Pink and Purple Tulips [Types, Pictures and Shopping Links]

Pink and Purple Tulips [Types, Pictures and Shopping Links]A favorite springtime flower, the tulip is instantly recognizable by most. While it comes in a wide variety of colors, pink and purple are two of the most popular shades. These two colors have many different looks of their own, and one over another can make a big difference in your garden.

Different types can have different needs, however. Most of these tulips are happy in hardiness zones 3-7, but a few can handle zones 8 and 9 as well. Well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight are common, though one or two would appreciate a bit of shelter.

Here we've gathered 28 variations of pink and purple tulips, as well as info on each type. Keep reading to find out what these beauties have to offer!

Purple Prince

The tulips are vivid and bold with their violet-purple petals. They're easy to grow either in a garden for cut flowers or in a container and reach up to 14 inches tall. Purple Prince tulips bloom in early spring, around the same time as daffodils, and are long-lasting flowers.

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Burgundy Lace Fringe

Burgundy Lace Fringed tulips are unique little flowers. Their petals have soft, fringed edges that add interest to any bouquet or garden they may be part of. Hummingbirds and butterflies love these tulips, so if you like seeing them in your yard invest in some of these bulbs. Burgundy Lace Fringed tulips will produce vibrant blooms in mid-spring.

Finola Double

Rose and cream shades blend beautifully in this flower. With a peony-like bloom, this tulip works well in a romantic garden and produces a lovely fragrance once it blooms in late spring. These tulips will make a beautiful addition to your garden in late spring.

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Blue Spectacle Double

This deep purple flower has a peony-like structure that's sure to add a softer, romantic vibe to your garden or bouquets. After they bloom in late spring they can grow up to 20 inches. This Blue Spectacle Double tulip is as easy to grow as it is to love.

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Fancy Frilled Fringed

The Fancy Frilled Fringed tulips have a gorgeous edging on each of their petals to make them stand out from other varieties. These bloom in mid-spring, growing up to almost 2 feet tall. This tulip is great as a cut flower, so add some to your garden for fresh spring bouquets.

Green Wave Parrot

If you're looking for a tulip for a cut garden, you absolutely must check out the Green Wave Parrot. This tulip is one of the biggest varieties and has beautiful, unique petals as well as stems that top out at around 2 feet tall. It blooms in late May for a wonderful finish to the spring growing season. Leave them in your garden or add them to an arrangement for a whimsical look.

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Violet Beauty

These late-blooming tulips have a lovely lavender-blue color with a white base. These reach heights of up to 20 inches, perfect for the back portion of a flower bed. These tulips can vary in colors, having either a rose-colored or blueish sheen to them or even blue ribbons through the petals.

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Negrita Triumph

This tulip showcases a deep purple hue that's stunning in gardens and bouquets alike. These are great for forcing in a container and their shape and sturdy stems stand up well to bad weather. Give it 4-6 inches to spread out in and you'll have a beautiful bunch of purple blooms sprouting in mid-spring.

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Stunning Apricot

It's no wonder they named this tulip variety stunning! Gorgeous shades of pink and orange make for a jaw-dropping color on this flower. Sturdy stems on this early-bird bloomer make it hardy and able to withstand heavy showers, while long-lasting blooms mean you get to enjoy them for a good while. You can grow them either outside or force them indoors. And if you can't resist cutting some for a vase, they stand up well to that, too.

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Albert Heijn Fosteriana

An early bloomer, this true pink tulip is perfect for adding beauty to your garden borders. It's also a great variety for indoor forcing and in cut gardens. This tulip will grow up to 12-18 inches, allowing taller flowers behind it in a garden to be showcased easily.

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Alibi Triumph

Soft lavender-pink blooms make for a pretty, soft, springy color in this tulip variety. This tulip is great for indoor forcing or as a cut flower. The Alibi Triumph tulip will grow up to an impressive 2 feet tall and blooms in mid-spring.

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Apricot Parrot

Yellow, salmon-pink, white, and green make up this unique bloom. These tulips bloom in mid-season and produce a pleasant scent to go with their eye-catching flowers. Their petals are frilled and feathery, which gives them the 'parrot' title. While they enjoy full to partial sunlight, the heavier blooms appreciate some protection from the wind. They bloom in May and grow up to 18 inches, making them a beautiful addition to your garden's borders.

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Attila Graffiti Triumph

Rich purple blends with pink and rose shades to create the stunning beauty that is the Attila Graffiti Triumph tulip. This variety has a sturdy stem to help it withstand winds and rain in spring storms, making it a great option for beds or outdoor containers or for a tall cut flower. These tulips grow up to 20 inches tall and produce beautiful blooms in mid-spring.

