How To Fill A Hole From Tree Stump?

Would you like to know how to fill a hole from a tree stump? Well, we have researched this topic and have the answers for you. Understanding how to fill a hole from a tree stump is vital to avoid having the ground sink over time.

To fill a hole from a tree stump, you first want to fill the hole with large rocks. The rocks should be eight to 12 inches in diameter. Once the hole is full of stones to nearly the top, fill the rest of the space with dirt and pack down firmly.

In this article, we will talk more about how to fill a hole from a tree stump. We will also discuss the answers to other interesting related questions, such as how do you remove a tree stump and how do you remove tree roots? Keep reading to learn more.

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How To Fill A Hole From Tree Stump?

Tree stump

When filling a hole from a tree stump, you must take the proper precautions to avoid having the fill area sink over time.

If you were to fill a tree stump hole with only dirt, it would sink after days and become a hole again in a few months. The solution is first to fill the hole with rocks to support the ground and prevent sinking.

When filling the hole, it would be best to use rocks eight to 12 inches in diameter. By using larger rocks, you can better support the ground. If you don't have enough large stones in your yard, you can order some from a rock provider.

Once the hole is filled with large rocks, you can add dirt. Be sure to pack the dirt deep into the hole. If you leave air pockets at the bottom of the hole, it will eventually collapse and cause the soil to sink.

Once you have filled the hole to the top with dirt, you should pack the soil tightly. You can use the handle of a shovel to pack the ground. The small contact area created by packing the dirt with a shovel handle creates a significant force that makes the soil very dense and stable.

Once the soil is packed down, take a garden hose and soak the area for half an hour. Soaking the ground afterward ensures that the earth is fully packed and keeps the soil from sinking later when it rains. If the ground drops a little after soaking it with water, you will need to add more dirt.

Pack down any added dirt and ensure it's level. Once you have leveled off your fill area, you are finished filling the hole.

How Do You Remove A Tree Stump?

up close of tree stump from recently cut tree

Tree stumps can be stubborn to remove. There are a few proven methods to remove a tree stump, and they vary in how much effort they take and how long they take to work. Let's learn about these different tree stump removal methods to see which is right for you.


Fire can be used to remove a tree stump that is entirely dead. If the tree stump you're removing is still green, it will be too wet to burn.

Start by drilling five to seven one-inch wide holes at least six inches into the stump's center in a circle. It would be best if you could drill the holes deeper than six inches to ensure the stump fully burns.

Now, fill each of the holes to the top with kerosene. Allow the kerosene to soak into the wood for several minutes, and then fill the holes again.

Next, build a small fire on the stump using sticks and kindling. Keep feeding the fire wood and let it burn deep into the stump. You must keep adding wood to keep the fire hot enough to burn into the stump.

After a few hours, the stump will be nothing more than ash. Once the fire cools, shovel out the ash and fill the hole will rocks and dirt. The ash must be removed to prevent the area from sinking later.

Rock Salt

Another method to remove a tree stump uses rock salt. Like the fire method, drill five to seven one-inch wide holes at least six inches deep in the center of the tree stump in a circle. Like before, if you can drill the holes deeper to increase the method's effectiveness.

Now, fill the holes with rock salt to just under the top of the stump. Use a waterproof sealant to seal in the salt. You can buy a sealant or use wax. A sealant will help keep the salt from washing away in the weather.

In a few weeks, the stump will die and start to break down. After six months, you can break apart the decaying stump easily.

Stump Grinder

A standard tool for professional stump removal is the stump grinder. A stump grinder is a machine designed to grind a stump down to its roots in a matter of minutes.

One advantage to a stump grinder is how fast it can remove a stump. Most other stump removal methods take many months, while this method takes a few minutes.

The drawback to using a stump grinder is the price. Whether you buy your own or hire a crew with one, they can be expensive. If you have the money and want a quick solution, the stump grinder is the fastest method of stump removal.

Trash Bag

The trash bag method of removing a tree stump is the cheapest, but it's still quite effective. Take a dark trash bag and secure it around the tree stump. It might be helpful to use duct tape to secure the bottom of the trash bag to the stump.

Using a dark trash bag is vital to keep light from reaching the stump. You can also use a tarp to prevent all light from getting to the stump.

After a few months, the stump will die and start decaying. In six months, you can break apart the decaying stump with a shovel.

Tree Stump Remover

Another method to remove a tree stump is tree stump remover. Tree stump remover is made from nitrogen-based fertilizer, and it accelerates the decaying process.

To use tree stump remover, drill holes into the stump like with the rock salt, but fill the holes with the tree stump remover. The tree stump remover will accelerate the decaying process causing the tree stump to break apart in three months instead of six.

It can be helpful to reapply tree stump remover every month to keep the decay process accelerated. After three months, you can break apart and remove the decayed stump. If you would like to try tree stump remover, here are the best two available on Amazon.

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How Do You Remove Tree Roots?

The old tree root shovel and ax crowbar

Tree roots can be a nuisance whether your tree is alive or just a stump. To remove them, you will need to use the proper technique.

The first step to removing a tree root is identifying what you are trying to remove. Roots can wind in interesting ways underground, so revealing the whole root is crucial to know where to cut.

Start by removing the dirt on top of the root you're trying to remove along the entire length you wish to remove. Once you have exposed the whole section of root you are removing, you need to excavate the dirt around the two parts of the root you wish to cut.

Clearing the dirt where you will cut ensures your cutting tool has full access. Take a pair of loppers and cut the root on a diagonal. It's easier to cut at an angle to the grain of the root instead of straight across it.

Once the root is cut, remove it from the ground and fill in any dirt lifted out by the root. If the root was huge, you might need to add some dirt.

What Are The Best Tools For Removing Roots?

Two men digging a hole to plant a large tree, visible in the background.

The best tools for roots are a tool to dig and expose roots and a tool to cut roots. The most common tools are a spearhead shovel and a pair of loppers. The shovel can expose roots, and the loppers can cut them.

While these tools are very good at removing roots, they aren't the best tool. The best tool for eliminating roots can do the job of exposing roots and cutting them. The tool that can do the job of two is the mattock.

A mattock looks like a pick with a horizontal and vertical cutting edge. This tool delivers a large amount of force to a small area, making it great for digging through tough ground and cutting roots.

Use the horizontal-edged side to expose the roots by digging away soil. Once a root is exposed, you can use the verticle edge to cut swiftly through it. The mattock is best because it allows you to deal with roots without needing to switch tools.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we learned that to fill a hole from a tree stump, you need to use rocks. We also learned several methods to remove a tree stump. Remember, a mattock is the best tool for removing roots because it can do the job of multiple tools.

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