17 Lucky Plants In Front Of The House: A Green Gateway to Good Fortune

Alright, here's a cheeky secret – the front yard might just be the luckiest part of your house, and you didn't even know it!

Lucky Plants Collage, Lucky Plants In Front Of The House: Plants To Choose For Luck

You see, plants are not just about pretty blossoms and vibrant leaves. Some of them hold a charming secret of fortune within their roots and leaves.

From the ever-watchful snake plant to the heart-warming morning glory, these aren't just your average photosynthesizers. They're your personal, natural, good-luck charms!

Let's embark on a thrilling journey, unearthing the secrets of these 17 lucky plants, and turn your front yard into a vibrant vortex of positivity.

1. Pachira Money Tree

Also known as a "money plant," the Pachira Money Tree is a unique plant featuring a braided trunk.

Guiana Chestnut Malvaceae, money tree plant from above

This plant is believed to trap fortune within its trunk folds.

Furthermore, the five leaves typically found on a stalk symbolize the five elements of balance: earth, fire, water, wind, and metal.

If you find a stalk with seven leaves, consider yourself immensely lucky.

2. Lucky Bamboo

A special charm from Chinese Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo is not only popular as a houseplant but also as pendants and amulets.

Lucky bamboo

This plant is believed to attract all kinds of luck, from love and prosperity to harmony and good health.

Whether you're hoping for good fortune in love or success, this plant is for you.

3. Orchids

Known for their beauty and elegance, orchids are also considered one of the luckiest houseplants in Feng Shui.

Orchids by the window sill

They are often given for housewarming or in workspaces to invite good luck and fortune.

With their vibrant colors and striking appearance, they're a beautiful way to bring good luck into any space.

4. Rose

Beyond their classic beauty, roses are believed to invite positive energies into your space.

Wooden Gate with Pink Roses

They are said to carry with them the 'magical' properties of love, luck, friendship, protection, and happiness.

With a rose in front of your house, you're inviting not just good luck but also love, friendship, and joy.

5. Citrus Trees

All varieties of citrus trees, with their round and golden fruits, are considered lucky as they resemble coins for wealth.

citrus dwarf trees mandarin and kumquat in garden center on shelves.

The more fruit your tree has, the luckier you are.

These trees are popular gifts to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

6. Boston Fern

Known for their delicate and feathery leaves, Boston Ferns are not just an attractive addition to your home.

Boston fern hang from the roof with dark background

When placed in front of the house, they are believed to attract good luck, prosperity, and fortune.

They're a lovely way to bring nature into your home while attracting positive energy.

7. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a beautiful plant with glossy leaves and white flowers that can bring good luck and attract positive energies.

Indoor peace lily plant top down view

Apart from its ability to purify the air, it's also believed to destroy bad energies.

Peace Lilies denote hope and healing, making them a good choice for a happy and peaceful home.

8. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant, with its large, shiny, dark green leaves, can help purify the air and introduce balance to your living environment.

It is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck, according to the principles of Feng Shui.

This plant is a stylish and lucky addition to your front yard.

9. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine plants, known for their sweet fragrance and delicate flowers, symbolize good luck and fortune.

Flowers of Trachelospermum jasminoides; other names include confederate jasmine, southern jasmine, star jasmine, confederate jessamine, and Chinese star jasmine.

They are believed to bring abundant blessings, constant progress in life, love, and respect.

Having one in front of your house is a lovely way to invite these positive energies into your life.

10. Tulsi or Basil Plant

In Hinduism, the Holy Basil plant is believed to protect your space, call in luck and prosperity, and ward off negative vibrations.

Tulsi in a Terracotta pot.Ocimum tenuiflorum, commonly known as holy basil, tulasi or tulsi, is an aromatic perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae

Keeping this plant in your home maintains a positive energy. Its fragrant leaves can also be used to cleanse spaces that need protection and luck.

11. Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is a popular evergreen succulent that's loved for its round, jade-green leaves.

Beautiful indoor background near an open window with crassula ovata, a succulent plant also known as jade plant, lucky plant

This plant can grow into a miniature tree-like structure over time, making it a delightful indoor addition.

But that's not all! It's also considered a symbol of good luck.

The vibrant green leaves of this beautiful plant closely resemble jade coins, symbolic of growth, renewal, and wealth.

It's a traditional gift for businesses and is thought to activate financial energies.

In other words, the Jade Plant isn't just a pretty face—it's a beacon of prosperity!

12. Morning Glory

This delightful climber features heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers that are typically in hues of purple, pink, blue, or white.

Ipomoea indica flowering plant

Morning Glories often open up their petals to greet the morning sun, hence the name.

Known as a symbol of love, affection, and mortality, these plants are considered lucky as they fill your home with positive energy and help start your day on a positive note.

13. Palms

With their lush, feathery fronds arching elegantly, Palms are truly a sight to behold.

Modern house exterior with palms

They come in many sizes, from small tabletop plants to towering outdoor trees.

In many cultures, Palms symbolize peace, abundance, and victory, making them a great addition to your home.

Plus, they're known to purify the air, offering you a fresh, clean environment.

14. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is a striking plant with tall, rigid leaves that can range from dark green to silver-gray.

Sansevieria Snake Plant pot with sprouting White Flower

Its leaves have a unique, sword-like shape with pointed ends.

Besides its bold aesthetic, it's a lucky plant as it's known for its air-purifying abilities, removing toxins and releasing oxygen at night, promoting a good night's sleep.

15. Sage Plant

Sage is a fragrant herb with soft, silvery-green leaves that add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Sage, basilic in home herb garden

More than just a culinary delight, Sage has been cherished for centuries for its spiritual and healing properties.

Keeping a Sage Plant in your home is believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy, fostering a peaceful, positive environment.

16. Peonies

Bursting into extravagant bloom in late spring, Peonies are truly breathtaking with their lush, multi-petaled flowers ranging from white to deep red.

Lush pink peonies in a summer flowerbed against a background of a brick wall

They symbolize prosperity, good luck, and love in many cultures, making them a lucky charm for your home.

Plus, their intoxicating fragrance is sure to make your living space feel like a vibrant garden!

17. Clover

Clovers are petite plants with trifoliate or quadrifoliate leaves. The four-leaf variety is especially renowned as a symbol of luck.

Holding a lucky four leaf clover, good luck shamrock, or lucky charm.

The four leaves traditionally represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

Having a Clover in your home not only adds a touch of green but also brings in the luck of the Irish, hoping to make every day a fortunate one for you.

The Last Leaf: Tying Up Our Lucky Bundle

In the end, lucky plants bring more than just beauty to your front yard. They infuse your home with positivity and prosperity.

By inviting these natural luck-magnets into your space, you're creating a vibrant vortex of good fortune.

These plants ask for little in return - just some sun, water, and love. And in exchange, they stand tall and vibrant, offering their luck-infused charm every day.

Here's to a future filled with good luck and thriving greenery!

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