How To Attach A Snowblower To A Lawn Tractor

Winter is fast approaching, and you're probably preparing yourself and your snow machines. A snow blower attached to a lawn tractor is a good idea, but you may wonder how to mount it. Wonder no more because we did the reserach to provide you with an answer.

A snow blower attached to a tractor will not only help in clearing the snow but will also make the work easier. Here are some ways you can follow to attach a snow blower to a lawn tractor:

  1. Prepare the tractor
  2. Install the lift brackets
  3. Attach the snow blower
  4. Install the snow blower belt
  5. Install the discharge chute bracket

Continue reading as we go through the steps in greater detail. We will also answer some closely related questions in this post.

How To Attach A Snow Blower To A Lawn Tractor

When winter starts to roll around, snow can be your enemy. Luckily, different machines in the market can help you with the snow-clearing work. One of these is a snow blower.

A snow blower is a great machine for clearing snow on your driveways and sidewalks. However, you may find it difficult to use snow blowers alone. So, attaching it to a lawn tractor is a game changer.

Before you do the following steps, be sure to recognize safety instructions. Here's how to attach a snow blower to a lawn tractor:

Red snow blower clears snow-covered streets in Montreal

1. Prepare The Tractor

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your tractor and make sure that it is on flat ground. Turn off the engine and set the parking brake. It is also important to remove the mower deck and the key.

Also, you need to put suitcase weights at the back of the tractor, so it can handle the weight of the snow blower. The weight you need to put depends on the model of the lawn tractor you're using.

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2. Install The Lift Brackets

Take the snow blower lift bracket and slide the pins to the lift arm holes. Ensure the holes are aligned and secure them with safety or cotter pins. Repeat this process on the opposite side.

Next is to take the front hitch and fold the welded lift arms up and over the front axle on each side. The welded lift arms should also be secured with safety pins on both sides.

Remove the pivot pin and align the hole of the hitch in front of the tractor, then slide the pin into the frame and secure it with a safety pin.

You can now connect the lift arms of the front hitch to the lift bracket on two sides of the tractor. Ensure that the holes are aligned with each other. Secure them with pins facing out and repeat on the opposite side.

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3. Attach The Snow Blower

We can now attach the snow blower to the hitch in this step. Place the snow blower head on the hitch and align them. You will need to raise the lift system so the pins will engage the snow blower housing. Lift the snow blower slightly to lock the pins.

4. Install The Snow Blower Belt

Before installing the snow blower belt, ensure it's not worn. Take the snow blower belt and roll it to the tractor's main drive pulley.

To do this, slide one side of the belt to the pulley, and turn the pulley until the belt falls into place. Adjust the height of the blower and skid shoes from the ground.

5. Install The Discharge Chute Bracket

To do this, you need to take the discharge chute bracket and align the hole in the bottom of the chute bracket with the outside screw on the left-hand bracket of the tractor. Secure them with a lock washer and knob.

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Here's a video on how to install a snow blower on a lawn tractor:

Are Snow Blowers Worth It?

A snow thrower is the best assistant for snow removal in the winter

If you're worried about spending money on buying a high-quality skid steer with snow blowers, worry no more. Investing in these machines will be worth your money, especially when you have a gravel driveway.

Tractor snow blowers come in different sizes, designs, and features that you can choose from.

They are great to use in driveways that are heavily covered with snow since they will not cause damage to the driveway gravel base while removing an impressive amount of snow.

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How Much Does A Snow Blower Cost?

a man removes snow with a snowblower on the background of a snowy forest, How To Attach A Snowblower To A Lawn Tractor

One concern for most buyers is the cost of a certain machine. Snow blowers come at different prices depending on the design, size, and features of the machine. A single-stage snow blower costs between $250-$600.

There are also expensive types of snow blowers that cost between $600-$3,000 depending on how many stages it has.

How To Take Care Of A Snow Blower

A man shown from the waist down, starting up his snow blower in the winter

For a machine to work properly, proper maintenance is needed. It does not only make the machine work efficiently but can also prolong its lifespan. Also, a well-maintained snow blower will help you avoid costly repairs.

Here are some maintenance tips for your snow blower:

Inspect The Auger

Most snow blowers have auger housing where ingested snow goes and is thrown out of the discharge chute. Augers are the blades or paddles that are inside the auger housing. Augers can be rubber for most single-stage snow blowers, while metal for two-stage snow blowers.

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When these paddles wear down to the holes, it's time to replace them.

It is easy to replace a single-stage auger paddle when you use an auger paddle replacement kit. Additionally, you can help prevent the rusting of metal augers by putting grease into the augers.

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Replace Worn Shave Plates

snowblower blades have been repaired and it is ready to work

Shave plates, also known as scraper blades, are responsible for scraping snow. Since they are exposed to more friction while in use, they need replacement, especially when they are heavily worn out.

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Inspect The Skid Shoes

Skid shoes are generally designed to protect the snow blower housing from scraping to the ground. They also make the snow blower easier to glide unto curbs and uneven ground.

Although these skid shoes are made of steel and are durable, their frequent scraping to the ground can make them scratch their paint. Regularly check on them to determine if they already need replacement.

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Examine Shear Pins, Bolts, And Blower Belts

Another important factor to consider in maintaining your snow blower is regularly checking its shear pins and bolts. You need to check if the bolts and pins are tightened to avoid them from breaking, which may cause them to pop.

Additionally, you may want spare shear pins and bolts just in case they pop and are nowhere to be found.

Aside from shear pins and bolts, checking on the blower belts is also important. Make sure they are not worn out when using the snow blower. If they are already worn out, then replacement should take place.

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Perform Annual Oil Changes

The frequent use of a snow blower can affect its performance. Check the oil of the snow blower and change it at least once a year or at the end of the winter season. You can also check for an oil change before using the blower.

Avoid High Ethanol Fuels

To avoid snow blowers getting stuck up when working, you need to use the correct and quality fuel. The fuel you need depends on the type of snow blower you have. Also, avoid fuels that have a high amount of ethanol to avoid damaging your machine.

Moreover, it is also recommended to add a fuel stabilizer to help the engine clean and run smoother.

Final Thoughts

Snow can be inconvenient, and clearing them can be a bit of work. But having the right tools and machine when clearing snow can make it easier. A snow blower is one of the great machines to use.

A snow blower can be connected to a lawn tractor to make the snow-clearing work easier. Remember the steps to attach a snow blower to a lawn tractor mentioned above.

Also, do not forget to always keep your snow blower clean and well-maintained. These will benefit the machine and your pocket and avoid costly repairs.

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