How To Turn On Toro Zero Turn?

Would you like to know how to turn on a Toro Zero Turn? Well, we have researched this topic and have answers for you. You must understand how to turn on a Toro Zero Turn to avoid flooding the engine or lunging forward dangerously.

To turn on a Toro Zero Turn, follow these six steps:

  1. Ensure the steering levers are in the out position.
  2. Have the brake handle pulled up and engaged.
  3. Check that the PTO switch is down and disengaged.
  4. Set the throttle to low.
  5. Pull the choke switch up.
  6. Use the key to turn on the Toro Zero Turn.

This article will discuss how to turn on a Toro Zero Turn. We will also learn the answers to other interesting related questions, such as how do you steer a Toro Zero Turn, and how do you start a Toro Zero Turn in the cold? Keep reading to learn more.

Tractor mower on the lawn yard, How To Turn On Toro Zero Turn?

How To Turn On Toro Zero Turn?

When turning on a Toro Zero Turn, it's vital to run through a check of a few " target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-lasso-id="22654">key things before starting the mower. First, check that the mower isn't obstructed. Walking around the mower once should be sufficient to reveal any hidden obstructions.

Next, check that the Toro Zero Turn has oil. Open the oil cap and pull out the dipstick. If the dipstick indicates oil is needed, add some. Otherwise, replace the dipstick and oil cap.

Engine Oil

Now, open the gas tank and verify that there's fuel. It isn't good for the mower to operate on a low gas tank, so starting every job with a full tank is best.

Pouring gasoline into the tank of lawn mower for lacking gasoline

Once your checklist is finished, you can sit on the mower. Step over the front of the mower to sit and not over the sides.

Adjust the steering levers so that they are in the out position. The mower will not start if the steering levers are in the in position.

Steering wheel of a lawn tractor cutting grass

Pull the E-brake on your left side to engage it. The mower should always be started with the E-brake engaged to keep it from moving unintentionally.

Press the PTO switch down to disengage it. The PTO uses belts to engage the mower's blades, and disengaging it will keep the blades from spinning.

Check that the throttle is about at quarter power. You don't want to start the mower with the throttle too high, or it may flood the engine.

Next, pull the choke switch up. The choke will adjust the fuel to air mixture, ensuring the engine starts swiftly. Finally, use the key to turn on your Toro Zero Turn.

A choke knob on toro zero turn mower

How Do You Steer A Toro Zero Turn?

When you start a Toro Zero Turn, its steering handles will be " target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-lasso-id="22655">outward. When you're ready to begin driving, increase the throttle and disengage the E-brake. Next, disengage the parking brake by pulling the steering handles to their inward position.

While the steering handles are inward, your Toro Zero Turn is in neutral. To start moving forward, push both handles equally forward. To steer left, push the right handle forward more, and to steer right, push the left handle forward more.

You can push the handles in any ratio to make different angled turns. You can also pull the handles back to reverse. When you are finished driving, remember to set the parking break by returning the handles to their outward position.

A man is mowing backyard on a riding zero turn lawnmower

How Do You Turn A Toro Zero Turn Without Damaging Grass?

A Toro Zero Turn can make tight turns because one wheel completely stops, allowing the other to pivot around it. One drawback to turning this sharp on grass is that it will rotate the tire and tear a small part of the lawn. If you use a three-point turn, you can turn a Toro Zero Turn without damaging the grass.

When approaching an area where you need to turn around, instead of rotating completely around, rotate toward the direction you are turning and then come to a stop.

Now reverse in the opposite direction from where you were turning until you are fully turned around. You don't tear any grass by breaking the turn into a three-point turn.

Take a look at this video for a visual guide:

How Do You Start A Toro Zero Turn In The Cold?

It can be difficult to start all combustion engines, including a Toro Zero Turn, when it's cold. The reason combustion engines have a difficult time in cold environments is that oils inside the engine can thicken, making it difficult for the engine to turn over.

One way to ensure a quick start in cold weather is using a can of ether. Ether is highly combustible and can be used to start an engine.

Take the can of ether and spray a three- to five-second spray into the air intake. Spraying ether into the air intake works like using a choke, but ether is much more combustible and has the power to force start a cold engine with thick oil.

When you use ether to start your Toro Zero Turn, it can sometimes stall shortly after starting. The mower will stall because the ether has burned off and the oil is too sticky for the engine to keep turning over. The solution is to spray more ether into your air intake until the oil heats up and the engine runs on its own.

You can also have someone spray ether into the air intake as you start the mower. Have a helper spray the ether into the air intake as the engine turns over the first few times. Once you hear the engine turning over smoothly, you can stop spraying ether.

Don't spray ether into your mower for more than 20 seconds. Too much ether can flood the carburetor and stall the engine. If you stall the engine with ether, you will need to wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to evaporate before you can try starting your mower again.

If you want to buy some ether starter fluid, here are two of the best products on Amazon.

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How Often Do You Sharpen The Blades On A Toro Zero Turn?

Lawnmower Blade Sharpening with File

It would be best to sharpen the blades on a Toro Zero Turn every 25 hours of use. Most yards can be mowed within an hour, so a Toro Zero Turn should have its blades sharpened every 25 mowings.

If once a week your mower is mowing lawns for 8 hours, it will need to have its blades sharpened every three days of work.

It's vital to keep your Toro Zero Turn blades sharp. If your Toro Zero Turn blades become dull, they will chop the grass instead of cutting it. Grass that is torn apart will not be as healthy as cleanly cut grass.

If you only mow once a week for an hour, it may be best to sharpen your blades every three months to keep them sharp all cutting season. If your blades sit for many weeks, they lose some of their sharpness despite not being used.

How Do You Sharpen The Blades On A Toro Zero Turn?

To sharpen the blades on a Toro Zero Turn, you need to " target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-lasso-id="22662">loosen the bolts that hold each of the three blades in place. Use a torque wrench and a 5/8 socket to loosen each bolt before removing the blades from the mower's deck.

Once you have the blades removed from the mower, you can sharpen them with a file. Using a file for lawnmower blades, begin filing the blade's cutting edge, keeping the file aligned with the blade's established angle.

Keep filing up and down systematically until each of the three blades is sharpened. Now that the blades are sharpened, you can reattach them to the mower.

Slide a blade onto the mower deck and secure it with its bolt. Tighten the bolt to the mower deck with a torque wrench to 200 foot-pounds. It's essential to tighten the bolts to 200 foot-pounds to keep the blades properly secured to the mower.

Once all the blades are tightened to the Toro Zero Turn, you are finished sharpening your blades and are ready to mow.

For a visual guide, check out this video:

Final Thoughts

Tractor mower on the lawn yard

This article taught us the steps to properly turn on a Toro Zero Turn. We also learned how to steer a Toro Zero Turn and how to avoid damaging grass while turning. Remember, sharpen your Toro Zero Turn blades every 25 hours to ensure they cleanly cut grass.

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