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Blue Beauty

This tulip provides a soft violet-blue hue with a deeper color ribbon on the inner petals. With a long vase life, this would be perfect for a cut flower garden. These tulips appear in mid-spring and offer gorgeous, rich colors for your springtime landscape.

Purple Triumph

The Purple Triumph tulip has large, cup-shaped blossoms that show off bright royal purple colors. These tulips prefer cool winters and warm, dry summers. They're easy to grow in either gardens or containers and reach up to 16 inches tall with sturdy stems to help them withstand heavy spring showers.

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Curly Sue Fringed

Well-drained soil as well as full to partial sunlight helps bring these beautiful fringed tulips to life in your garden. As they mature, their color varies between lavender and wine. Its long-lasting bloom ensures that after it flourishes in late spring it will stick around until early summer. These are taller tulips, topping out at 22 inches in height, so plant these further back if you have them in a garden.

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Dazzling Desire

These huge, peony-like tulips can grow blooms that measure up to 6 inches across on up to 16 inches of stem. Bright and showy blooms come in shades of white and pink for a vibrant addition to your late spring garden. Give these tulips 4-6 inches of space to grow to ensure they will be happy and healthy when forced indoors or grown for cutting.

Del Piero Triumph

White tulips with bright pink edges and speckles make this a unique yet favorite variety for spring bouquets. These tulips grow up to 18 inches tall when planted in well-drained soil and provided plenty of sunlight. These bloom in mid-spring and are perfect for a garden border.

Design Impression Darwin

The Design Impression Darwin hybrid tulip will definitely leave an impression in your garden. These blooms are huge and are said to be the largest of the pink tulips. Sturdy stems hold the large rose and apricot blooms for 3-4 weeks after they appear in mid-spring.

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Don Quichotte Triumph

This tulip is perfect if you want a variety that returns each year reliably. It has a bright, vibrant pink bloom on a sturdy stem that makes it a favorite for areas that get frequent spring storms. If you want a tulip for forcing or cutting, Don Quichotte is a great choice.

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Hemisphere Triumph

Hemisphere Triumph tulips have their own set of varieties even within the specific type. Throughout the bloom's lifespan, they move through light pink to red and then a mix of red, white, and pink like pictured above. This type of tulip blooms in late spring and matures to 18 inches, perfect for a border plant. These are also great cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements.

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Ollioules Darwin

The Ollioules Darwin tulip is a great choice for cut flower gardens. The blooms stretch out to a generous 6 inches, making it one of the largest of the Darwin varieties and has a rose pink bloom with silvery edges. At up to 22 inches, the stem on this tulip is strong and sturdy, perfect for areas with frequent showers.

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Pink Diamond

With an oval-shaped bloom and a pastel pink color, these Pink Diamond tulips will add a wonderfully romantic look to your flowers this spring. These are best for indoor forcing or for cut flower gardens. This is one of the taller tulips and tops out at 30 inches.

Pink Impression

These pretty pink petals love sunlight to help them create the vibrant rose at the center of this tulips bloom and a softer pink at the edge. In between the edge and center you can find shades anywhere from bright reddish-pink to a brilliant sunset shade. This variety is long-lasting and will stretch into June after it blooms in May.

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Be astonished about these Stunning tulip planting ideas!

Pink Star

The Pink Star is a beautiful double tulip that shows off apricot as well as pink in each of their blooms. These peony-like flowers bloom in late spring and grow to a height of 20 inches. While they're beautiful in a garden, they're also great as cut flowers for springtime bouquets.

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Purple Dream Lily

Pointed blooms make this brilliant purple variety of tulip stand out from the crowd. The Purple Dream Lily tulip blooms in late spring and is a wonderful addition to a cut flower garden. If you decide to leave it in your garden though, plant it further back in the bed. At 22 inches tall, this one will easily overshadow shorter plants if placed near the border.

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Trick Darwin

Large, cherry pink blooms define this tulip variety. Appearing in mid-spring, these flowers top out at around 2 feet tall. They look lovely in a garden but also work well for indoor forcing as well as for bouquets and arrangements.

Wedding Gift

The last tulip on our list is certainly not the least. Big, fluffy, peony-like blooms are gorgeous in spring bouquets and arrangements. These grow up to 16 inches tall, so they may be best left around the border if you choose to use these in a garden bed.

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Time to Choose

If you love pink and purple tulips as much as we do, you'll have a hard time choosing just one of these varieties to put in your garden for spring. With a wide variety of petal shapes, layers, and beautiful pink and purple shades, you may very well end up with more than a few!

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