The Majesty Palm Care Guide (Inc. Indoor And Outdoor)

 Modern white living room with indoor plants and majesty palmMajesty Palms are beautiful plants that are featured in many magazines and blog posts due to their graceful nature and taller than average height for a houseplant. Slightly resembling a kind of fern, this emerald beauty is a palm, with many long, slender leaves that climb up a central stalk.
Each stalk does come from what appears to be a central trunk, which is what gives it it's slightly tree-like appearance. The individual fronds with their leaves that spread out in a fan shape give the plant a full appearance, which covers lots of space.

What is Majesty Palm?

The majesty palm, or Ravenea rivularis, is native to Madagascar. Growing mainly along riverbanks and areas where it can receive constant moisture. This plant is endangered in its native region, but interestingly enough, it is finding a type of conservation due to its increasing popularity as a houseplant. So, while it is becoming harder to find natively, it is not in danger of going extinct.

Majesty palms, originally from Madagascar, have a history of being used as decorative plants. They're incredibly versatile, looking fantastic with a variety of other plants or as a standalone feature. Whether you decide to use it as an indoor plant in your dining, living, or bedroom, or outdoors as a feature in your landscape, it will be an easy decision that is easy to decorate with, and plant around. When it comes to coordination, you can't go wrong with a majesty palm.
Majesty palms come from a family of evergreen perennials that including trees and more shrublike plants that all bear the signature palm style leaves. Typically found in more tropical areas, majesty palms can grow in many other locations, so long as they are giving proper water, soil, and sun. While they can get fairly tall, they are slow growers, which makes them a beautiful, larger plant to include in your home.

How to Grow Majesty Palm?

Majesty palms, as with any other plant, have a specific set of sun, water, and soil needs to prosper. Whether they're inside or outdoors, knowing how to grow and take care of your majesty palm will help you become the proud plant parent you've always dreamt of being.

Where is the Majesty Palm Grown?

Majesty palms come from Madagascar and can be found naturally in other tropical and sub-tropical areas. They grow where there is plenty of moisture,  like riverbanks, and other water-heavy areas. They do not, however, like constantly submerged roots, just lots of water and soil that drains well. They also appreciate humidity, and partial sunlight, not loving either full shade or constant full sun when growing in prime conditions.

When growing them inside, place them near a window where they'll receive several hours of sunlight, whether it be direct or indirect. If they get too much direct sunlight throughout the day, they'll begin to burn, and the leaves will start to turn brown. Place them near an east or west-facing window, so it gets the several hours it needs, without being exposed to the sun all day.

How Big is the Plant and How Long Would it Take it to Reach That Size?

Majesty palms can grow to heights between twenty and forty feet, but they won't reach this height unless they are given the root space to do it, and they are slow growers. Generally purchased at around 3 feet tall, it will be several years before they can grow tall enough to start to pose a problem. To find out more about how tall your majesty palm can grow inside, click here.

Best Growing Zones and Weather Conditions (if Outdoors).

Majesty palms will thrive best in zones nine through eleven, and when it comes to weather conditions, they prefer sunny and humid weather. However, it can adjust to many different light levels so long as it doesn't spend all day in the shade.

Type of Soil

Majesty palm trees do best in a soil that will retain moisture reasonably well, while still having decent drainage. You can purchase this soil, or you can mix your own by purchasing regular potting soil and adding something like perlite or peat moss to it, which will assist in preventing the soil from becoming too compact. To find out more about the best soil for majesty palms, click here!

Amount of Light/Shade

If you have an east or west-facing window, that may be a good place for your majesty palm! The same goes for your palm if the conditions are right for you to plant it outside. It will like having several hours of light, but too much and it will start to burn.

Watering and Fertilization Requirements

Give the plant enough water to provide the roots with a constant supply of moisture, but don't keep the soil waterlogged, as that will encourage root rot and certain pests to flourish in the soil. You can use a general indoor plant fertilizer for the indoor majesty palms, and a normal outdoor one for the plants you include in your landscape.

Fertilize your palm once a month with the slow-release fertilizer to maximize growth, or less often if you want to slow the growth down.


Two of the most common pests for majesty palms are mealy bugs and spider mites. Thankfully, if you can catch them early enough, they are relatively simple to treat.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites are obnoxious, but thankfully you will generally have everything you need to get rid of them already in your kitchen.

If the plant is stable enough and not too heavy, take it outside and spray it down with a hose, which will get rid of the majority of them. Then fill a spray bottle with soapy water, and once the plant is dry, spray the plant at least once a day for about a week. This will help trap and kill any remaining invaders. If the infestation persists, repeat these steps and change out the dirt in the pot with fresh soil, removing the chance that there could be eggs surviving in the dirt.

Mealy Bugs

Mealybugs are one of the worst pests a plant owner can encounter, attaching themselves to the plant and sucking them dry. They're reasonably visible pests, making it easy to remove all the visible ones with tweezers and kill them. However, you will probably have missed their eggs. Next, take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe down the majesty palm as thoroughly as you can. Depending on the severity of the infestation, repotting the palm in new dirt may be needed as well.

