cuts Of Grass

A spindle with collapsing bearings in a lawn mower might deteriorate with time. As a result, it won't be able to sit upright inside the housing.

This issue arises if the spindle is deformed, leaving unevenly cut grass in its path.

Belt Keeps Slipping

The unusual tilt of the spindle could cause the belt to slip off the pulley. You might also notice looseness in the belt that was not there before.

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A Conspicuous Risk

Just by looking at the lawnmower, you might notice something odd. For example, the blade might not be in the middle of the deck. Perhaps the pulleys are unintentionally moved up and down by the belt.

A bent spindle or damaged bearings is the reason for one of these problems.

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Strange Vibrations From The Mower

A faulty spindle with faulty bearings will have more room to move inside the housing. As a result, there will be significant movement as the belt moves.

The lawn mower will vibrate as a result of the motion. A bent spindle will also cause the blade to rotate unevenly.

Faulty Spindle Bearings

High precision machine parts bearing isolate on white background in workshop

When you ignore a defective spindle, it will eventually stop working. The lack of bearings will result in persistent metal-on-metal rubbing, which will cause the spindle to wear over time.

The blade, pulley, and belt will all fall off in this situation.

To Wrap It Up

A lawnmower's spindle can have numerous functions. When used correctly, you prolong their lifespan. Although there are several advantages to using grease, the most important is that it makes operating a mower easier. It also protects against rust.

The John Deere Original Equipment Lubricant is the best lubricant for mower spindles based on the following specifications.

It is a flexible grease applicable to different machinery, including tractors, vehicles, and construction equipment. One of the reasons it is well-liked by consumers is it is highly resistant to heat and corrosion.

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