The TikTok Plant Whisperer: Uncovering the Secrets of PlantsbyMelissa

Do you believe in plant whisperers? Well, Melissa, known as “PlantsbyMelissa” on TikTok, just might be one. With over 200 houseplants, Melissa has become a sensation on the platform. She showcases her thriving indoor jungle from her home in Savannah, Georgia.

Melissa’s videos feature beautiful shots of her plants, soothing background music, and occasionally, her soft-spoken voice. Her videos provide a secret window into the world of indoor gardening and its benefits.

@plantsbymelissa This monstera albo is so special 🥹 #monsteraalbo #monsteraalbovariegata #variegatedplants #variegatedmonstera #indoorplantsdecor #plantinspo #plantsoftiktok #houseplants ♬ Until I Found You - Stephen Sanchez

Above, Melissa inspires others not to give up even when plants seem hopeless. Can you imagine if she'd given up on her monstera albo? That would've been unfortunate.

She has lots of admirers in her comment section. Lots of viewers love the touch of framing the first leaf.

The Soothing World Of Indoor Gardening

Cozy rope swing in living room with green houseplants in flower pot and black vintage chest of drawers.

The videos are calming, and her plants seem to flourish under her care. Melissa doesn’t just show off her plants, she shares her knowledge with gentle positivity too. Her followers are constantly wondering how she achieves such impressive results.

Her answers, sprinkled here and there, are simple and encouraging. She has become a favorite with TikTokers looking for some green inspiration!

One of the keys for successfully growing indoor plants is to not overwhelm the root system. Size up slowly.

@plantsbymelissa I’ll upsize 1-2 inches at most occasionally 3 inches it depends on the plant and how root bound it is. You don’t want to overwhelm the roots with too much soil because that can increase the chance of rot especially if the plant isn’t getting enough light. #monstera #monsteramonday #monsterathaiconstellation #repotting #repottingplants #repottingtips #plantcare #plantcaretips #houseplantcare ♬ original sound - Melissa

The Benefits Of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening has a lot of benefits, the best ones are psychological and physical. Yes! Gardening makes you feel good! You may not know this, but gardening can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Working with plants can increase dexterity and provide a sense of accomplishment. Plus indoor plants provide plenty of fresh oxygen in your indoor air.

Activity And Serotonin in Indoor Gardening

Physical activity doesn’t just happen when you garden outdoors. If you’ve ever lugged all of your houseplants to the bathtub for their monthly ‘shower’, then you know how physically engaging indoor gardening can be!

Even Melissa gives her plant children showers to “clean off dust and microbes” she says in one of her videos.

@plantsbymelissa Showering my plants off to remove dust and dead beneficials. I do this about every 4/6 weeks ☺️ #calathea #calatheas #maranta #marantaleuconeura #calathealovers #prayerplant #prayerplants #marantaceae #plants #houseplants #plantcare #planthacks #planttips #showeringplants ♬ original sound - rhianne

And surprise! Digging in the soil releases microbes like Mycobacterium Vaccae, which can stimulate serotonin, making you feel good and happy.

And a meta-analysis in ScienceDirect showed that even accounting for biases, people who gardened were healthier than those who did not.

The Rise of Indoor Gardening During The Pandemic

The pandemic brought about significant changes in people’s lives, with many experiencing anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about the future. As a result, people started looking for ways to cope and create a calming environment within their homes.

Houseplants became a popular way to do this, with the demand for indoor plants increasing by 18% during this time.

It’s no surprise that indoor gardening became a popular hobby! People found solace in tending to their plant babies and creating a green oasis in their homes.

It’s a trend that has continued long after the enforced isolation ended. Many people are still finding joy and satisfaction in caring for their indoor gardens.

Melissa’s Gardening Techniques

While Melissa doesn’t always provide detailed information on TikTok about her gardening practices, she gives advice here and there and shows glimpses of her techniques.

She also has Youtube videos that are more detailed.  In several TikTok videos, she demonstrates propagating her plants with close-ups while she makes the cuttings.

@plantsbymelissa I propagated my scindapsus silver splash after the repot. I took two cuttings I’m going to root in water ☺️ #propagation #propagate #propagateplants #waterpropagation #scindapsuspictus #scindapsus #plants #houseplants ♬ Au Revoir - Sweet After Tears

In another video, we see how you can root Pilea in either water or soil. And in a comment about the size of the leaves on one of her plants, she advises, “slow-release fertilizer”. She also emphasizes the importance of cleaning tools between uses with Isopropyl alcohol.

Exciting Indoor Plants to Try

There are so many exciting indoor plants that can add a unique touch to your indoor space! One popular option is Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. It features large glossy leaves with unique splits and holes.

Another gorgeous plant is the Fiddle Leaf Fig with its large, violin-shaped leaves that add a dramatic touch to any room. The beautiful violin shape of the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a stunning statement in any room.

For an unusual option, the String of Pearls plant has small, round leaves that resemble beads on a necklace. They look gorgeous cascading down from a hanging planter.

@plantsbymelissa By biggest tip for SOP is light! #sop #stringofpearls #stringof #vsop #variegatedstringofpearls #repotting #plantgrowth #plants #houseplants #trailingplants #plantsoftiktok ♬ In the Bosom - Sweet After Tears

Monstera Deliciosa in Your Room

Let’s focus on cultivating the Monstera Deliciosa in your room. This plant is native to Central and South America and is known for its beautiful, large leaves. It is relatively easy to care for and can adapt well to indoors.

To grow one, you will need a well-draining pot with soil that is rich in organic matter. Place it in bright, indirect light and water it regularly. Don’t overwater!

You can train it to grow vertically up a moss pole which we see in some of Melissa’s videos. You can also train it onto a trellis for a dramatic effect. As the plant grows, it will develop new splits and holes in its leaves, adding to its unique appearance.

@plantsbymelissa Monstera aurea growth! I still remember being so excited about the first new leaf 🥹 the first clip was dec 2021. She grew so well this past year! I got it as a top cut and only took a few months to root and grow. I just got a new leaf with more fenestrations so really excited ☺️ #monsteraaurea #monstera #monsteramonday #variegatedmonstera #variegatedplants #plantgrowth #plantlover #plantsoftiktok ♬ what happened in 2022 - Hendrix Beckitt

In Closing

Melissa, the woman behind PlantsbyMelissa, is seen in her videos with a smile on her face and a calming presence. Her videos and extensive collection of houseplants have earned her a large following in the world of indoor gardening and its benefits.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, her techniques and ideas are helpful to anyone who is looking to grow a thriving indoor garden. With her calm demeanor and love for plants, Melissa is sure to continue to inspire others to embrace the joys of indoor gardening.

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