How To Use A Ryobi Hedge Trimmer [Step By Step Guide]

You probably want to trim the hedges in your garden and thought about using a Ryobi hedge trimmer. If you're looking for how to use a Ryobi hedge trimmer, we've got you covered. We have researched the best methods, and here's what we discovered.

Here are the steps for using a Ryobi hedge trimmer:

  1. Use safety gear
  2. Clean the area
  3. Insert the battery pack
  4. Turn on the switch
  5. Glide the hedge trimmer

It is essential to learn the methods on how to use the Ryobi hedge trimmer to avoid any accidents. This post will discuss the steps in using the trimmer, how to sharpen its blades, and how to maintain it. So, continue reading!

How Do You Use A Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi Hedge Trimmer close up ready for trimming and cutting

The Ryobi hedge trimmer is best used outdoors and can make your trimming easier and faster. Below are the steps to operate:

1. Use Safety Gear

The trimmer has a sharp blade that may harm you when you misuse it. Wear safety gear while working to avoid injuries.

These protective goggles can protect your eyes from any flying debris.

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Wearing gloves is also a must so that you can fully grip the device's handle to control it.

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Additionally, wearing steel-toe boots is advantageous because they can protect your feet from any falling heavy objects.

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2. Clear the Area

Before starting the trimming, remove any objects that may interfere with your trimming in the area. Avoid the trimmer from contacting a live wire, as this can produce an electric shock. Also, it is advisable to trim in the morning for enough light and to avoid accidents due to lack of light.

3. Insert the Battery Pack

Your trimmer comes with a battery back for power supply. Insert the battery in its proper place under the body of the device. Push it further until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that it has already been set. The battery may run for an average of 30 minutes.

4. Turn On the Switch

The Ryobi hedge trimmer has two switches. The first switch is at the top handle, and the second switch is at the second handle. To power it on, press the first switch, followed by the second. Do not remove your fingers on the first switch when clicking the second switch. A click sound will indicate you have pressed the switches successfully.

5. Glide the Hedge Trimmer

man hand holding using hedge trimmer

Position your hands with a firm grip on the handles for safety reasons. Hold the device away from your body. You can trim your hedge vertically or horizontally, whichever is best and most comfortable for you.

The Ryobi hedge trimmer comes with a 45- and 90-degree rotating handle. You can rotate the second handle to your desired position. To switch, push the button near the handle. Stay alert while operating the trimmer to avoid losing control because of distractions.

Do not push the trimmer into the bushes, as it is prone to getting jammed. If objects jam your hedge trimmer, turn the switch off first, then remove them.

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This video demonstrates the above steps:

How To Sharpen Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

Sharpening the blade of your Ryobi hedge trimmer is essential because it can help you to easily and quickly cut hedges. Below are the steps:

1. Remove the Battery

Removing the battery of your Ryobi hedge trimmer is the first step to take before dealing with its blades.

2. Place the Hedge Trimmer on a Bench

Place your hedge trimmer properly on a bench that can grip it. It is vital to hold the hedge trimmer tightly so that it will not come off while doing the work.

3. Wear Gloves

Wear gloves to protect your hands because you will be dealing with blades.

4. Use the Rotary Tool

Utilize the cone-shaped tip for your Ryobi rotary tool and run it through the teeth of the blades. Flip your Ryobi hedge trimmer to cover the teeth on the other side.

5. Sand the blades

You may now take off your Ryobi hedge trimmer from the bench. Place it in the area where you are comfortable sanding it.

Using sandpaper, sand every tooth of the blades to remove the grimes. Make sure to sand also on the other side of the blade.

6. Apply a Lubricant

You can use WD-40 as a lubricant for your Ryobi hedge trimmer. It is smart to apply a WD-40 to your hedge trimmer blades as it can avoid corrosion and extend the equipment's lifespan. WD-40 comes in a spray can that is comfortable and flexible to use. 

Do not forget to apply it on the other side of the blade. Use a wire brush afterward to spread the lubricant across the blades.

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How To Maintain A Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

hedge trimmer close garden work by a gardener, How To Use A Ryobi Hedge Trimmer [Step By Step Guide]

It's important to maintain your Ryobi Hedge Trimmer to maximize its lifespan. Below are the best methods to maintain your Ryobi hedge trimmer:

1. Clean the Hedge Trimmer

Make sure to wipe out any debris present in the blade. Also, do not forget to clean the handle after every use.

You may apply a lubricant to your blades to avoid wear. Look out also for moisture in your Ryobi hedge trimmer, as it can provide a risk for electric shock.

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2. Use Appropriate Materials

Use compatible and original materials for your Ryobi hedge trimmer when needing replacement. If not, it may harm your equipment.

3. Inspect

Have regular upkeep on your Ryobi hedge trimmer. You must check the blade for any damages before using it. Replace it immediately if you think it is not in good condition.

Check also its screws because they become brittle over time. Having regular inspections on your equipment is a must can help extend its lifespan.

Always remember to turn off the switch before inspecting it. It is also best to remove the batteries.

Benefits Of Using A Ryobi Hedge Trimmer

man hand holding using hedge trimmer cutting

It is advisable to have the best hedge trimmer to suit your gardening requirements. Thus, you must know every feature a hedge trimmer possesses. Below are the advantages of using a Ryobi hedge trimmer:

1. Fast Charging

Battery-powered hedge trimmer is an advantage because it possesses flexibility. The Ryobi hedge trimmer contains a battery pack that only takes 80 minutes to charge fully. It also has indicators to show the battery's status and whether it is fully charged. 

2. Two Moving Blades

This feature lets your hedge trimmer cut quickly and easily. The Ryobi hedge trimmer contains two blades. The first blade is on top of the second blade.

3. Lightweight

Using a lightweight hedge trimmer such as Ryobi can help you easily move while operating and will make you comfortable throughout the cutting. The trimmer weighs approximately six pounds.

4. Rotating Handle

The rotational handle feature is the best as it provides a comfortable user experience. You do not have to twist your wrists more when you cut the hedge vertically or horizontally. It has a button switch that lets you choose between 45 or 90 degrees rotation.

5. Color

close up Ryobi Hedge Trimmer brand new ready to use

The device typically comes in lime green which is great for outdoors. It is in a bright color that can be easily seen, letting you avoid accidents, especially at night.

In Closing

hedge trimmer close garden work by a gardener

You can use the Ryobi hedge trimmer with just a few quick steps. You must know how to operate the equipment correctly to finish your gardening chores smoothly. You can always read the instructions provided in the manual. Remember to follow all the safety precautions indicated. 

It is hoped this post has helped you with your concerns about the Ryobi hedge trimmer. Before you go, visit the links below for some good reads about hedge trimmers:

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