12 Poinsettia Varieties To Know

Poinsettias, the holiday season's most beloved plant, offers a dazzling array of colors that can transform your home into a festive wonderland.

From pristine whites to playful pinks and even bold greens, these varieties are more than just plants—they celebrate the holiday spirit.

Find your perfect poinsettia match and transform your home!

1. Ecke Red

The Ecke Red poinsettia is a classic decoration choice, renowned for its deep, rich red bracts and lush appearance.

Bright red leaves of poinsettia flowers

Like any other poinsettia, this cultivar blooms and produces flowers as autumn nights lengthen, blooming naturally during November or December.

It features rounded, total growth, making it an attractive and reliable option for consistent aesthetics.

2. Marble Star

The Marble Star poinsettia captivates with its unique bract pattern of creamy white and pink marbling, a charming deviation from the classic red.

Mixture of bright pink and white colors of a marble star poinsettia

It is set against dark green leaves and offers a subtle yet visually appealing addition to your decor.

This variety, perfect for tabletops or as an accent, provides a stylish, gentle contrast with its swirling hues, enhancing your space without overpowering it.

3. Polar Bear

The Polar Bear poinsettia brings a sense of winter wonder to your home with its large, pristine white bracts, occasionally marked with green striations for a striking contrast.

Bright light yellow leaves of Polar bear poinsettias

Dark green leaves complement its white bracts, and its form is a traditional star shape.

4. Winter Rose

This variety captivates with its unique, rose-like bracts, creating an appearance akin to a bouquet of roses, perfect for the holiday season. Its curled bracts bloom in lush, deep reds, adding an extra touch to winter decor.

Up close photo of poinsettia flowers

Winter Rose is compact and rounded, making it ideal for smaller spaces where a touch of natural elegance is desired.

5. Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves poinsettia brings the warm, captivating hues of Autumn to your garden with its unique bracts that resemble fall foliage.

Bright blooming red leaves of Autumn leaves poinsettia

This variety features rich yellow bracts, subtly touched with tiny pink specks, becoming more pronounced in the smaller, developing bracts. Its color, predominantly yellow with pink dots, blooms mid-season.

6. Princettia Pink

The Princettia Pink poinsettia adds a soft, inviting hue with its vibrant pink bracts that encircle small, central yellow flowers.

Gorgeous bright pink leaves of a Pricenttia pink poinsettia

Poinsettia Pink's uniqueness lies in its distinct color and compact shape, setting it apart from classic poinsettias. It features dense foliage and numerous pink bracts, forming a lush, dome-like appearance.

7. Ice Punch

The Ice Punch Poinsettia adds a vibrant and artistic twist with its striking color pattern.

Blooming white and red leaves of an ice punch flower

Each bract is a bright, rosy red with a bold white streak down the center, creating a spectacular reverse marble effect reminiscent of frost.

This will captivate and add a unique touch to your holiday decoration with its distinctive, eye-catching look.

8. Orange Spice

The Orange Spice Poinsettia is a vibrant addition to any holiday plant collection, offering a cheerful twist with its radiant orange-red bracts. This variety stands apart from traditional deep reds, bringing warm hues to your festive decor.

Bright orange leaves of an orange spice variety of poinsettia

Unique in its transformative growth, Orange Spice begins with a paler red tone, gradually blossoming into a bold orange as it matures, especially in warmer climates.

9. Jingle Bells

The Jingle Bells poinsettia adds a playful touch of vibrant red bracts spotted with creamy pink dots, offering a whimsical twist on the classic Christmas red.

Jingle Bells poinsettia blooming bright with white and red

This variety seamlessly blends with traditional decorations, providing a fresh yet subtle novelty for those who appreciate a blend of the classic and the new in their ensemble.

10. Envy

The Envy poinsettia is an intriguing and unique variety, particularly notable for its vibrant lime-green bracts.

Up close photo of the bright red leaves of Envy variety poinsettia

This color choice represents a significant departure from the traditional red poinsettias associated with the holiday season, providing a refreshing and contemporary twist.

11. Cortez Burgundy

The Cortez Burgundy poinsettia is distinguished by its deep, rich burgundy bracts, which exude a luxurious and sophisticated vibe.

Bright yellow leaves of Cortez Burgundy flowers

The velvety texture of its bracts further enhances its opulent appearance, adding depth and visual interest. It pairs exceptionally well with gold or silver accents, offering opportunities for lavish and festive arrangements.

12. Golden Glow

With its serene golden-yellow bracts, the Golden Glow offers an elegant, warm alternative to traditional red varieties. Its subtle sheen captures light beautifully, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Golden glow variety Poinsettia

Versatile for both traditional and modern decors, it pairs well with greenery or white accents. This variety's lush, total growth adds understated elegance to festive settings.

Caring for Poinsettias

Keep your poinsettias thriving with simple, practical care tips. Ensure they get consistent moisture by watering when the soil feels dry and allow excess water to drain to avoid soggy soil.

Please place them in a spot with indirect sunlight for at least 6 hours daily and maintain a comfortable room temperature, slightly more relaxed at night.

Stay vigilant for common pests and diseases. Keep your plants healthy with regular pruning in spring or early summer.

When repotting, choose a slightly larger pot with good drainage and use a well-draining, peat-based potting mix for optimal growth.

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