Get Inspired by These 30+ Breathtaking Purple Succulent Varieties

Nature has a way of surprising us with its colors, and purple succulents are a perfect example. In this article, we introduce you to over 30 varieties of these stunning plants.

Each one showcases a unique shade of purple, from subtle lavender hues to bold, royal purples. We’ll take you through each variety, showing you that beauty and practicality can indeed go hand in hand.

1. Echeveria 'Orion'

A small purple red tipped Echeveria 'Orion'

Echeveria 'Orion' catches the eye with its striking rosettes, a marvelous display for any gardening enthusiast.

This succulent grows into a silvery blue symphony that takes on a pink-to-purple tinge under the generous kiss of bright sunlight.

It's the offspring of Echeveria lilacina and Echeveria pulidonis, boasting a beautiful waxy coating known as farina, which provides a frosted appearance.

2. Echeveria 'Dusty Rose'

Bright purple leaves with a light pink tip of a Echeveria 'Dusty Rose'

Meet the Echeveria 'Dusty Rose,' a stunning succulent that captures attention with its powdery pinkish-violet leaves. It's a real crowd-pleaser with leaves that intensify in color under bright sunlight.

The 'Dusty Rose' forms rosettes that can spread out and generously offset, creating a visually appealing cluster.

3. Sempervivum 'Purple Beauty'

Green to purple tip of a Sempervivum 'Purple Beauty'

This succulent thrives outdoors, soaking up the sun to flaunt darl purple hues in winter. It's easy to love with its low water needs and full sun desire.

Each leaf may reveal unique watermarks—natural wavy striations due to its protective farina wax. It's also critter-resistant, making it a hassle-free addition to any garden.

4. Anacampseros Rufescens 'Sunrise Succulent'

Gorgeous purple to green tip of a Anacampseros Rufescens 'Sunrise succulent'

Anacampseros rufescens, often called the Sunrise Succulent, is a gem for any plant lover.

It boasts a stunning display of colorful leaves, blossoming into a striking mix of greens, pinks, and purples under sufficient lighting.

5. Echeveria Black Prince

Gorgeous dark red Echeveria Black Prince

Echeveria 'Black Prince' commands attention with its strikingly dark leaves, making it a standout among the purple varieties.

Its rosettes feature fleshy leaves with a deep purple, almost black hue, contrasting beautifully with the green center.

This succulent adds a gothic flair to any collection, and many admire it for the mood it evokes in their garden designs.

6. Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Blue to light pink leaves of an Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Brighten your garden with the stunning Echeveria 'Afterglow.' This evergreen succulent is a true showstopper with its large, rosette-shaped arrangement of leaves.

The fleshy foliage dazzles in powdery lavender-pink edged with vibrant pink highlights that blush brighter under the full sun.

7. Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

Dark red leaves of a Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ is a stunning succulent that's sure to catch the eye. Commonly known as the Black Rose, this plant brings a dramatic flair to any garden with its dark burgundy, almost black leaves.

In bright sunlight, their large rosettes deepen to a rich, velvety black, providing a striking contrast against lighter foliage. 

8. Sedum Spathulifolium ‘Purpureum’ (Broadleaf Stonecrop)

Dark purple leaves with a charcoal texture Sedum Spathulifolium ‘Purpureum’

This variety takes on a particularly beautiful hue, blending shades of green, silvery gray, and a lively purple.

Its spoony, broad leaves form eye-catching, compact rosettes that work perfectly in a variety of garden settings.

9. Lithops Optica Rubra

Pinkish red color of a Lithops Optica Rubra

Often nicknamed "Living Stones," this variety features unique pinkish-purple leaves.

This sought-after variety grows in pairs of two club-shaped leaves, reaching up to an inch in diameter. Often, the stems are hidden, leaving only the leaf tops visible.

In contrast to its stone-like appearance, the Lithops optica 'Rubra' blooms with white flowers. Occasionally, the flowers display delicate pink tips, the hidden potential of these modest succulents.

10. Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’

Gardener holding a small Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’

This succulent's captivating lavender hues will brighten any room or garden. It's cherished for its strikingly symmetrical and plump leaves that can add an air of luxury to any collection.

These ornamental blooms typically grace the plant in summer, adding to its allure, sporting one-foot-long flowering stems and coral, bell-like flowers — which you may find irresistible.

11. Graptopetalum Amethystinum (Lavender Pebbles)

Bead like leaves of a Graptopetalum Amethystinum (Lavender Pebbles)

Graptopetalum Amethystinum, also known as Lavender Pebbles, is a pretty succulent with chubby leaves that look like pebbles.

The leaves are a mix of lavender and pink, making the plant look like a gem. It's easy to care for and adds a nice splash of color to any space.

12. Crassula Marginalis Rubra Variegata (Calico Kitten)

Bright red and green leaves of a Crassula Marginalis Rubra Variegata

The Crassula Marginalis Rubra Variegata, commonly known as the Calico Kitten, is the embodiment of charm in the succulent family.

Its leaves swirl with shades of reddish-purple, green, and creamy white, creating a quilt-like tapestry of color. The Calico Kitten blooms with small, white flowers, signaling the end of spring.

They make excellent additions to succulent arrangements or as charming companions in a hanging basket.

13. Pleiospilos Nelii ‘Royal Flush’

Small pink and beige Pleiospilos Nelii ‘Royal Flush’

Pleiospilos Nelii ‘Royal Flush’ is a delightful succulent that enchants with its vibrant purple hues.

Originating from South Africa, this plant resembles a rock split down the middle, giving it the nickname "Split Rock."

Its leaves are thick, almost hemispherical, and boast a beautiful array of colors from rose to deep purple.

14. Kalanchoe X Houghtonii (Mother of Millions Hybrid)

Drooping pink leaves of a Kalanchoe X Houghtonii

Kalanchoe X Houghtonii, often known as the Mother of Millions hybrid, offers an enchanting appeal with its vibrant purple-tinted leaves.

This monocarpic succulent is a sight to behold in any garden or indoor space. It boasts unique, boat-shaped leaves that invite admiration.

Kalanchoe X Houghtonii grows upright and can reach a notable 30 inches in height. The serrated margins of the leaves are not just for show; they sprout tiny plantlets, distinguishing them from other succulents.

15. Sempervivum ‘Killer’

Dark Maroon leaves of a Sempervivum ‘Killer’

Meet Sempervivum ‘Killer,’ a succulent that boasts year-round appeal with its vibrant hues and dynamic growth patterns.

Gardeners adore this stunning variety for its olive-green rosettes adorned with splashes of dark red to mahogany as the seasons change. It's a real showstopper in any succulent collection!

16. Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Lilac Mound’

Different colors of bead like leaves of a Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Lilac Mound’

The Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Lilac Mound’ beckons with its vibrant tapestry of bluish-green leaves, delightfully tinged with pink to purple hues.

Thriving in full sun, its colors brighten to a more intense palette, enchanting any onlooker. This low-growing succulent forms a dense, colorful carpet that's perfect for adding a radiant splash to any garden.

17. Mangave ‘Mission To Mars’

Spikey leaves of a Mangave ‘Mission To Mars’

Meet the show-stopping Mangave 'Mission to Mars,' a succulent that's truly out of this world! This hybrid marvel combines the best features of its Agave and Manfreda ancestors.

With a growth rate faster than that of traditional Agaves, it's a gardener's dream to add quick color to the landscape.

18. Pachyphytum Oviferum ‘Moonstones’

Gorgeous vibrant leaves of a Pachyphytum Oviferum ‘Moonstones’

Adored for its distinctive, chubby leaves, Pachyphytum Oviferum ‘Moonstones’ captures the essence of a celestial body right in your garden!

This succulent variety flaunts a medley of plump, pastel leaves that can range in hues from a soft lavender to a bluish-purple tint. They truly resemble silvery moon rocks.

19. Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’

Wavey leaves of a Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’

Echeveria 'Neon Breakers' dazzles with its unique purple rosettes and vibrant pink, ruffled edges. They thrive when basking in bright sunlight, which intensifies their already striking hues.

You're in for a treat as this beauty graces their space with pink flowers in spring.

20. Sempervivum Tectorum ‘Purple Beauty’

Green to purple leaves of a Sempervivum Tectorum ‘Purple Beauty’

Also known as the "Common Houseleek," this purple succulent stands out for its ability to brave the cold while flaunting its beauty.

If you're looking to add some purple panache to their outdoor succulent collection, the Sempervivum 'Purple Beauty' is a perfect choice. 

21. Hylotelephium Telephium ‘Purple Emperor’

Pink leaves of a Hylotelephium Telephium ‘Purple Emperor’

Introducing the stunning Hylotelephium 'Purple Emperor,' a succulent that captivates with its regal deep bronze-purple foliage.

Its robust stems rise erect, forming clumps up to 15 inches tall, each leaf a testament to the plant's royal namesake.

This particular succulent dazzles with more than just its royal hue; it's also incredibly easy to care for.

22. Tradescantia Pallida ‘Purpurea’

A stunningly bright pink flower of a Tradescantia Pallida ‘Purpurea’

Also known as the Purple Heart, this plant is cherished for its rich purple foliage that provides a pop of color in any setting. Its leaves are long and pointed, with an intriguing texture that catches the light.

23. Echeveria ‘Purple Pearl’

Gradient mixture of colors ranging from pink, green, and light blue Echeveria ‘Purple Pearl’

Discover the charm of Echeveria 'Purple Pearl,' a stunning succulent that adds a splash of color to any garden.

This particular variety is celebrated for its luscious, rosette-shaped foliage that blends olive green and lavender-rose hues, beautifully outlined with pink edges.

24. Purple Rose Tree (Aeonium arboretum ‘Atropurpureum’)

Dark maroon colors of a Purple Rose Tree

This stunning succulent is a show-stopper with its glossy, dark-purple rosettes that bring a splash of drama to any garden.

When bathed in full sunlight, the leaves can appear almost black—imagine that rich contrast!

25. Echeveria Agavoides ‘Romeo’ (Romeo Wax Agave)

Deep purplish red leaves of a Echeveria Agavoides ‘Romeo’ (Romeo Wax Agave)

With its striking deep red leaves, this variety stands out in a sea of greenery. It's a petite plant that adds a vibrant splash of color to your collection.

They usually bloom in the spring with pink or red flowers, adding an extra allure to this stunning succulent.

26. Othonna Capensis ‘Ruby’s Necklace’

Round purple and maroon colored leaves of a Othonna Capensis ‘Ruby’s Necklace’

Even though it's called 'Ruby's Necklace,' this succulent looks more like it's made of purple gems. Its grape-like leaves turn a deep purple in the sun, giving it a royal, eye-catching look.

This gives it a distinctive, regal appearance, making it a standout addition to any collection of plants.

27. Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Deep purple colored Santa Rita Prickly Pear

The Santa Rita Prickly Pear enchants with its exquisite pads that dance through shades of blue-gray and purple. 

This succulent isn't just about looks; it's also hardy and drought-resistant. You'll admire how the pads turn a rich purple in winter, creating a striking contrast in the garden.

28. Aeonium 'Velour'

Dark maroon colored leaves of a Aeonium 'Velour'

This evergreen, perennial succulent stands out with its glossy, fleshy leaves that create a showy rosette. The hues are simply captivating, ranging from a deep, dark chocolate to a lavish purple.

What's more, 'Velour' exhibits an upright growth habit with branching stems that can reach impressive heights.

29. Sempervivum Arachnoideum (Cobweb Houseleek)

Hairy leaves of a Sempervivum Arachnoideum

Sempervivum Arachnoideum is a fascinating plant, bringing a touch of whimsy to any garden. Its striking cobweb-like structure tops each rosette, making it look like something out of a fairy tale.

Cobweb Houseleek thrives in rocky substrates and is a delightful sight in rock gardens and alpine displays.

