How To Start A Masport Garden Cultivator?

You probably just purchased a Masport garden cultivator and decided to do some lawn work. If you are eager to learn how to start your Masport garden cultivator, you've come to the right place. We've done our research on this method, and here's what we found.

To start your Masport garden cultivator, slide the choke to the right and place the throttle at the center. After that, pull the string upward to start your cultivator.

It is undeniable that homeowners like you love to do gardening and always think of all the best ways to have a manicured garden. This post will discuss how to use the Masport garden cultivator, its benefits, how heavy it is, and the length of warranty it covers. So, keep reading to find all the exciting answers to these questions.

How To Use The Masport Garden Cultivator

How to use the masport garden cultivator

You can carry out various gardening activities using your Masport garden cultivator, including soil aeration and weed control. 

Good cultivation is the first step in producing healthy soil in the garden. It can incorporate compost into the soil, which gives the plants nutrition.

Below are the step-by-step ways to properly use your Masport garden cultivator:

1. Place in the Proper Location

Motor cultivator for digging up the eart

Put your Masport garden cultivator in the garden where it will cultivate the soil.

2. Slide the Choke

Masport garden cultivator has a choke located on its side. Slide the choke to the right, which will turn on the engine. 

3. Move the Throttle

Young lady with rotating cultivating tiller tractor in the garden

Place the throttle in the center position. The throttle on the old Masport garden cultivator includes all the choices. Other models of Masport garden cultivators have four options on their throttles: slow, fast, stop, and choke. 

4. Pull the String

Pull the string of the cultivator

Pull the string upward to begin your cultivating. If it still doesn't start, keep pulling the line until it turns on. You would know that it is already on if it produces a continuous loud and vibrating sound and the tynes are spinning.

5. Drag the Cultivator


Drag your Masport garden cultivator along the soil and work it in a back-and-forth motion to break up the dirt as the tynes do the work. The weeds that have grown too near to the soil will be simpler for you to remove. Your cultivator will dig deep into the tilled ground and break up the earth to uncover a bed of good soil. 

Masport garden cultivator is versatile because you can detach its tynes anytime so that you could use it immediately on tight garden rows. Make sure to have sharp tynes because you risk harming the soil if you don't use a sharp ones.

The depth to which it penetrates relies in part on the soil. Less pressure on the handle is needed to propel the tynes further.

If you are done cultivating, pull the throttle back to its original place and move the choke to the left. Sliding your choke will turn off the engine.

Remove any objects or roots stuck in your cultivator immediately after dragging them into the soil. You might opt to rake your garden for a smoother finish.

Benefits Of Using A Masport Garden Cultivator

You might wonder in what ways you can use your cultivator for your gardening. Homeowners always do cultivation for the healthy growth of their plants. 

Thus, utilizing a Masport garden cultivator is a good decision for you. It is enjoyable and can provide your entire garden with a trimmed appearance.

It digs deeply and quickly, saving you plenty of time and work. Weeds are also easily killed and can then produce a fine bed of nutritious soil. 

Keep in mind that the proper preparation of the soil will impact the growth of plants and the appropriate amount of fertilizer applied.

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Also, when using a garden cultivator, you avoid using herbicides which can have the potential to harm desirable plants and contaminate water systems accidentally.

Below are the features of Masport garden cultivator:

Simple Operation

Masport garden cultivator has a simple yet sturdy construction. Its simple structure makes its operation easier to use. It is also simple to fit between plant rows by removing its tynes.

Typically, the Masport garden cultivator has a low failure rate. If any problems should happen, you can quickly repair them. Remember that knowing how to execute the fundamentals of cultivator repairs is a crucial element.

It also consists of a reliable drive gearbox transmission. A transmission belt is located inside the input end of a gearbox. Its purpose is to drive the rotation of the belt wheel.

A driving shaft is also mounted at the frame on the output end. The gearbox and the driving shaft work together to rotate the driving wheel mounted on the driving shaft.

Versatile Row-planning

It includes tynes which you can easily remove you. If you prefer you till to be narrower, you can remove the tynes.

On the other hand, you can also add more tynes depending on your preference. Masport garden cultivator typically has a 17-inch tilling width wherein you may also increase this up to 23 and a quarter inches by adding more tynes.

By putting more weight on the tynes, the machine operates better. 

Since it has double-row tynes, it can distribute fertilizer throughout the soil in preparation for planting.


Masport garden cultivator is gas-powered, which makes your engine sturdy and efficient. You can also encounter less and quieter vibrations and can produce more power compared to when using diesel fuels. They also respond quicker than other fuels.

It produces fewer pollutants if properly maintained. It is also readily available and less expensive compared to other fuels.

When you use gas for your Masport garden cultivator, it will be more energized.


Masport garden cultivator is innovative because it has plenty of uses, such as a garden aerator, cleaner, and lawn edger. It has a cleaning brush to remove dirt and moss from your garden effectively.

A healthy lawn benefits from cultivation because it allows the soil to breathe, absorb water, and hold seeds more effectively. Please always refer to the handbook of your Masport garden cultivator before using it to ensure your safety.


How Heavy Is The Masport Garden Cultivator?

Agricultural machinery for tillage in the garden

The weight of the cultivator you will use during your lawn work is an essential consideration. If you have a lightweight cultivator, you can quickly move it around your garden, even just with a smooth grip on its handle.

Masport garden cultivator is compact and weighs only 81 pounds. With this, you can easily control your Masport garden cultivator in any direction you want it to be. Using the Masport garden cultivator is indeed a great benefit for homeowners.

How Long Is The Warranty Of The Masport Garden Cultivator?

Buying equipment from a manufacturer that covers a warranty is a great benefit. You will no longer bother to think of how to repair it yourself or where to look for a technician. It will also cost you more if you have it repaired at a shop.

Masport garden cultivators offer a four-year warranty to their buyers. Any defects, repairs, and replacements for components needed, they will provide it. Make sure to present your purchase receipt before going to the service center.

Remember that it is always important to know the warranty of any product you purchase because it can benefit you.

In Closing

Masport garden cultivator has plenty of benefits for homeowners like you. They are employed to get rid of weeds in your garden. Also, it can prepare your soil to be easier to deal with. They are constructed with a long-lasting and robust material.

It is undeniable how easy it is to start the equipment. Always remember the three things you must do: slide the choke, place the throttle in the center, and pull the string upward with force. In the end, the Masport garden cultivator is practical and can define your gardening space.

It is a must to know the cautions when using your garden cultivator. You may also learn the other models of Masport garden cultivators because as time goes by, they strengthen them more in terms of their features and makes them more resilient than the previous model. Before you go, kindly visit these other posts for some exciting reads:

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