Ways To Enjoy The Long Labor Day Weekend In The Garden

Labor Day weekend presents a great opportunity for gardeners. The extra day off work is the perfect time to tackle garden projects, both big and small.

From planting fall crops to crafting garden art, a long weekend allows the time needed to accomplish goals.

A day spent digging in the dirt, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the fruits of your labor in the garden is good for your body and spirit.

Let Labor Day be your time to make the most of your garden! Embrace the freedom a holiday weekend brings by immersing yourself in the soil and nature's beauty.

A hand trowel used for replanting plants

Check out these ideas and get digging:

  • Get a head start on fall planting. Crops like spinach, lettuce, and kale prefer cooler weather and can be planted now.
  • Transplant or divide overgrown perennials. Labor Day weekend is an optimal time for this garden task. Splitting congested plants encourages healthy new growth.
  • Start a compost pile. Gather fallen leaves, garden trimmings, and kitchen scraps to create nutrient-rich compost for next year. A long weekend is great for starting this project!
  • Solarize the soil. Lay down plastic sheeting to solarize areas where you want to eliminate weeds and pests. The extra daylight will boost the effects.
  • Clean up tired summer plants. Pull out finished annuals and tidy up perennials to make room for autumn interest.
  • Do a full garden clean up. Clear out debris, pull weeds, edge beds, and get things looking spiffy. The extra time makes it less daunting.
  • Plant bulbs for spring blooms. Labor Day is the perfect time to plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring flowering bulbs. They'll reward you next year!
  • Build a raised bed. Construct a new garden bed from wood, stone, or other material.
  • Make DIY garden art. Paint rocks or create mosaic stepping stones to add personalized flair. Crafts are fun holiday weekend activities.
  • Experiment with seed saving. Try your hand at collecting seeds from spent vegetable plants and flowers. It's an educational garden task.
  • Create a bird and pollinator habitat. Add native plants, bird houses, bee hotels and other wildlife elements to your garden. Help nature thrive!
  • Do a full garden inventory. Take stock of what performed well and what needs improvement. Plan changes and make a wish list for next year.
  • Take garden photos. Document your beds, borders, plants and projects. Compare year-to-year progress.
  • Visit a public garden. Be inspired by the ideas and designs of botanical gardens, arboretums, and estates open to the public.
  • Check out a plant sale. Look for deals on new plants and garden supplies. Expand your collection!
  • Prune shrubs and trees. Labor Day is a perfect time for pruning many woody plants. Shape up your garden structure.
  • Build trellises and supports. Sturdy structures allow vining crops and flowers to grow upward. Make ones from wood, branches, wire fencing.
  • Sow a cover crop. Plant fast-growing green manures like clover or buckwheat to enrich soil over winter.
  • Install pathways and hardscaping. Add stepping stones, gravel, bricks and other materials to define beds and improve flow.
  • Do garden-themed crafts. Make garden markers, signs, art prints, wreaths and arrangements from natural materials in your landscape.

However you choose to spend it, let Labor Day be an opportunity. Plant, prune, craft, and create!

Let us know what you decide to do this holiday weekend.

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  1. Very good idea s I am going to get out in the yard this afternoon cut some grass pull some weeds laid down some new weed cover put down new mulch

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