30. Echeveria ‘Raindrops’

Green leaves of a Echeveria ‘Raindrops’

Meet the charming Echeveria 'Raindrops,' a true jewel among succulents with its plump, round leaves that seem to be kissed by dew.

This succulent variety captures hearts with its distinctive bumps or "raindrops" that appear at the tips of its leaves, giving it an enchanting personality.

31. Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

Triangular shaped leaves of a Echeveria ‘Raindrops’

Graptopetalum Paraguayense, commonly known as the Ghost Plant, invites admiration with its captivating hues and striking rosette pattern.

This succulent showcases a spectrum of colors, transcending from a soft grayish-white to pastel purples and pinks, especially under stress from the sun or cold.

32. Echeveria ‘Blue Prince’

A gradient of deep blue to maroon colored leaves of an Echeveria ‘Blue Prince’

The Echeveria 'Blue Prince' delights plant enthusiasts with its stunningly vibrant leaves. It boasts a rosette shape that captivates onlookers, making it a star in any succulent collection.

Anyone eager to enhance their garden with a royal flair will adore this variety. Its leaves are spoon-shaped, crafted into a tight cluster, and have a powdery coating, giving it a regal blue-green hue.

33. Echeveria ‘Black Knight’

Deep dark blue leaves of an Echeveria ‘Black Knight’

Echeveria 'Black Knight' is a striking succulent that's sure to catch the eye in any garden. With its dark, fleshy leaves forming a distinctive rosette, this variety brings a touch of sophisticated drama.

It's a plant that doesn't shy away from the limelight and often becomes a talking point for visitors admiring its unique beauty.

34. Sempervivum ‘Commander Hay’

Maroon to green tips of a Sempervivum ‘Commander Hay’

Sempervivum means "live forever," and this hardy perennial lives up to its name through its evergreen presence. The Commander Hay sports fleshy, purplish-red leaves, with each rosette growing up to 4 inches wide.

They are especially charming thanks to their pointed, bright green tips, which contrast beautifully with the reddish-purple leaves.

35. Echeveria ‘Tippy’

Green and maroon tipped Echeveria ‘Tippy’

Echeveria ‘Tippy’ charms with its delightful rosette shape and playful colors. This succulent boasts pale blue-green leaves, each uniquely tipped with a soft rose hue.

In size, Echeveria ‘Tippy’ typically spans about 6 inches wide, making it a perfect resident for compact spaces. These plants delight not only the eyes but also the local hummingbirds with their inviting, orange bell-shaped flowers.

36. Graptoveria ‘Debbie’

Bright purple leaves of a Graptoveria ‘Debbie’

Graptoveria 'Debbie' enchants with its rosy purple hues, adding a touch of whimsy to any succulent collection.

A hybrid between Graptopetalum amethystinum and an unidentified Echeveria species, this plant delights with fleshy, opalescent leaves forming tight rosette clusters.

37. Sempervivum ‘Oddity’

Beautiful green and dark purple leaves of a Sempervivum ‘Oddity’

Meet the captivating Sempervivum 'Oddity,' a true standout in the purple succulent world. Garden enthusiasts admire it for its unique, tube-shaped leaves that curl into quirky quills.

Each quill proudly shows off a hint of color, ranging from lime green to a blushing red or purple at the tips.

38. Sedum Telephium 'Dark Magic'

Small pink leaves of a Sedum Telephium 'Dark Magic'

Last but not least, we got the Dark Magic! As its name suggests, this succulent adds a mystical touch to any space.

It has thick, deep purple leaves that almost look black, and in the summer, it blooms with bright pink flowers. This striking contrast creates a dramatic, eye-catching display.

Wrapping Up Your Purple Succulent Exploration

You can easily add a splash of color to your plant collection with the stunning array of purple succulents available.

They offer varied shades from deep violet to soft lavender, suiting all your color preferences and garden designs.

Whether you're drawn to soft pastels or deep jewel tones, there's a perfect purple succulent out there, ready to bring joy and a touch of elegance to your space!

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