A Short Step-by-Step Guide for Planting These Plants

When you purchase a majesty palm, you will generally be buying a plant that has already had some time to grow and establish itself; not a full-grown plant, but not a seedling either. However, you can purchase majesty palm seeds if you wish to grow them from scratch, as it were.

Place two or three seeds in a hole about an inch deep in a nice loamy soil. Water the seeds every day to keep them damp. This is necessary for germination, which can take up to several months, so be patient! Keep them in a warm room. Once they are between six to eight inches tall, transplant them to their pots, and enjoy your new plants!

Plant Gallery

Tropical Room

Majesty palms, with their inverted triangle shape, provide an excellent vertical height, and gradually increasing horizontal width that can be an alluring aspect of your interior, live decorating.


From left to right, you have a fiddle-leaf fig, a monstera, and the majesty palm. Here you get an idea of the unique shapes and textures a majesty palm can add to your indoor plant menagerie.

Corner Filler

Do you have an empty corner that needs an extra something? A majesty palm might be the perfect thing! It doesn't take up much space near the bottom, and fills out as it gets taller, making it ideal for placing behind a table, or diagonally placed couch,

Color Coordination

The vibrant, green color of majesty palms will compliment a wide variety of colors, specifically when it comes to the walls in your house. For example, even navy blue walls go along quite well with majesty palms.

Special Planters

Majesty palms look beautiful alongside a vast variety of other plants and can be placed in several different kinds of pots to great effect, such as this woven basket.

Living Framework

Whether it's filling an empty corner, or using them to frame a table, the unique spread of majesty palms will readily occupy the space you're looking to fill.


Healthy majesty palms will have fronds like this, with leaves that shoot out to either side of the frond in a fan shape, giving them a light and airy appearance.

Ease Of Decor

Due to the origination of the palm from a tropical locale, the majesty palm is complemented very well by the color brown. This makes finding a pot for it very easy, or, in this case, being inspired by something as simple as a brown paper bag.

Paintings and Plants

Having plants in the bedroom can be very relaxing. Majesty palms, in particular, can also make an excellent wall cover, due to the widespread of their leaves. Place them in front of a poster or painting for a neat effect!

Mutual Beauty

Observe how the majesty palm sticks out in comparison to the other plants around it. The slender, individual leaves grouped closely on the fronds are unique and will draw lots of attention.

Height Comparison

Even though majesty palms generally don't grow very quickly, especially when inside, they can still grow impressively tall for a houseplant. This one nearly hits the ceiling!


Placing your majesty palm near a window is a great way to ensure it gets the light that it needs, and as you can see here, the dappled shadows it makes are gorgeous!


In a group of other plants or as a standalone piece, majesty palms can be striking with their dense foliage and emerald green coloring.

Pop of Color

With the combination of the green fronds and the style and color of pot you to choose, incorporating a majesty palm into your home decor will be a choice you don't regret!

Color and Contrast

The beautiful green of the majesty palm looks excellent against several different neutral wall colors. Even when set aside this grey wall, it makes the blue hues pop out, making your wall and palm all the more captivating.

Blank Space

Make sure you don't neglect the space around your plants! For example, putting a mirror behind wall-bound plants will make the foliage seem much more profound than it is.

Trunk Size

Majesty palms generally start at just a few feet tall, and with only a few fronds per plant. However, as they get older, the "trunk" of the plant becomes significantly thicker, making them harder to move around and transplant.

Minimal Decoration

Because of their varying sizes, majesty palms are perfect for many different locations, whether it be your living room, bedroom, or landscape.

A View From Above

Majesty palms grow new fronts from inside the plant, which creates a slight spiral effect when viewed from above. This is nice because it gives the plant an even spread of fronds and leaves.

Pot Varieties

Majesty palms look great in a wide variety of different pots, from terra cotta to woven baskets. They're incredibly versatile, making it easy for them to mix or match your existing pots.

Where to Buy This Plant Online

Costa Farms Majesty Palm

These majesty palms, shipped from Florida, get shipped to you at around three feet in height. They come in a plastic pot that looks decent enough to keep the palm in until you have the time and money to find a perfect pot. However, the pot does not come with holes for drainage. Buy it from Amazon by clicking here!

Palm Potting Mix

Using a soil formulated explicitly for palm trees is an ideal way to make sure you're giving your tree the best chances to thrive right off the bat. This bug resistant, synthetic chemical-free palm soil is developed to make sure your plant produces the foliage and root mass it needs to grow strong and healthy. Click here to purchase this product from Amazon.

Miracle Grow Palm Food

Whether your majesty palm is new or old, it will occasionally need to be fertilized, and this Miracle Grow Fertilizer has been curated to perfectly complement and nurture your palm tree. Click here to purchase this product from Amazon.

We hope you found this guide useful. If so, please help us spread the word by sharing it. And if you have more care tips for majesty palms, leave us a comment to let us know.

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  1. I brought a majestic palm inside last fall and I’m so proud it survived the winter inside. I took it back out to the deck yesterday and the wind picked up and bent a few of the palms. Should I cut them or will they survive?

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