Hoo’s Your Buddy? The Heartwarming Story Of A Man And His Owl Pals

Have you ever wanted to become best friends with an owl?

What about becoming besties with an entire family of precious owls?

Family portrait of eurasian owls

This lucky man, Jos Baart, from the Netherlands started with one Eurasian eagle owl coming to his window, leading to the entire family making frequent stops at his apartment.

Not only did Jos Baart put out planters in front of his window with reluctance, but he also admitted his fear of pigeons. (He continued to mention his angst for pigeons throughout the video.)

So, when he first heard these owls hooting early in the morning: you can only imagine the thoughts running through his head.

He must have thought hundreds of rabid pigeons were waiting to be let inside.

We get it: pigeons can be creepy.


However, that couldn't be further from what was happening outside his window.

To his surprise, Jos saw one gorgeous Eurasian eagle owl, the largest bird that inhabits that area. This unique owl is the biggest species in Europe, so having one at his window is a big deal.

Female eurasian eagle owl bird

For the first week, the one owl that had made a nest outside Jos's window would hide, flying away as soon as any attention came its way.

Luckily, after a few unsuccessful tries, Jos Baart was able to see it was, in fact, a stunning owl.

This owl had decided to make the planter outside Jos's apartment window its new home, foreshadowing what happens next.

Yes, it's the cutest thing you will see today, and we also have the heart-warming video:

Within a short while, one gorgeous owl turned into FOUR.

Owl chicks on the nest

This clarified that the owl was a female and revealed she had been pregnant when she made her way to the apartment window.

We don't know about you, but this makes for the perfect Discovery Channel docu-series.

As the new owls hatched, you'd think they and their mom would fly away: WRONG.

Mother and juvenile European eagle owl in the nest

Instead, these four owls decided to make Jos's apartment window their new haven. The new family of four became something that Jos and social media could keep a watchful eye on.

During an interview with Vroege Vogels, Jos mentions how he regularly talks with the owls.

He'll tap against the window, say hello, and go about his day in the apartment. Imagine coming home to four adorable owls staring through your living room window.


Since this situation is so unusual, it's only obvious to ask if these owls have become dependent/domesticated.

Although the owls haven't told us anything, they will likely stay with Jos for the foreseeable future.

It's odd for owls to have such calmness around humans, so it's safe to say Jos has the magic touch. You can feel his passion towards these owls, as they've all become close pals.

Jos also claims the owls love watching TV each day with him.

Couple watching tv near window

On top of daytime fun, the Eurasian eagle owl family also enjoys a bit of R&R through the evening. They love sitting in the window and watching television alongside Jos, so we're curious about their favorite show.

We want to assume a Real Housewives franchise, but the jury's still out.

Do you have any owls in your garden? Do they watch TV with you?

Let us know below in the comments! 😉

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